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Henrico 4-H Plant Fundraiser


The Annual Henrico 4-H Plant Fundraiser is going on now!  Our goal is to provide quality products at reasonable prices. Proceeds from the sale are used to support local 4-H youth programs.

Products for sale include:

All varieties are vigorous, free of pests, and freeze well. A bundle of 25 plants is enough for a 40 ft. row. Strawberry season runs from mid-May to mid-June.


  • Honeyoye *NEW* – blooms early in the growing season
  • Allstar – blooms in the middle to late in the growing season

Triple Crown blackberry plants are semi-erect, disease resistant, thorn-less, and bear very heavy, large fruit with excellent flavor. Trellising may be needed. Blackberries ripen in mid-June and bear for 5 weeks.

Heritage raspberry plants are hardy, ever-bearing, and produce red fruit which are very good for fresh consumption or for freezing. Always popular, this variety bears fruit in its first year producing a light crop in spring and then a heavy crop in fall.

BLUEBERRY PLANTS – NEW! Four-year-old plants will arrive in POTS!
The plants are 4 years old, potted, and can produce 25 quarts of fruit when mature. All selections except New Hanover are Rabbiteye varieties which require two or more different varieties to be planted no more than 100 ft. apart to insure good pollination. Rabbiteye season begins in late June and continues into August.

Rabbiteye Varieties:

  • Climax – matures early in the season
  • Premier – matures early in the season
  • Tifblue – matures early to mid-season

Southern Highbush Variety:

  • New Hanover – stands moderately upright, is a sturdy, vigorous bush, that is self-fruitful and very high yielding and early ripening. This variety is highly self fertile, reducing the need for other varieties for pollination and, therefore, can be purchased alone.

Asparagus plants are hardy perennial vegetables that will live from 12 to 15 years or longer.  Comes as a bundle of 10 bare-root plants. Asparagus is usually harvested in the spring.

Asparagus Varieties:

  • Jersey Knight – good rust and crown rot resistance
  • Purple Passion – sweeter, novelty-type cultivar that is purple in color



Henrico 4-H Peanut & Honey Fundraiser

The Henrico 4-H Peanut & Honey Fundraiser takes place in the fall.  All products are from Virginia producers. Our goal is to provide quality products at reasonable prices. Proceeds from the sale are used to support local 4-H youth programs.

Products for sale usually include:

Raw peanuts (out of shell, but in their skins) are ready to eat, bake, or sugar coat (recipe booklet is included with order.) Deluxe cocktail salted and unsalted peanuts are perfect for entertaining. All peanuts are attractively packaged in two-pound cloth sacks and make perfect gifts for family members and friends.

Raw, local honey is available in one pound jars and make excellent gifts.

Puts a handle on bags and allows you to carry, pour and store with ease. This handy clip reseals any large bag up to 50 lbs of pet food, kitty litter, farm animal feed, bird seed, fertilizers, potting mix, BBQ smoker pellets, etc. Clip is white with a 4-H clover. For more information watch the video: https://youtu.be/WkLhqFHy1ZM

Compact cookbooks; 150 page spiral-bound with 140+ recipes. Liquid laminated covers.


Questions or concerns?
Please contact the Henrico Extension Office at (804)501-5160
or email our Henrico 4-H Extension Agents!
Email Kendra Young at kkyoung@vt.edu or Carter Humphries at chumphries@vt.edu.

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