Project NameDepartmentProject StatusStart DateEnd Date
Airport Drive SidewalkPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMay 2025December 2025
Anoka Road Traffic CalmingPublic WorksUnderway - Construction
Ashland to Petersburg Trail StudyPublic WorksStudy
ATMS – Span Wires and Pedestrian AccomodationsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignDecember 2023
Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS), Phase IIPublic WorksUnderway - ConstructionJune 2023November 2024
Bethlehem Road ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionMay 2024May 2026
Brook Road ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignJuly 2026February 2028
Church Road Sidewalk ImprovementsPublic WorksCompletedMay 2023July 2023
Cobbs Creek ReservoirPublic UtilitiesUnderway - Construction20150701June 201720160301Dec 2024
County-Wide Pedestrian ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMarch 2025August 2026
County-Wide Pedestrian Signal ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - Design
County-Wide RoundaboutsPublic WorksUnderway - ConstructionMay 2023September 2023
Derbyshire Rd Pedestrian and Roadway Improvements StudyPublic WorksPreliminary
Doran Road RoundaboutPublic WorksUnderway - DesignFebruary 2026January 2027
Doron Road Connector Trail StudyPublic WorksStudy
Dumbarton Road Safety and Mobility ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignNovember 2023November 2023
E. Laburnum Ave Sidewalk, Phase IIPublic WorksUnderway - DesignApril 2025December 2025
​​E. Laburnum Pedestrian Improvements​Public WorksUnderway - DesignFebruary 2027July 2027
Eastridge Rd SidewalkPublic WorksUnderway - DesignJanuary 2025January 2026
Fall Line TrailPublic WorksUnderway
Fall Line Trail – Brook and Hilliard Road PhasePublic WorksUnderway - DesignMay 2025April 2026
Fall Line Trail – Longdale PhasePublic WorksUnderway - DesignDecember 2024November 2026
Fall Line Trail – Park Street PhasePublic WorksUnderway - ConstructionJanuary 2024July 2024
Fall Line Trail – Villa Park PhasePublic WorksUnderway - DesignJune 2024June 2025
Forest Glen Drainage ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignNovember 2023Fall 2024
Garden City Connector TrailPublic WorksUnderway - DesignSeptember 2025September 2026
Gaskins Park & Ride LightingPublic WorksCompletedMay 2023December 2023
Glen Allen HS Intersection ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMarch 2024May 2024
Glenbrooke Circle Drainage ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignFebruary 2024April 2024
Greenwood Road Bridge RepairPublic WorksUnderway - ConstructionAugust 2023May 2024
Greenwood Road Bridge RepairPublic WorksUnderway - DesignTBDTBD
Greenwood Road ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignOctober 2026October 2028
Hilliard Road Safety & Mobility ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignNovember 2023December 2023
Hungary Road SidewalkPublic WorksUnderway - Construction20230101July 202320240101April 2024
I-295 Woodman InterchangePublic WorksStudy
Kingsridge Parkway Signal and ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignApril 2025November 2025
Lakeside Area Mobility and Safety ImprovementsPublic WorksStudy
Lakeside Avenue Bike and Pedestrian ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignJuly 2026February 2028
Lakeside Avenue Bridge ReplacementPublic WorksUnderway - Utility RelocationDecember 2024November 2025
Fall Line Trail – Lakeside Community Trail Phase 1, 2, and 3Public WorksUnderway - Design20232026
Liesfeld Farm Drive ExtensionPublic WorksUnderway - DesignApril 2025April 2026
Magellan Parkway Bridge over I-95 SectionPublic WorksUnderway - Utility RelocationNovember 2024October 2026
Magellan Parkway & St. Charles Road ExtensionPublic WorksUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionJuly 2025 March 2027
Mayland/Parham Thru CutPublic WorksPreliminaryNovember 2024March 2025
Mayland/Pemberton ReconfigurationPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMarch 2026February 2027
Meadow Road Culvert ReplacementPublic WorksUnderway - Utility RelocationApril 2025April 2026
Messer Road Trail ConnectorPublic WorksUnderway - DesignJune 2025September 2025
Mill Road Sanitary Sewer ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignJune 2023September 2023
Monument Ave SidewalkPublic WorksUnderway - DesignJanuary 2025January 2026
Mountain Road Trail StudyPublic WorksStudy
​​Mt. Olive Ave and Trolley Lane Improvements​Public WorksUnderway - DesignJanuary 2026June 2027
N Laburnum Avenue Pedestrian and Transit ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignAugust 2026April 2027
N Parham Rd Sidewalk #3Public WorksUnderway - DesignMarch 2025March 2026
North Gayton Road Bike and Pedestrian ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignAugust 2023September 2023
Nuckols Rd Pedestrian ImprovementsPublic WorksPreliminaryJune 2025June 2025
Nuckols TrailPublic WorksFuture ProjectMarch 2025October 2025
Parham Road Pedestrian and Transit Stop ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionSeptember 2023December 2023
N. Parham Road Sidewalk and Traffic Signal ImprovementPublic WorksUnderway - DesignJune 2027February 2028
Parham Road Bridge RepairPublic WorksUnderway - DesignTBDTBD
Parham Road Pedestrian Intersection Improvements (Staples Mill Rd & Hungary Springs Rd)Public WorksUnderway - DesignSeptember 2025April 2026
Raintree Drive SidewalkPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMarch 2024July 2024
Richmond-Henrico Turnpike Improvements – SouthPublic WorksUnderway - Utility Relocation20250201February 202520251101November 2025
Ridge Road Safety and Mobility ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMarch 2024April 2024
Ridge Road Sidewalk Improvements, Phase IIPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMarch 2025September 2025
Ridge Road Sidewalk, Phase 1Public WorksUnderway - ConstructionJanuary 2024July 2024
Ridgefield Parkway Sidewalk, Phase IIIPublic WorksUnderway - DesignJuly 2024September 2024
Rt 5 / New Osborne Turnpike ImprovementsPublic WorksStudy
S. Laburnum Ave. Northbound SidewalkPublic WorksUnderway - DesignApril 2025April 2026
S. Laburnum Ave. Southbound SidewalkPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMarch 2025March 2026
S. Laburnum/Route 5 Intersection ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignOctober 2024March 2025
Sadler Road and Sadler Place Intersection Improvements and Nuckols Road Turn LanePublic WorksUnderway - DesignApril 2025March 2026
Shady Grove Road and Old Nuckols Road Safety & Mobility ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMay 2024October 2024
Short Pump InterchangePublic WorksStudy
Shrader Road SidewalkPublic WorksUnderway - DesignJune 2025February 2026
St. Claire Lane Sidewalk and Drainage ImprovementsPublic WorksCompleted20220901September 202220230801August 2023
Staples Mill Road SidewalkPublic WorksPreliminaryJuly 2026December 2027
Thalbro St SidewalksPublic WorksUnderway - DesignDecember 2024December 2025
Turner Road and Darbytown Road Modular RoundaboutPublic WorksUnderway - DesignAugust 2023October 2023
Virginia Center Common (VCC) Connector TrailPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMay 2025December 2025
Wilkinson Road Culvert ReplacementPublic WorksUnderway20211201September 202320231201May 2025
Willow Lawn Area Mobility StudyPublic WorksStudy
Winfrey Road Cul de sacPublic WorksPreliminaryNovember 2024December 2024
Winfrey Road Pedestrian ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignJuly 2023September 2023
Woodman Road ImprovementsPublic WorksUnderway - DesignMay 2028May 2030

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