Three-Year Accreditation

The Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) awarded Henrico County’s eight MH/DS services another three-year national accreditation — through November, 2019.

In October 2016 a team of four surveyors conducted a three-day site visit to assess programs seeking re-accreditation.

The mission of CARF is to promote the quality, value, and optimal outcomes of services through a consultative accreditation process that centers on enhancing the lives of the persons served.

Please feel free to contact Yvonne Russell at (804) 727-8514 for additional MH/DS’s CARF information or questions.

Summary Section from 2016 CARF Survey Report

  Henrico Area Mental Health & Developmental Services (HAMHDS) has strengths in many areas.

  • The organization has an excellent leadership team and the commitment to quality is seen throughout all levels of the organization.
  • HAMHDS encourages staff participation committees and operates with a focus on strategic planning. The strategic planning process is evident in all aspects of operations.
  • Multiple stakeholders interviewed were complimentary of the level of engagement of leadership staff in community initiatives and they reported that HAMHDS demonstrates a strength in comparison to other state Community Service Boards regarding partnerships with local community agencies.
  • HAMHDS demonstrates a unique approach to partnerships, including projects with a local high school visual arts class, printing annual reports, and engaging Virginia Commonwealth University design students who presented their concepts to the organization regarding the redesign of its lobby at the main office to incorporate wellness and trauma-informed concepts.
  • HAMHDS operates multiple sites, and the facilities’ health and safety and facility maintenance are well managed. Recently, the facilities coordinator worked with the IT department through the county to develop a robust system to document facility drills and inspections. This system is anticipated to continue to improve the efficiency of maintaining facility information moving forward.
  • HAMHDS demonstrates a consistent and longstanding commitment to cultural competence, which is evident throughout the organization.
  • The positive attitude of staff members promotes teamwork and dedication to service delivery. There is excellent rapport between staff members and persons served.
  • Each location meets the needs of the clients, and service times are varied according to the needs and desires of the persons served.
  • Staff demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond to make clients happy and successful in goal achievement.
  • Staff members are effective in assessing clients in a manner to meet their specific needs.
  • Electronic records are neat and well organized.
  • It is evident that HAMHDS’s staff in community employment, organizational employment, and community integration programs are highly dedicated to providing quality and innovative services to persons with disabilities and mental health needs. Staff members are well trained with many having years of experience in the provision of services.
  • HAMHDS staff members are leaders in the field and highly involved in innovation and change in policy at the local and state level. Staff members are members of a variety of state, regional, and county associations, committees, and groups.
  • Services through the Hermitage and Cypress locations are provided in a variety of community- inclusive environments where clients are actively involved in a variety of meaningful skill- building activities.
  • Volunteer opportunities are available through established volunteer programs at an array of locations as a choice for clients where skills can be developed through service provided back to the community.
  • HAMHDS offers persons served across programs the opportunity to receive consultation from a work incentive specialist advocate on staff. This has allowed many persons served to understand the impact of work on benefits and maximize personal income.
  • The Employment Resource Program is an award-winning program offered to persons served as a bridge from organizational employment to community employment through the implementation of a customized curriculum to develop employment skills necessary to find and maintain community employment.
  • A leadership training group has been established composed of persons served at the Hermitage location to develop personal leadership skills; self-advocacy; and program rules, procedures, and policies affecting clients.
  • HAMHDS provides effective job development and employment support services to clients with mental illness and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Staff members have been described as persistent and dedicated in their assistance to help clients attain community employment in unique, nontraditional sites that match the training and desires of clients.
  • HAMHDS operates effective programs in the areas of community employment, organizational employment, and community integration. Staff members in each of the programs communicate and coordinate services with each other to create a seamless transition of services where overlap occurs. Clients are able to create a customized individual program from services offered across all programs.
  • The organization is recognized for implementing the Dartmouth College InSHAPE exercise and wellness program to improve the health of clients.
  • The program of assertive community treatment (PACT) and intensive community treatment and case management services are provided by teams of clinically experienced and professionally dedicated staff members.
  • HAMHDS has recently implemented a new evidence-based program called In S.T.R.I.D.E., which stands for Step Toward, Recovery, Insight, Development, and Empowerment, to address the needs of young adults with early onset of serious mental illness.
  • The organization’s prevention services offer an extensive array of universal and selected community programs that promote healthy lifestyles, youth leadership development, and pro- social activities for at-risk youth and their families.
  • The leadership of HAMHDS’s prevention services is a team of seasoned professionals with a blend of clinical, business, and technology experience. They are forward thinking and proactive in using social media and technology to reach youth and their families.
  • The organization has an extensive fleet of well-maintained vehicles that facilitate the delivery of community-based services.
  • The organization is committed to the implementation and ongoing development of a peer workforce.


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