Getting Out and Getting Active!

While it is important to develop habits to care for the environment, we can’t forget how the environment cares for US! Enjoying nature and being active improves mental health and well-being as well as physical fitness. The Henrico County Division of Recreation & Parks works year-round to maintain and improve the county’s parks to provide plenty of opportunities to practice active transportation. Active transportation includes biking, walking, running and even scootering! These are all activities that reduce environmental pollution, avoid harmful gases and increase our wellness and quality of life.

The dozens of parks, nature trails and recreation centers around Henrico ensure that residents can venture outside and get active! Take a trip to Echo Lake, where you can find a variety of wildflowers, including striking red cardinal flowers and wild lettuce. There are plenty of spaces for fishing, picnicking and exploring, but there also are benches to sit on and enjoy the scenery. If you feel like exercising, Dorey Park may be the place for you! Along with its baseball fields, spray park and other activities, Dorey features an exercise trail with stations for physical activity along the wooded path!

A trip to RF&P Park is great for shorter walks and tree lovers! Wooden signs are featured to identify the species of trees along the trail. Practice your tree identification and encourage outdoor learning with this Henrico gem.

Crump Memorial Park may be known for the county’s celebrations of Independence Day, but that’s not all the fun it holds! Kiddos could get a kick out of Crump Park with its lake full of ducks, geese and turtles, and its forest full of critters! The heavily wooded trails are perfect for mountain biking or discovering nature. Henrico’s park system has a path and a place for just about any outdoor activity imaginable! Take advantage of local nature trails and get active while getting connected with the environment and the broader community!

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