Developmental Services

Henrico Area Mental Health and Developmental Services Developmental Services Division serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and children with developmental delays.


Support, Train, Educate, Partner
Making a Positive Difference in the Lives of People we Serve
We envision an inclusive, healthy, safe community where individuals lead full and productive lives.


Excellence, Dignity, Partnership


We believe that services should be individual driven and provided in the community. It is the role of CSS staff to provide individuals with information and ensure a level of understanding so that there is informed decision making by the individual to the extent possible. We acknowledge the importance of family involvement as the people who know the individual best and care about the person the most.


We believe that the quality of life is dependent on the opportunity for individuals to make decisions about their lives, build relationships in the community, be accepted as valued members of the community and exercise the right to advocate for oneself.


We strive to provide quality services in an efficient manner so as to contain costs and we recognize our responsibility to the individuals of DS.


We believe that the best way to provide services to our consumers is through individuals. We value a holistic approach to providing services and respect the work of each member of the team.

We also value open, honest, direct communication by each team member as the cornerstone of creativity and effective problem solving.


Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services is committed to delivering high quality services. Programs are licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services. Professional staff includes case managers, intellectual disability specialists, clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and prevention specialists. Extensive supervision and consultation is provided to all staff and professional development is required. Ongoing evaluation of programs is conducted to assure high quality services.


Respite is a support service that is available to families who have a family member with intellectual disability. Limited funding is available to enable families to purchase respite care from a variety of providers. Respite funds the following:

  • Center based respite (Saturday day and weekend long)
  • Voucher respite


Family Support

Limited funds are available on a first come basis for income eligible families to help with expenses like behavior consultations, summer camp, summer school, special equipment and emergencies.


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