Watch Your Step!

Watch Your Step! is a public-awareness campaign to promote safer streets for everyone. Whether you’re traveling by car, bike or foot, remain alert and avoid distractions, including mobile phones, headphones and other devices.

We can make our roads safer for everyone by taking common-sense precautions:

If you’re driving, Stay alert and obey all traffic laws, Reduce your speed around pedestrians and bicyclists, including at crosswalks and in areas where parked cars may obstruct views, and Leave at least 3 feet of space to the left of bicyclists when passing or overtaking them

If you’re walking,Use sidewalks and crosswalks where they are available, Walk against traffic if sidewalks are not available, and Don’t assume drivers can see you, especially at night, and Wear bright or reflective clothing and walk in well-lit areas away from parked cars and other obstacles

If you’re bicycling,Follow the rules of the road as if you were a motorist, Wear a helmet, and Be predictable, use proper hand signals and avoid sudden movements

Henrico is committed to providing an efficient and safe transportation network for residents and the traveling public. The Department of Public Works has an active program to construct sidewalks along county-maintained roads. Additionally, the regional public transit system, GRTC, can be accessed throughout Henrico County.

Help spread the word. Download a flyer or shareable image.

In partnership with Henrico County, Henrico County Police Division, and Henrico County Division of Fire.

Watch Your Step is a partnership between Henrico County General Government, Henrico Fire and Henrico Police.

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