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The following data compares county-wide and magisterial district population demographics to the demographic composition of those arrested, charged or stopped (traffic) by Henrico Police.

Statistics include race, ethnicity, gender, and residency status (of Henrico County) for Custodial Arrests, Traffic Stops and Criminal Charges that occurred January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021. While this data is representative, it is not exhaustive.

County-Wide Crime and Demographic Data

The following charts provide a visual synopsis of the data found in the 2021 Demographic and Residency Reports for Criminal and Traffic Offenses.


  • 52% of all custodial and criminal summons arrestees were not Henrico County residents.
  • Nearly 70% of all custodial and criminal summons arrestees were male.
  • Just over 61% of total arrestees and criminal summonses were identified as Black; 37% identified as White; and 1% identified as Asian.
  • Over half of the traffic warnings were given to individuals residing outside Henrico County.


Custodial Arrestee and Charges: A person is charged criminally and taken into custody. Those taken into custody can receive multiple criminal charges.

Criminal Summons Arrestees and Charges: A person receives a criminal summons to appear in court and is released on their own recognizance. An arrestee can have multiple criminal charges.

Traffic Summons Arrestee and Charges: A person is issued a traffic summons to appear in court, but not taken into custody. They may receive multiple traffic charges.

Traffic Warning Advisee and Charges: When a person is stopped for a traffic infraction and the officer decides a warning is sufficient. Charges indicate the infractions they were advised to correct.

Crime and Demographic Data per Magisterial District

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