Office of Emergency Management

Henrico County’s Office of Emergency Management (HCOEM) is responsible for developing and coordinating a comprehensive framework for the County’s preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts for various emergencies. HCOEM coordinates various training and education programs for first responders and other County staff, as well as conducting outreach and support for the County’s citizens and businesses.


  • Be Ready Henrico – Information and resources to help citizen prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies. Using 4 basic steps, you will be ready when disaster strikes.
  • Henrico CERT – Henrico County Community Emergency Response Team (HCCERT) provides training to citizens to help cope in the time period immediately following a disaster when local public safety resources may be overwhelmed.
  • Henrico County Community Emergency Notification System – This system is one of many tools that Henrico County Public Safety officials can use to notify you of critical information like evacuation notices to missing child alerts. This system provides Henrico County public safety officials the ability to quickly deliver messages to targeted areas of the County or to the entire county. Visit to sign up.
  • Henrico County Local Emergency Planning Committee – Members assist with the maintenance of a comprehensive emergency plan for potential releases of hazardous substances; establish procedures for processing public requests for information about emergency response plans; devise and critique hazardous materials being transported through or stored in their community; and encourage hazardous materials training of public & private individuals.
  • Social Media – Get updated information from our various social media platforms, including Facebook or Twitter.

Resources and Planning

  • Central Virginia Emergency Management Alliance Emergency Preparedness Guide – This guide will help you develop the information and resources you need to help with your disaster preparedness needs for your family.
  • County of Henrico Emergency Operations Plan Volume I: Basic Plan – This document, updated in 2017, outlines how everyone works together to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters in the County. Tab 10 of this document includes the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) for the County.
  • Create a Business Emergency Plan  -Designed for a variety of businesses, these resources can help various businesses and facilities develop emergency planning resources to support safety in the workplace.
  • Emergency Shelters – Information on emergency shelter locations in the County. Designed to help you plan routing in times of emergency, this list does not include ALL sites that could be used for emergency shelters, but is a guide for planning.  The site(s) must be assessed to ensure they are safe for you to come to if needed.  BE SURE TO LISTEN TO LOCAL MEDIA TO FIND OUT WHEN A SHELTER IS OPEN, AND IF IT IS READY TO ACCOMMODATE YOU.
  • Emergency Potable Water information – At times, alternate potable water resources must be supplied, particularly in areas of the County that are dependent upon well-sourced water.  These locations will be opened as needed, particularly when extended power outages are expected.  Citizens must bring their own containers for water.

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