Emergency Shelters

The County operates two tiers of emergency shelter operations, designed to help in many sizes of  emergencies, based on what the community needs.

  • Tier 1 (Power Spots): A place to recharge and reconnect, a Power Spot is generally a spot where you can recharge electronic devices and have access to air conditioning.  These locations are open during normal operating hours and include Henrico County Library locations (http://www.henricolibrary.org/locations) and/or Henrico County Parks & Recreation recreation center locations (http://henrico.us/rec/parks/).  No other resources are provided here, and no sleeping accommodations are in place.
  • Tier 2 (Emergency Shelters): These locations provide a temporary place to sleep if your home is damaged and you cannot find other resources to help.  The locations offer access to resources for functional and access need populations and pets.  It is important to note that not all listed sites are open during an emergency.  You must listen to and follow directions provided to local media and public safety partners to be directed to the right site once it is open and ready.
Facility Information
Hermitage High School (Primary) 8301 Hungry Spring Rd Short term: 830 (20ft2/pp)
Post-Impact: 415 (40ft2/pp)
Elko Middle School (Primary) 5901 Elko Road Short term: 375 (20ft2/pp)
Post-Impact: 188 (40ft2/pp)
Pocahontas Middle School (Primary) 12000 Three Chopt Rd Short term: 375 (20ft2/pp)
Post-Impact: 188 (40ft2/pp)
Holman Middle School (Secondary) 600 Concourse Blvd Short term: 375 (20ft2/pp)
Post-Impact: 188 (40ft2/pp)
Glen Allen High School (Secondary) 10700 Staples Mill Rd Short term: 800 (20ft2/pp)
Post-Impact: 400 (40ft2/pp)
Short Pump Middle School (Secondary) 4701 Pouncey Tract Rd Short term: 360 (20ft2/pp)
Post-Impact: 180 (40ft2/pp)
Wilder Middle School (Secondary) 6900 Wilkinson Road Short term: 375 (20ft2/pp)
Post-Impact: 188 (40ft2/pp)
Rolfe Middle School (Secondary) 6901 Messer Road Short term: 370 (20ft2/pp)
Post-Impact: 185 (40ft2/pp)
Deep Run Recreation Center (Tertiary) 9910 Ridgefield Pkwy Short Term: 200 (20ft2/pp)
Dorey Park Recreation Center (Tertiary) 7200 Dorey Park Dr Short Term: 200 (20ft2/pp)
Belmont Recreation Center (Tertiary) 1600 Hilliard Rd Short Term: 200 (20ft2/pp)
Eastern Recreation Center (Tertiary) 1440 N Laburnum Ave Short Term: 200 (20ft2/pp)

The following are Shelter Rules that will be enforced to protect all evacuees:

  • Evacuees must sign in before being officially admitted to any shelter.
  • Evacuees are responsible for their belongings. Valuables should be locked in cars, or kept with the evacuees at all times. The shelter is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  • No weapons are permitted in the shelter except those that may be carried by security personnel.
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted in the shelter.
  • Parents are responsible for controlling the actions and whereabouts of their children. Children should not be left unattended.
  • Noise levels should be kept to a minimum during all hours of the day. Quiet hours are observed between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
  • “Shelter Hopping” is not permitted.
  • Please notify the shelter registrar for referral to the paramedic for any medical condition or medications.

At times, alternate potable water resources must be supplied, particularly in areas of the County that are dependent upon well-sourced water.  These locations will be opened as needed, particularly when extended power outages are expected.  Citizens must bring their own containers for water.

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