HCHD Volunteer Position Summaries

Emergency Preparedness

Mass Dispensing Response Team

The Mass Dispensing Response Team supports annual flu clinics, health investigations, and mass dispensing events. Certified medical volunteers dispense antivirals, antibiotics, and other medications in response to emergencies.  Medical volunteers who are certified to vaccinate will administer immunizations and vaccinations during back to school events, annual flu clinics, and emergencies.

Shelter Response Team

The Shelter Response Team supports local mass care and sheltering operations during an emergency. Volunteers assist with triage at registration, flow control, and checking in incoming pets for vaccinations.  Certified volunteers provide basic first aid, special medical needs, and medical screening to shelter residents.

Mass Casuality Response Team

The Mass Causality Response Team will be assigned to the Henrico County Community Assistance Center. Volunteers provide assistance, safety, information, and counseling services to the family members of the deceased and coordinate information in regards to all victims. Volunteer also provide secondary services like child care or adult care, basic needs and assistance with paperwork.

General Support Team

The General Support Team includes a variety of support opportunities for non-medical volunteers.  General support volunteers will serve in all events and assist other volunteer teams as needed. Volunteers will assist with administrative and logistical tasks, comforting and consoling the community, and serving as “people movers.” Experienced volunteers will provide translation services.  Any MRC volunteers can be a part of the General Support Team.

Community Engagement

Public Health Outreach Team

The Public Health Outreach Team includes all volunteers who represent HCHD at community events.  Volunteer opportunities will exist across the county, and most will involve standing at a table and engaging with community members about health topics, including chronic disease screening, community resources, and emergency preparedness.  Opportunities are often on Saturdays or in evenings.

Health Ministry Team

Health Ministry Champions are volunteers who are engaged with a Henrico Faith Congregation and are interested in leading health ministry events in their faith community.  Volunteer opportunities will depend on specific congregation activities.

Population Health/Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease Emergency Preparedness (CODE Prep) – Dialysis Support Team

CODE Prep Dialysis Support Volunteers provide specific public health outreach to clients at dialysis centers.  CODE Prep volunteer opportunities occur on weekday mornings, and include standing at an educational table and engaging with dialysis patients as they wait for treatment.  CODE Prep volunteers provide education about diabetes and hypertension management and emergency preparedness.  CODE Prep volunteer opportunities often occur on weekday mornings.

Diabetes Education Team (Road to Health)

Road to Health Facilitators lead a series of 3-5 discussions about diabetes prevention and control in the community using a curriculum adapted from the National Diabetes Education Program.  At the end of each series, the facilitator will share additional opportunities and resources to participants and refer them to services as requested.  Volunteers must commit to teach a complete class series.  The average commitment for a class is two hours a week for five weeks.

Community Resource Guide Editing Team

Community Resource Guide Editors edit and maintain Henrico’s Community Resource Guide (CRG) using Google Drive, and provide vision and direction to the CRG team to make this tool most useful for the community.  This position is a remote opportunity available to volunteers.

Community Health Worker Navigation Team

Community Health Worker Navigators are volunteers who are natural leaders in their community.  CHW Volunteers advocate for their community and connect community members to health and social services through direct referrals.  This position is open to existing MRC volunteers who have demonstrated flexibility, leadership, active listening skills, and a commitment to the community.  Volunteers must be willing to meet individually with community members and follow up with referrals.

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