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Pursuant to the Henrico County Code, persons qualifying for exemption are deemed to be bearing an extraordinary real estate tax burden in relation to their income and financial worth. The Real Estate Advantage Program (REAP) is a tax exemption for qualified seniors, residents that are 100 percent permanently and totally disabled, and their spouses which relieves real estate tax up to a maximum of $3,200.

    • Maximum total income is $75,000
    • Maximum total net worth allowed is $500,000
    • Maximum exemption awarded is $3,200
  • Filing deadline is April 1st


  • Applicant(s) must be at least 65 years of age OR 100 percent permanently and totally disabled as of December 31st of the previous year
  • Applicant(s) must occupy as the sole dwelling the residence in question
  • Applicant(s) must hold title to the residence
  • Applicant(s) and spouse may not have a combined total income exceeding $75,000, including Social Security
  • The income of non-owner relatives living in the dwelling must be included in the total income total excluding the first $10,000 of each relative’s earnings
  • Maximum net worth of owner, spouse, and co-owner may not exceed $500,000
  • Applicants applying who share ownership of the residence must all apply and must all qualify to receive eligibility for REAP

The REAP application and certification forms must be completed and submitted for the qualifying year by April 1st, with the Revenue Division. Hardship cases will be considered through December 31st. The application and certification forms are available for pick up and submission at either center or can be printed off from this website and mailed to:

The Western Government Center The Eastern Government Center
4301 E. Parham Road 3820 Nine Mile Road
Room 135 P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23228 Henrico, VA 23273


Renewal and Reapplication

After the initial application has been completed, submitted, and approved for the first year the applicant need only renew annually for the next two years. Upon the fourth year of qualifying for REAP the applicant must reapply for their application.

Income and Net Worth

As of January 1, 2019 the County will be looking at the combined total income of the applicant and spouse, which cannot exceed $75,000 from all sources including Social Security, salaries, wages, pension/annuity, interest income, dividend income, capital gains, business income, rents received, welfare, and gifts, etc., of non-owner relatives living in the residence will be included in the combined total income minus the first $10,000 of their earnings. The maximum net worth allowed for an applicant and spouse or co-owner and applicant is $500,000 as of December 31st. The dwelling, and up to 10 acres of land upon which it is situated, is excluded from the net worth. Items considered in the calculation of net worth are vehicles, checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds, and life insurance polices with cash value. Proof of all income and net worth should be included with the application.

Documentation Needed

Whether you are submitting an application at your local government center in person or mailing an application in, supporting documentation for each entry of income and net worth must be included with all applications. Such documents needed include photocopies of:

  • End of the year statements of income (previous year)
  • End of the year checking and savings account statements (previous year)
  • End of the year statements showing values of stocks owned (previous year)
  • First time applicants need a copy of their birth certificate or driver’s license as proof of age
  • Proof of disability is required for those under 65 years of age. A certification from the Social Security Administration, such as an awards letter, will suffice or a letter from the Railroad Retirement Board, Department of Veteran Affairs, or two signed affidavits from Virginia licensed doctors to the effect that such person is permanently and totally disabled.
  • Affidavits for disability may be obtained from the Revenue Division offices.


Failure to complete an application or certification in its entirety will disqualify applicant from the County of Henrico Real Estate Tax Advantage Program. Supporting documentation for each entry of income and net worth must be included with all applications. During the year, should any changes occur in the income or net worth of a qualified applicant she/he must immediately report the changes to the Revenue Division. In the case of disqualification during the year because of an increase in net worth and/or income an applicant can reapply the next year.

In the event that an applicant needs aid in completing their application or certification throughout the process, a designated contact may stand in place of the applicant with the completion and submission of the Contact Person Form which can be found on the last page of every application. If there is a family member with power of attorney the Contact Person Form need not be filled out if the contact with power of attorney can provide documented proof. If there is no power of attorney and no Contact Person Form completed the information regarding the REAP application or certification will only be discussed with the applicant.


REAP Program Application

REAP Program Certification


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