Maternity Care

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The Henrico Health Department works in partnership with VCU Medical Center. Together we provide maternity care for Henrico County clients at the Health Department, which includes medical visits, post-partum care, and nurse office visits. Delivery, acute high-risk care and emergency care are provided at VCU Medical Center. The VCU Medical Center doctors provide 24 hour, on-call care for Henrico Health Department prenatal clients. Pregnancy tests are available in our Multi-Service Clinic at a nominal charge. Please call for an appointment. Documentation of a positive pregnancy test is required to schedule a pre-natal clinic appointment.

What Can I Expect?

Services provided include:

  • Medical history
  • Routine prenatal lab work
  • Prenatal exams by a nurse practitioner or M.D.
  • Referrals to community resources as needed
  • Nutrition counseling / WIC (Women, Infants, Children)

You will receive information on:

  • Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery
  • Baby Care, Infant Feeding, Choosing a Pediatrician, Parenting
  • Community Resources
  • Family planning options

Appointment Schedule

Visits are by appointment only. Call 652-3190 for an appointment.

Visits are by appointment only. Call 501-4651 for an appointment.

Clinic Fees

Services are provided on the State of Virginia Sliding Scale Fee Schedule according to ability to pay. Proof of Income is required for all members who share financial responsibility of the household (examples: husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent/children, relatives living together).

  • A pay stub with year-to-date total. If year-to-date totals are not available, you must bring three (3) check stubs for the past three consecutive pay periods.
  • A current year income tax form (must be signed by preparer and filed with IRS).
  • Self-employed: Must bring the income tax form and the Schedule C. You may also bring ledgers that show business revenues and expenses.
  • Statement from employer (only under extenuating situations will this apply). Letter must be on company letter head, dated, signed by a company official, and include the gross pay for the past three consecutive pay periods. Letter will not be acepted unless it has this complete information.
  • A signed letter from the Department of Social Services to determine eligibility.
  • Unemployed: The only allowable verification is a statement from the Virginia Employment Commission stateing the amount of benefits and the weeks remaining.
  • Alimony/Child Support: A legal document (divorce papers, judgments, custody papers, copies of checks, writen declaration) must be presented.

Proof of Income is required within 30 days of visit or you will be charged the full fee.  We need to be informed of ANY medical insurance IMMEDIATELY.



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Premature Birth


  • Visit your health care provider for your first prenatal care checkup as soon as you think you are pregnant.
  • Be sure to continue getting at least 400 micrograms of the B vitamin folic acid every day, by taking a multivitamin and eating a healthy diet, to help reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Ask your health care provider before taking any prescription drugs or over-the-counter products.
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Stop doing street drugs.

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Shrader Road WIC
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