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2020-11-05November 5, 2020Policy: Personal Appearance and Grooming-Sworn Members
Police policy for personal appearance and grooming standards for sworn members while on-duty.
PDFPDF - Policy: Personal Appearance and Grooming-Sworn MembersPolice
2020-07-08July 8, 2020Policy: Strip and Body Cavity Searches
Police policy on restrictions and procedures regarding strip and body cavity searches.
PDFPDF - Policy: Strip and Body Cavity SearchesPolice
2020-07-08July 8, 2020Policy: Reporting Hate Crimes
Line procedure for officers who encounter an incident, act, or information which may be considered a hate crime.
PDFPDF - Policy: Reporting Hate CrimesPolice
2020 , 2020Policy: Transportation of Persons in Custody
This document contains pages from the Police Division's Directives manual regarding transporting persons in custody.
PDFPDF - Policy: Transportation of Persons in CustodyPolice
2018 , 2018Policy: Body Worn Cameras
This document contains pages from the Division's Directives manual regarding its body worn camera policy.
PDFPDF - Policy: Body Worn CamerasPolice
2017-12-07December 7, 2017Policy: Henrico County Public Schools
Police policy for School Resource Officers (SROs) or officer's responding to a call for service at any public school in Henrico County.
PDFPDF - Policy: Henrico County Public SchoolsPolice
2017-06-06June 6, 2017Policy: Recruitment
Police policy regarding how the Division is to fill vacant positions with the best qualified applicants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability.
PDFPDF - Policy: RecruitmentPolice
2017-03-0203March 2, 2017Policy: Social Media/Networking
This policy, in conjunction with Henrico County policy regarding social media, establishes guidelines for Division-sponsored social media, as well as Division members’ personal use of social media.
PDFPDF - Policy: Social Media/NetworkingPolice
2015-10-12October 12, 2015Policy: License, Equipment, Sobriety, Info-Seeking and Diversionary Checks
Line procedures for the criteria and conduct of Police members when performing licensing, equipment, sobriety, information-seeking checks and/or diversionary checkpoints.
PDFPDF - Policy: License, Equipment, Sobriety, Info-Seeking and Diversionary ChecksPolice
2015-01-23January 23, 2015Policy: Biased Policing
Police policy on biased policing outlining procedures, considerations, training, corrective measures and administrative review.
PDFPDF - Policy: Biased PolicingPolice
2013-09-07September 7, 2013Policy: Patrol Stations and Zone Structures
This policy defines the basic structure of Henrico Police patrol areas and zone structure, allowing for modifications to meet specific public-safety needs.
PDFPDF - Policy: Patrol Stations and Zone StructuresPolice
Policy: Volunteers In Policing Program
Police policy for administers of and the recruitment and screening of volunteers for the Henrico Police Volunteers in Policing Program.
PDFPDF - Policy: Volunteers In Policing ProgramPolice
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