Leaf Vacuuming Program

Vacuum program available:  Call (804) 501-4275 to have your leaves vacuumed. The $30 service is available from March 2 to 27.

A few tips:

  • Loose leaves should be accessible from the road’s edge.
  • Leaves should be free of trash, sticks and other debris.
  • Leaves should not block traffic lanes, parking or drainage ditches.

Public-use areas available: Henrico’s two public-use areas (2075 Charles City Road and 10600 Fords Country Lane) offer another option. You can deliver bagged leaves free of charge through Feb. 8 to these sites (a $3 charge will apply after Feb. 8).

The public-use areas accept unbagged leaves and vegetative waste at no cost throughout the year.

Questions? (804) 501-4275

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