Glen Allen Small Area Study

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The Planning Department has conducted a small area study to examine what is generally considered the center of the Glen Allen area of Henrico County. This study was prompted by a general concern by citizens for preserving the area’s existing character.

The 2026 Comprehensive Plan for the county identifies Focus Areas with unique characteristics requiring special planning consideration above and beyond the land use policies contained elsewhere in the Plan. The area examined in this study would be most consistent with the Existing Character Protection Areas identified in the Plan. They are defined as corridors or neighborhoods exhibiting a distinctive natural or built character that contributes to the identity of the surrounding area or the county as a whole. They were typically identified because the protection and enhancement of their qualities would be important to the general welfare of the community.

The objective of this process is to prepare recommendations for the study area that will ensure continued high-quality development consistent with the existing village character. This information should assist the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission in their decisions concerning current and future rezoning and development applications.






Upcoming Meetings

The Planning Commission has decided to reschedule the Public Hearing originally scheduled for February 15, 2018 to allow time for the new Brookland Supervisor and Planning Commissioner time to familiarize themselves with the study before proceeding. When the Planning Commission sets a new date it will be posted to this site.


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