Mobility and Active Transportation

2 adolescent boys each on a green bike riding on a bike pathway next to grass & trees. One boy is wearing a blue shirt & shorts & the other is wearing a maroon hooded sweatshirt with blue plaid pants.

Encouraging awareness and expansion of Henrico County’s sustainable transportation infrastructure.

Photo of bike lane on a street with begin bike line sign on the right. Trees line both sides of the street & Bike is superimposed in white text.
Photo of a bus stop by a building with  a green bus next to it. Ride is superimposed in white text.
Photo of curved sidewalk with a road on the left and bushes on the right. There is a brown steel barrier between the sidewalk & bushes. Walk is superimposed in white text.
Word on the Street masthead, “Word on the” in black letters with county seal inside the O of Word, Street is teal color, Henrico County DPU & DPW are in black text underneath on the right side. Background is bright green with light polka dot pattern & teal outline with rounded edges. A portrayal of a black road with white lines slightly curved on the bottom.

This newsletter will give monthly project updates, as well as traffic impacts and surveys for potential upcoming projects so your voice can be heard. Each version is customized to your district!
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Rectangle logo with black text of Arrive Alive above & Henrico in cursive under a rectangle graphic of 6 horizontal rectangles: orange with silhouette of person walking, light orange with bicycle silhouette, light green with bus silhouette, dark green with handicap symbol in silhouette, light blue with motorcycle silhouette, and dark blue with car silhouette.

Arrive Alive Henrico is the county’s plan to improve transportation safety for all road users, regardless of how they navigate around the county. Funding was provided through Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A), which promotes transportation safety by supporting efforts to reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries.

Did you know about the WOAH! campaign?

Deep Run High School senior Anooshka Pendyal knows that safety is always in fashion. Sporting one of its bright yellow, reflective vests, the Deep Run High School senior recorded a public service announcement for Watch Out Ahead Henrico! (WOAH!), the county’s pedestrian and road safety campaign.

Vests are available to the public at no cost at various locations, including Henrico’s police stations, government centers and area libraries.

HEART shaped logo of bright green & teal colors with white leaves on a branch in the middle. Henrico's Environmental Action Resource Committee text underneath in bright green & teal.
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