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Payment Plan



A defendant has 30 days to pay fines and costs from date of trial, or his/her drivers license will be suspended.  Additionally, after 45 days his/her account will be submitted to the Court Debt Collection Office for action.


An initial payment plan for fines and costs may be set up by a deputy clerk with the following guidelines:

  • $10.00 is assessed under FMS code (137); TTP is assessed ONLY ONCE.
  • A down payment of 10 percent of total amount is required for the first payment.
  • Deferred payment may follow the schedule:


Balance Due                            Payable Time Frame after First Down Payment

Less than $100.00                       Within 30 Days

$100.01-$300.00                          Within 3 Months

$300.01-$600.00                          Within 6 Months

$600.01-$1,000.00                       Within 9 Months

Greater than $1,000.01                Within 12 Months


Any deviation from this schedule, to include requests for extension, MUST be approved/signed by the Court Accountant, or in the Court Accountant’s absence, the Chief Deputy Clerk or Clerk of Court.


Time to Pay on restitution accounts must be approved, and payment determined, by the judge hearing your case.

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