Medicaid Options for Care

Medicaid pays for individuals to receive long-term care in nursing facilities. Similar services in the community may be funded by Medicaid if they can be provided safely and at a lower cost.  You may hear this called Medicaid Waiver or Waiver services. Individuals who meet criteria may choose a nursing home or one of the following community based options.

Personal Care Aides provide non-medical services in your home.  An aide can assist you with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) including dressing, bathing, eating and toileting.  They may also provide assistance with Instrumental Activities of daily Living (IADLs) including light housekeeping, laundry and meal preparation.  Personal care can be agency directed or consumer directed.

    • Agency Directed services are provided by and controlled by an agency of your choice that will hire & train staff to assistance an individual who needs services.  For Agency Directed Personal Care Services you must choose an agency on the DMAS list and confirm the agency is available to work in your area.
    • Consumer Directed services are controlled by the client or by someone acting on his or her behalf. The consumer hires and trains his or her own personal attendant, supervises services provided and signs off the timesheets.  To use Consumer Directed Personal Attendant Services (CDPAS) you must choose a facilitator, from the DMAS approved provider list, for assistance with starting services and ongoing support.

Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is available to individuals ages 55 or older.  PACE provides all necessary health services to participants in their homes and at the PACE center.   Services may include pharmacy, OT, PT, medical & specialists visits, social activities, social work, meals , personal care and in home support.  There is one PACE provider in the Richmond area:

Adult Day Health Centers offer a variety of health, social & support services in a day center. These centers offer therapeutic activities, meals & snacks and health screenings.  Many also provide transportation.  The services and staff vary from center to center.  To enroll in an Adult Day Health Center participants must choose a center certified by Medicaid.

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