How do I get the vaccine?

Now vaccinating Phase 1b Priority Groups:

  • Frontline Essential Workers
  • People Living in Correctional Facilities
  • People Living in Homeless Shelters
  • People Living in Migrant Labor Camps
  • Persons Aged 65 Years and Older
  • People aged 16 through 64 years with certain conditions or disabilities that increase their risk of severe illness from COVID-19

Fill out our Phase 1B vaccine interest form now. If you are 65+, please fill out the 65+ Interest Form.

Phase 1b includes frontline essential workers such as first responders and food and agricultural workers.

Frontline Essential Workers by Order of Vaccination Planning

Because there is not sufficient supply at this time to vaccinate everyone in Phase 1b at the same time, local health districts will reach out to engage the Frontline Essential Worker groups in vaccination planning in the following order:

  1. Police, Fire, and Hazmat
  2. Corrections and homeless shelter workers
  3. Childcare/PreK-12 Teachers/Staff
  4. Food and Agriculture (including Veterinarians)
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Grocery store workers
  7. Public transit workers
  8. Mail carriers (USPS and private)
  9. Officials needed to maintain continuity of government

Overlap of vaccination of groups is expected to ensure people in Phase 1b are vaccinated as quickly and efficiently as possible. Opportunities to vaccinate Frontline Essential Workers should not be missed.

Continuing to Vaccinate: Phase 1a

  • Hospitals
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Non-hospital healthcare workers

If you are in Phase 1a and haven’t been contacted about receiving the vaccine, please fill out the Phase 1a Interest Form.


Like much of the country, we are currently experiencing a vaccine shortage, but we are committed to distributing and administering the doses we are given by the State each week.


Henrico or Richmond:


Chickahominy Health District (Goochland, New Kent, Hanover, and Charles City):

Crater Health District (cities of Emporia, Hopewell and Petersburg and the counties of Dinwiddie,  Greensville, Prince George, Surry, and Sussex):

Distribution Progress

Vaccine doses distributed as of Jan 11, 2021 in Richmond/Henrico Health Districts:

Week of:Vax Received at HDRHHD RedistributionRedist doses ADMIN# Doses RHHD EventsRHHD WEEKLY TOTAL% HD Vax Used Within 10 Days
Totals to Date:7,6003,8001,8723,5727,372

More about Distribution Priority Phases

Because there will be a limited supply while production increases, the vaccine will be distributed based on a phased system that prioritizes individuals by risk. Final guidelines will be released in early 2021.

The CDC has made recommendations about the next groups of people who should receive vaccinations, and VDH will ensure the vaccines are distributed to those people regardless of where they live in Virginia.

We will update this page as more specific distribution timeline information becomes available.

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