Henrico crews to begin clearing neighborhood streets

Henrico crews have cleared snow and ice from all of the county’s primary and secondary roads and will now turn their attention to neighborhood and subdivision streets.

County crews and contractors have been working 24 hours per day since before the winter storm dumped several inches of snow across central Virginia late Wednesday and Thursday morning. Henrico, which maintains its own road system, with more than 3,500 lane miles, has already spent $1.5 million on cleanup efforts. That total is expected to reach $2.5 million by the end of Saturday.

Crews will work to make neighborhood streets passable by using snow plows. In certain areas, including on hills and at curves, crews also may spread mixtures of sodium chloride (rock salt) and magnesium chloride, which promote melting. Officials note that the chemicals’ effectiveness could be limited if temperatures remain below 25 degrees.

“We appreciate our residents remaining patient as we continue working to make our streets passable,” said Steven J. Yob, director of the Henrico Department Public Works (DPW). “Because air temperatures are forecasted to remain so far below freezing, we expect icy conditions to remain in many places through the weekend into Monday.”

DPW encourages motorists to avoid unnecessary trips, drive slowly and watch for icy spots.

For more information, go to henrico.us/works/road-maintenance/snow-removal.

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