Henrico County’s general government departments and Henrico County Public Schools earned a combined 4 Achievement Awards from the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) which recognizes excellence in local government programs for 2015.

Henrico’s award-winning programs are listed below:

Jumpstart Your Summer Teen Volunteer Fair
Internship Program: Developing the Workforce of Tomorrow
Field Training Medic Program (FTM)
Education in Racing: How STEM plays a role in NASCAR


Jumpstart Your Summer Teen Volunteer Fair,
Henrico County Public Library

Beginning in the spring of 2013, the Tuckahoe Area Library’s Teen Librarian, Mandy Arnold, invited and hosted representatives from non-profit organizations for a ‘Jumpstart Your Summer’ teen volunteer fair to meet with teens to discuss opportunities for volunteering. The teen volunteer fair brought together non-profit organizations and local high school teens as a way to serve the community and help teens earn community service volunteer hours prior to graduation from high school. The fair was so successful, that it has become an annual event for Henrico County Public Library (HCPL). The program is a great way for the library to partner with local businesses, nonprofits and other county agencies, while helping local teens earn community service hours.


Internship Program: Developing the Workforce of Tomorrow
Henrico County Human Resources

Henrico County implemented a formal Internship Program in 2012 aimed at positioning the County as an employer-of-choice for young adults and at the same time, having a year round source of motivated, short-term employees. The three phases of the program focused on the creation of a small pilot, development of program materials, and implementation of a County-wide initiative. The results have been outstanding! The program grew from a pilot with only two students in one agency to hosting 89 interns in 15 County agencies in less than three years. Both applications from students and requests for interns from County departments have increased over the five semesters the program has been in operation. After working as interns, students have applied for 68 positions with the County, showing that the goal of positioning Henrico County as a preferred employer for this population is being met. Henrico County’s Internship Program is growing the workforce of tomorrow by developing the skills of young people and their passion for serving their communities as a local government employee.


Field Training Medic Program (FTM)
Henrico County Fire

The Field Training Medic (FTM) Program is a joint effort between the Henrico County Division of Fire (DOF) and Department of Human Resources (HR). The goal of the program is to create a pool of highly skilled Field Training Medics who are assigned to train and mentor future Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers. The FTM program trains selected candidates in leadership development topics such as conflict resolution, feedback, coaching, and mentoring in addition to advanced emergency medical services (EMS) skills and assessment. After orientation and training, FTMs are tasked with the supervision and training of employees participating in an ALS internship in order to practice medicine as ALS providers within the DOF.

To date, the program has successfully trained 34 FTMs who have in turn assisted 12 new ALS providers in successful completion of their ALS internship. The class evaluations of the FTM leadership training received a 97% overall approval rating from participants. Three FTMs also have received promotion to the rank of lieutenant since participating in the FTM process. The Fire Chief noted how the leadership training provided in the FTM program assisted in their successful preparation as formal supervisors.


Education in Racing: How STEM plays a role in NASCAR
Henrico County Public Schools

The field of technology education involves the understanding of the human-made world. Education in Racing began in September 2012 and is a joint effort among Henrico County Public Schools, Richmond International Raceway and the Center for Sports Leadership at VCU to integrate the principals of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—into unique sporting activities such as NASCAR. This program includes age appropriate, technology-based activities that enhance, not add to, any local, state or national standards. To date, over 1,000 eighth-grade middle-school students and their teachers have had the opportunity to participate in this program. Teachers have been trained to provide instruction using STEM and the role it plays in NASCAR. Students have been able to explore the world of NASCAR and how STEM education is applied through hands-on, real-world problem-solving activities.


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