Hiring Process

Becoming a Police Officer in Henrico County doesn’t happen overnight. To be the best, we have to hire the best. That is why we thoroughly vet the qualification of each applicant, in addition to conducting a series of tests and interviews throughout the hiring process. 


  1. Complete Online Application *Click Search/Apply for Job, then run keyword search for Police Officer
    1. After completing your application, recruiters will contact you via email, typically within two weeks, with available dates for the Physical Agility Test.
    2. Once you confirm your Physical Agility Test date, you will receive the Personal History Statement via email, which you will return on your test date.
  2. Physical Agility Test (see below)
  3. Preliminary Interview
  4. Background Investigation
  5. Polygraph Examination
  6. Staff Interview
  7. Psychological Testing
  8. Clinical Interview
  9. Medical and Drug Testing
  10. Chief Selection and Final Offer of Employment

It is necessary to successfully complete each task within the established time frame in order to continue in the hiring process. Should you have any questions, please call/text our recruiters at (804) 393-1893, or email policerecruiting@henrico.us.

Physical Agility Test

The Physical Agility Test is the first step in the hiring process. On the day of your test you will turn in your personal history statement, meet with recruiters and complete all necessary paperwork.

The test consists of various job-related physical activities. These activities are set out in an obstacle course design and will be conducted continuously until the human simulator drag. Time allowed for completion of the first part of the physical agility test is 3 minutes, 30 seconds. Time allowed for human simulator drag is 1 minute.

During the test you will be required to wear certain equipment worn by patrol officers (total added weight of 9-13 lbs). This equipment is provided on site and consists of:

  • Uniform leather belt and police weapon
  • Portable radio
  • Ballistics vest

The Physical Agility Test consists of:

  1. Jump/climb 6 ft. barrier. Task demonstrates if candidate can pull themselves up on any type of object.
  2. Complete a 1/4 mile run/walk, making various turns within the time limit. Task simulates an on-foot pursuit.
  3. Culvert jump. Task simulates a 4 ft. culvert/ditch jump.
  4. Draw and dry-fire police pistol. Police Officers must have the finger and hand strength to hold the police pistol in one hand while pulling the trigger. Both the right and left hand will be used.
  5. Drag/Carry a human simulator (155 lbs.) a distance of 30 ft. After locating either an injured person or apprehending a criminal suspect, an officer is required to pull or carry the subject from the location of the incident in order to save the person’s life, or to keep the person from receiving further injury, or to effect an arrest.

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