Officer Wade Ostrowski, Police Division

Officer Ostrowski recently assisted a young motorist who had a blown tire in the rain on a road without a shoulder. He initially tried to elevate the car with a jack to install a spare tire, but the jack proved faulty. He then contacted a towing company and persuaded the driver to allow the car to be lifted, so the tire could be changed, and the driver could avoid a towing expense.

But after installing the spare tire, the officer and driver noticed it was deflated. Ostrowski followed the young man’s father as he drove slowly to a nearby gas station to inflate the tire. He even offered to follow them to a tire center. The young man’s father later wrote to thank Ostrowski for his helpfulness and excellent service. He also praised the officer for having “set a shining example.” Way to go the extra mile, Officer Ostrowski, no matter how slow!

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