Three-Year Accreditation

The Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) awarded ten of Henrico County’s MH/DS services another three-year national accreditation — through November 2022. In October 2019, a team of four surveyors conducted a three-day site visit to assess programs seeking reaccreditation. The mission of CARF is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process and continuous improvement services that center on enhancing the lives of persons served.

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Areas of Strength

CARF found that Henrico Area. Mental Health & Developmental Services demonstrated the following strengths:

  • HAMHDS is congratulated for reaching its 50th anniversary. The organization has served its community with dignity, excellence, and partnership and has increasingly met community needs. It serves approximately 10,000 individuals a year in three counties across 670 square miles.
  • The executive director and leadership team are commended for their commitment to the organization’s mission and vision to be an inclusive community where individuals lead full and productive lives. This is evident in its strategic planning, performance measurements, and improvement efforts. Many of the employees have a long tenure at the organization, which contributes greatly to the continuity of services.
  • The organization employs warm, competent, and respectful staff members. During this survey, staff members were observed displaying compassion, patience, enthusiasm, and pride in the supports they provide. In every activity the individuals and staff were involved in, there appeared to be excellent rapport between the staff and individuals. Staff members extend themselves beyond assigned responsibilities and are always available to the individuals. The staff members believe in the mission of the person-centered organization.
  • The board has diversity within its members and its talents. To ensure the board members fully understand their mission and perform effectively, they attend a three-day orientation that includes meeting with department heads, visiting locations and observing services. The board members value the organization’s transparency and the open-door policy to visit programs as needed.
  • Funders and referral sources expressed high satisfaction with the organization’s stewardship and performance outcomes. Leadership and staff work collaboratively to ensure that the organization’s operations are carried out with precision and a focus on optimizing the quality of support and services available for each individual served.
  • Over the last few years the organization has received achievement awards from the National Association of Counties and Virginia Association of Counties for providing Moral Recognition Therapy groups in jail; the Jail Diversion program; and the Crisis Intervention Team Mentoring Program, providing more than 35 departments and agencies basic crisis intervention team training; Behavioral Activation Group Therapy; the Early Intervention Autism Clinic; and the Bounce Back From Addiction website. Along with its partners in Chesterfield, Hanover, and Richmond, HAMHDS received a Virginia Association of Counties achievement award for its Revive RVA Regional Solutions to the Opioid Crisis Summit and an opiate jail diversion program. The organization also received recognition for reducing rehospitalization rates and providing life enrichment for those aging with developmental disabilities.
  • The intricate model of wraparound services offers a dynamic approach and myriad of services helping individuals recover, grow, and have access to the care they need and deserve.
  • Same-day access is a crucial support service offered to the community, allowing individuals the opportunity to meet with a clinician on the actual day and time they walk into the organization.
  • The organization’s homes are attractive, well maintained, personalized, and located in safe neighborhoods. This allows individuals the opportunity to experience life in their communities as they work toward achieving independence.
  • The organization is well connected and respected in its community. Its culture is to lead by example; engage in various county and state committees; and be at the forefront of ensuring that services are recovery driven, progressive, and evidence based.
  • Individuals appear to truly feel a sense of purpose, worth, and hope at Lakeside Center. Membership has grown to a daily attendance of 60 as the program provides meaningful work, skill-building, and socialization activities through its clerical and culinary units.
  • Certified peer support specialists play a significant role in the recovery practices at Henrico. Many members started at Lakeside and are now giving back in their roles with the organization, which employs more than a dozen peer specialists.
  • It is noteworthy that psychiatry staff members provide home visits to individuals when needed, even going so far as to provide medication injections in the home.
  • The Program of Assertive Community Treatment and Intensive Community Treatment teams have begun evaluating themselves against a nationally utilized assertive community treatment fidelity scale in an effort to achieve continuous improvement.
  • The organization offers three tiers of case management services based on the identified needs of the individuals. These levels help ensure that individuals are provided services at the most appropriate level.
  • The facilities in which services are provided are clean, comfortable, and in good repair. It is particularly noteworthy to highlight the East Center facility that recently opened and addresses current needs with an eye toward future expansion.
  • There is a strong partnership with Daily Planet Health Services, a local provider of medical services that is co-located in the organization. This direct access has provided much-needed emphasis on the physical health needs of individuals.
  • Prevention services are heavily involved in all facets of federal, state, and local government as well as Virginia Commonwealth University. They have offered services in the community for more than 30 years to both the community at large and in a targeted manner to children as early as kindergarten age.
  • Prevention services include a wide array of education services in multiple medias in an attempt to reach as many audiences as possible. These range from Facebook posts to public service announcements and a middle school play targeted toward education ranging from drug and alcohol use to violence prevention.
  • Stakeholders interviewed about services that Henrico provided were complimentary in their responses. They praised Henrico staff for being sensitive to the needs of the individuals, stating that staff members are responsive and caring. When one of the stakeholders was asked to rate Henrico on a scale from one to ten, with one being poor and ten being great, they said it’s a 12.
  • The employment program is successful and has impacted the lives of many individuals. The program’s staff is truly dedicated to the success of the individuals. The program is notable for being flexible and person-centered. The organization has developed several long-term employment relationships in the community that allow Henrico to provide not just jobs but career opportunities to the individuals. A few of the career opportunity sites are at Randolph-Macon College, the county gym, and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.
  • HAMHDS’s organizational employment program provides a variety of work opportunities for the individuals. The work and activities provided give individuals needed experience and move them closer to the independence they desire. Some of the businesses the organization works with Wurth Revcar Fasteners Inc., San-J International Inc., the Federal Reserve Bank, the Richmond Ice Zone, the Infant & Toddler Connection, Ancestry Pet Food, and Promotional Considerations.
  • The staff in the community housing program is tenured and effective. The homes are clean, practical, safe, and appreciated by the individuals. The atmosphere in the homes reflects warmth and coziness. The caregivers take pride in the appearance of their homes, and the individuals are encouraged to decorate their own environments, as evidenced by the personalization of each individual room in the homes.
  • The community integration program is successful and relevant to the lives of the individuals. The program offers outings that are safe, personalized, and result from individuals’ goals and choices. The outings and volunteer opportunities available to the individuals include Meals on Wheels, Sunrise Assisted Living, the Ronald McDonald House, Noah’s Children, the YMCA, and the public libraries of Henrico, Glen Allen, and Fairfield.
  • The organization’s Cultural Awareness and Competency Committee (CACC) celebrated its 25th anniversary with an organizational celebration. Leadership strives to establish a sense of belonging for everyone, including ongoing inclusion, with the belief that a diverse organization drives innovative results. The committee has implemented cultural awareness activities such as training to educate staff in providing trauma-informed and inclusive care to individuals of the LGBTQ community, “Black History Bingo,” and a cultural sensitivity and awareness series focused on providing services to refugees and immigrants.
  • The organization is congratulated for receiving a Behavioral Health Equity grant that afforded CACC an opportunity to hold focus groups for community members in Farsi and Spanish. The organization also partners with the Network of Care to provide county-specific resources and articles in many languages related to mental health, substance use disorder, and developmental disabilities. The organization uses a phone service that can access different languages through a list of interpreters.










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