Zika Virus

Mosquito Prevention is Key

Mosq1366026-WEBZika potentially could  be spread by the Asian tiger mosquito, the most common nuisance mosquito in Henrico.  Pick-a-Day to Fight-the-Bite by dumping containers in your yard that hold water to prevent the breeding of this mosquito.

Asian tiger mosquitoes are marked by distinctive black and white striping. Here are some other common characteristics:

  • Aggressive daytime biters
  • Lay eggs in containers, such as tires, tarps, buckets, birdbaths, and toys
    • Do not lay eggs in ponds, puddles, ditches, or swamps
  • Strong preference for containers in shady, damp areas
  • Do not fly far from egg-laying sites

The best mosquito prevention methods start with you.

Take these three easy steps to help mitigate the spread and prevent bites:

pick-a-day_fight-the-biteStep 1

Pick-a-Day to Fight-the-Bite!

Once a week, inspect your property and turn over or throw out items that hold water such as tires, tarps, toys, and buckets.  Be sure to check for items stored behind your shed or under your deck.  Drain or replace corrugated pipe from downspouts.  Replace the water in your bird bath using a garden hose and spray nozzle.  This checklist may assist you in your weekly property inspection.

Step 2

Cover up!

Wear long-sleeved loose fitting shirts and long pants.

Step 3

Wear insect repellent!

Use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered products.

Find insect repellents with one of the following active ingredients: DEET, picaridin, IR3535, or oil of lemon eucalyptus.  Always follow the label instructions.

More information on mosquito prevention

Help Control Mosquitoes that Spread Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika Viruses
Ayude a controlar los mosquitos que transmiten los virus del dengue, chikungunya y Zika

Zika Virus Data

Understanding of the Zika Virus is evolving rapidly. Stay up to date with information from Virginia Department of Health(VDH).  Up-to-date information is also available from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC).

Basic Zika Information

What we know
Information for Colleges and Universities
Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus


CDC information for planned or currently pregnant partners
How to avoid mosquito bites
Protéjase de las picaduras de mosquitos!
Sexual Transmission of Zika


VDH clinician information
General healthcare provider resources


Zika Update on WCVE PBS
Asian Tiger Mosquitoes on WCVE PBS
Do Your Part to Fight the Bite

Volunteer and help spread the word!

Here are some ways to get involved in mosquito prevention and zika awareness:

  • Henrico residents can request for a mosquito inspection.
  • Check out and share the following social media pages:

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