Real Estate Division

Jason Hughes – Director

The Real Estate Assessment Division maintains the County Land Book and performs assessments for tax purposes of all real estate in the County. The Division is utilizing a Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal system (CAMA) to accomplish this. The Division’s primary functions include:

  • Administer laws pertaining to the real estate assessment process.
  • Conduct an annual review/reassessment of all real property.
  • Provide administrative support to the County Board of Real Estate Review and Equalization.
  • Certify an annual assessment report to the State Department of Taxation.
  • Administer the Land Use Program.

Reinvest: Tax Abatement Program for Rehabilitated Structures

Use this link for information on possible tax exemption of renovations or additions to residential properties.  An application must be completed prior to beginning any work.

For information on the Partial Real Estate Tax Exemption Program for qualifying Rehabilitated or Renovated Multi-Family, Commercial/Industrial, and Hotel/Motel when rehabilitated for residential use properties, click the appropriate link. For information on possible tax exemption of renovations to commercial properties, click here. An application must be completed to enroll in this program.

The County offers a partial tax exemption for demolished or renovated buildings that have been determined by the Building Official to be derelict. Please read Ordinance Sec. 20-84  for information on partial exemption for demolition or renovation of derelict buildings.  The application for this program must be completed for enrollment.

In addition to the Internet, Real Estate data may be obtained by calling 804-501-4300, 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday.

Board of Equalization

E-Mail inquiries to Jason Hughes at

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