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Henrico County Television (HCTV) programming is available through Comcast’s Video On Demand service. To access HCTV programs, select the “Get Local” folder, followed by “Government,” and finally “Access Henrico.” Video On Demand allows our Comcast cable subscribers to choose which HCTV program they want to watch and when they want to watch it. Approximately 25 programs are available at one time. We change the program line-up monthly.

You may also request a DVD of an HCTV program by calling Public Relations & Media Services at 501-4257.

Inside Henrico: Winter 2018
This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:
  • Bike Lanes
  • Crosswalk Safety
  • Prescription Drug Disposal
  • Same Day Access for Substance Abuse/MHDS
  • Henrico Bill Pay at All 7-Elevens
Inside Henrico
201815 minutes
Desegregation: Stories of Integration of Henrico Public Schools
The Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s brought seismic change to American society. Perhaps the greatest impact was felt in education. The U.S. Supreme Court’s 1954 decision in Brown vs. the Board of Education ordered that racial segregation in schools gave unequal treatment to blacks and whites, and was unconstitutional. The decision meant school systems would have to integrate. In Henrico County, the process of school desegregation occurred gradually from 1963 to 1969. Join HCTV as we hear the stories and learn the history of this revolution in education.
Community & Social IssuesHistory
201828 minutes
Westwood Community, The: Built on Faith and Resilience
In the near West End of Richmond — not far from the bustle of Willow Lawn — stands a community that speaks to the power of unity, determination and perseverance. The village of Westwood was established by former slaves in the late 19th century in what was then a remote, rural part of Henrico County. Over decades, the community grew to include dozens of humble homes as well as stores, a church and a school. But the community found itself drawn into a fight for its own survival. Facing seemingly impossible odds, the families held firm and discovered just how resilient their village could be.
Community & Social IssuesHistory
201821 minutes
Tommy Edwards: Henrico’s Hit Maker
Singer-songwriter Tommy Edwards crooned his way to the top of the charts in the 1950s, selling millions of records in the U.S. and around the world. The Henrico native appeared on the programs of entertainment icons Ed Sullivan and Dick Clark, and headlined shows in major cities. But fame would prove to be fleeting for Henrico’s biggest star, who found his career peaking at the same time American popular music was dramatically changing. Join HCTV on a musical journey through Tommy’s life and times, which began and ended in Henrico’s West End.
201829 minutes
Never Forget: Hubbard/Cotner Cold Case
On July 19, 1991, Walter Hubbard and his daughter Stephanie Cotner were brutally beaten during a suspected robbery at the Hubbard Auto Sales, 5207 Brook Road. A suspect has never been identified. Police are searching for any leads that may shed new light on the investigation and they need your help to solve this horrendous crime. Never Forget.
Homicide Cold Cases
201820 minutes
Identity Theft: Not a Matter of If, but When
Technology enhances our lives with countless conveniences. But it also provides endless opportunities for thieves to exploit our use of everything from social media to gift cards, credit cards, e-commerce and email. Join HCTV as we uncover some of the most popular scams, hacks, and schemes and learn how you can keep from being a target.
Community & Social IssuesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201717 minutes
Inside Henrico: Fall 2017
This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:
  • Facebook Locates Data Center in Henrico!
  • All-Steer Ladder Truck
  • Greenwood Park
  • Regency Construction Project
  • Permanent Dog Licenses
Inside Henrico
201716 minutes
Fighting the Stigma of Opioid Addiction: Voices of Recovery
Americans are becoming addicted to heroin and opioids at an alarming rate, yet few receive treatment. HCTV sat down with recovering opioid addicts who shared their stories in hopes of helping others seek help. One of the recovering addicts expressed "We're not bad people. We're sick people. When we get well, we get better. Through recovery." Join HCTV as we learn how this addiction knows no boundaries in Fighting the Stigma of Opioid Addiction: Voices of Recovery.
Community & Social IssuesMedical, Health, Fitness
201726 minutes
For Family and Community: The Life of William Leroy Vandervall
William Vandervall was born in Richmond in 1860 to free black parents Leroy P. and Rebecca Vandervall. After the Civil War, the family saw opportunities beyond Richmond, and settled in an area of western Henrico known as Rio Vista. The family’s commitment to education proved profound. William advocated for educational equality for black students, worked as a teacher for 20 years and was the first African-American mail carrier in the area. His family’s land was used for a church and two schools located on Quioccasin Road. Vandervall died on October 10th, 1934, at age 74. He left a legacy of service to his community and to Henrico County.
201720 minutes
Vote Here! Virginia’s History of Voting and Elections
For more than two centuries, Virginia’s electorate has expanded and become more representative of its people — though not without struggle. Much like the voting ranks have changed over time, so has the process. Changes brought by the Voting Rights Act and other measures inspired by the Civil Rights Movement reverberated throughout the Commonwealth. The unfettered right to vote is available to more Virginians today than at any point in the state’s history. That right is not always exercised, however. Join HCTV as we explore the history of voting and the evolution of elections in Virginia.
Community & Social IssuesHistory
201725 minutes