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Henrico County is following a plan of reduced operations.

View a list of county government closings and operational changes that will continue to be updated.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

State of Emergency

Henrico County is under a state of emergency to help manage its response to the COVID-19 coronavirus.  We are making every effort to continue to provide the high level of service our community expects. At the same time, we are taking precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of residents and others in the community as well as our employees and their families.

COVID-19 Map

Henrico County has created an online resource to share with the public the latest news and information about COVID-19 (coronavirus). This dashboard, at https://arcg.is/0qn194, serves as a clearinghouse of resources, including a map that shows in real time confirmed cases throughout the world and links to state, federal and international health agencies.


Health Department COVID-19 Information

Resources for Seniors

Information and helpful links for the elderly.

News Releases

Henrico revising budgets to reflect uncertainties from coronavirus
March 26, 2020

Henrico County officials have begun to brace for significant financial impacts caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Anticipating sharp drops in revenues from sales, meals and occupancy taxes, officials are preparing adjustments to the current year’s budget and are revising the proposed budget for fiscal 2020-21.

Officials have imposed an immediate hiring freeze and instructed all agencies to suspend all discretionary spending. The county also has put on hold all unfunded capital projects.

Localities to suspend water, sewer service disconnections due to coronavirus
March 19, 2020
To protect public health during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the public utilities agencies for the counties of Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico and Powhatan and the City of Richmond have agreed to immediately suspend any disconnection of water and sewer service for late or nonpayment.

Henrico offers many ways to stay informed about COVID-19, service impacts
March 18, 2020

Because residents receive news and information in a variety of ways, Henrico County is providing many outlets for updates on the COVID-19 coronavirus and its impact on services and operations.

Beginning with a March 5 news release about preparations across the region, Henrico has provided regular updates to local news media, including the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Henrico Citizen, VPM, NBC12, WTVR and WRIC.

Call centers open to assist residents with COVID-19 questions
March 17, 2020
Two hotlines, operated by personnel from the Richmond and Henrico Health Districts and by Henrico County general government staff, are available to help residents with questions about COVID-19.

Henrico government offices set for limited reopening Tuesday
March 16, 2020
Henrico County’s government offices will reopen Tuesday, March 17 following a day of planning and intensive cleaning prompted by the global outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, Richmond to close offices Monday
March 15, 2020
All government offices and facilities in the counties of Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover and Henrico and the city of Richmond will be closed Monday, March 16 for planning and to begin additional cleaning in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. The closures are designed to ensure the health and safety of residents, employees and the general public. Designated personnel will report for work; operations to ensure public safety and public health will not be impacted.

Localities declare local emergencies over COVID-19 outbreak
March 13, 2020

Officials hope aggressive measures already being taken will limit the outbreak’s severity in the region.

Elected officials from the counties of Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico and Goochland and the city of Richmond announced the declarations at a news conference Friday while urging the public to remain calm, stay informed and follow safety protocols, including frequent handwashing and avoiding crowds.

Central Virginia localities create unified command team to direct planning for COVID-19
March 5, 2020

Local governments remain concerned about the spread of COVID-19. Today, regional cooperation and precautionary planning took a new step forward as more than 50 emergency managers, first responders, health experts, and public information professionals met to review roles and responsibilities.

Leadership of the city of Richmond, Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico and Goochland counties and the Central Virginia Healthcare Coalition has authorized the activation of the Central Virginia All Hazards Incident Management Team to help guide the region’s preparations for, and response to, a potential local occurrence of COVID-19.

Tuckahoe meeting to highlight staying informed in an emergency, coronavirus
February 11, 2020
Tuckahoe District Supervisor Patricia S. O’Bannon will host a Tuckahoe Town Meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 18 to explain how residents can connect with Henrico County in the event of an emergency.

Henrico County Government Closings and Changes in Operation

Last updated 9:30 am on March 31, 2020

Building Construction and Inspections

Building and Trade Permit Submittals and Issuance: The Department of Building Construction and Inspections office at the West Government Center on 4301 E. Parham Rd. will be closed to the public. Drop stations will be placed in the Administration Building Lobby for building and trade permit submittals. NO FEES ARE BEING COLLECTED AT THIS TIME.  Please do not include cash or checks with your application.  Applicants will be contacted by staff regarding arrangements to pay the required permit fees.   Customers will be notified by email and/or phone with instructions for picking up permits that have been approved and issued. Building and trade  permit and plan review services will be conducted by staff via remote telework locations. Communications with customers will be handled via cell phone and email. Please note there will be delays with permit/plan review services due to transport of documents between staff. Please be reminded that the status of permits and inspections can be verified through the following web portal at  http://www3.co.henrico.va.us/bldg/insp/

Inspections: All inspectors will continue working remotely to conduct field inspections. Inspectors are authorized to use discretion for performing inspections of occupied structures,  which may include viewing installations for limited scopes of work via photos or video formats (e.g. electrical service changes, appliance installations, etc.). Inspectors have been instructed to communicate with customers about flexible and creative options for completing inspections, while also emphasizing the importance of accountability and maintaining their personal safety.  Inspection staff have been instructed to not perform inspections where individuals have either tested positive, been exposed to, or are symptomatic of the COVID-19 virus.  An inspector refusing to perform an inspection does not waive the building code mandate to obtain required inspections (e.g. prior to installing any concealing materials, finals, etc.). See additional information below for using third party inspection resources as an option for completing these required inspections.

The Residential Inspection Surcharge Fee for new single-family dwellings is suspended until further notice.

Third Party Inspections: Customers are authorized, without prior approval, to use third party inspection services for conducting inspections of any interior spaces of occupied dwelling units that require access through the dwelling unit. Customers are also authorized to use third party inspection services, without prior approval, for any inspection that we are unable to perform within 2 days of the submitted inspection request. The use of approved agencies to perform Residential Footing Inspections remain in effect based on the existing policies and procedures for such inspections. The use of third party inspections services for any inspections other than those listed above shall be approved by the Department of Building Construction and Inspections prior to conducting the inspection, in accordance with our published Third Party Inspection Policy.

Complaint inspections for maintenance code violations will be limited to only reports of unsafe buildings and structures that involved life/safety issues. Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) inspections of commercial food service establishments will be suspended indefinitely.

If you have any questions regarding permits, inspections or plan reviews, please call our office at 804-501-4360.

Circuit Court

The Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court has declared a Judicial Emergency until Monday, April 6, 2020.  This significantly modifies what cases will be tried. All civil juries, and most civil matters are continued.  Civil matters that will be heard include, but are not limited to, emergency matters, quarantine or isolation matters, arraignments, bail reviews, protective order cases, emergency child custody protection cases, and civil commitment hearings. As for any criminal or traffic matters please consult with your attorney or the website for the particular Court in which your matter is pending. Courtroom attendance is limited to attorneys, parties, one parent/guardian for a juvenile, necessary witnesses and members of the press.

If you cannot attend court, or have questions/concerns about specific pending Circuit Court  matters, please contact the court at 501-4750, or by email to circuitjudges@henrico.us. Please include as much information as possible regarding the matter, and thank  you in advance for your patience and understanding as we respond as quickly as possible.

Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

The clerk’s office is minimizing in-person interactions, for example, by having staff members file and retrieve documents on customers’ behalf, by limiting public-use computers and by encouraging mail-in and online payments. Customers also are encouraged to use the Clerk E Pass for copies and to clean computers with provided sanitizing wipes before and after use.

Community Corrections

Community Corrections is open on a limited basis. Clients are being asked to complete forms and are being scheduled for appointments in two weeks or more. Drug testing through Averhealth is occurring as usual.

Community Revitalization

Community Revitalization will refrain from all in person interaction with the public. Please call 804-501-4757 to speak with a staff person in lieu of visiting the office. Staff will not attend in-person community meetings but welcomes the opportunity to participate via conference call or video conferencing. The department will not issue new “Notices of Violation,” until further notice. Enterprise Zone applications must be sent electronically to revitalization@henrico.us  or faxed to 804-501-7630. Requests for Local Zone Administrator signature on State grant applications should be emailed to sac01@henrico.us. Code Compliance Inspectors will limit contact with citizens and businesses to phone, email and written communication. Community Cleanups will not be held until further notice. Please do not place items at the curb in preparation for a community cleanup. 

Extension Office

The Extension Office is closed to the public however all Extension employees will be accessible by email and phone during regular work hours.

Extension canceled 4-H Camp Registration Day scheduled for Friday, March 27. Camp registration will be accepted by mail only. All 4-H youth activities as well as Tree Smarts and SmartLawns programs are suspended until further notice. Diagnostic samples will be accepted only as images sent electronically to edo@vt.edu. Soil test kits are available by call (804) 501-5160.


Henrico County is taking efforts to ensure that residents can make their tax and utility payments virtually to assist in reducing face-to-face interactions during the COVID-19 crisis; all cashier’s offices are CLOSED at this time. We encourage our residents to make their payments online, using the links below, and will be waiving all online payment processing fees during this event. Payment options include:


Henrico Fire is continuing to respond to emergency calls as needed, although responders are working to limit exposure during the preliminary assessments and the treatment phase, if appropriate. This will not significantly impact service delivery. 

Tours, Demonstrations and Public Events   

Unfortunately due to the recent situation related to COVID-19, the Division of Fire is not currently scheduling demonstrations at our fire stations or assigning any units to attend public events.  We believe this is in the best interest of our community and firefighters to limit exposure. Henrico Division of Fire is on the front lines of the COVID-19 response and it would not be responsible to continue with these events at this time.

Thank you for your understanding and the Division of Fire hopes to start doing demonstrations again when it deemed safe to do so. If you have any questions, please contact us at FireCommunityServices@henrico.us.  This will ensure that someone from our Community Services team responds to your message.

General District Court

Effective March 30th and continuing through April 26th, the Henrico General District Court will continue ALL traffic and criminal cases set for trial, along with all other arraignments and motions currently on the docket during that time period, EXCEPT FOR arraignments, bond motions, preliminary hearings and trials for defendants who are currently incarcerated, Protective Order hearings, and hearings related to the impoundment of vehicles.

Preliminary Protective Order requests will be decided based on all of the information provided by the Petitioner in the Affidavit and decisions on impoundments will be decided on the information submitted by the requesting party.  Full Protective Orders will be heard in the courtroom and participants will be liberally granted the opportunity to participate by telephone, if arranged at least 24 hours in advance.

ALL civil cases set for returns on Mondays and Fridays and ALL civil trials set during this time period will be continued.

In Order to limit the number of individuals in the Courthouse, we are temporarily not accepting in person the following:

  1. Civil filings.  You may continue to mail your filings with the fees or drop them in the General District CIVIL cart outside the front door of the courthouse.  However, please contact the Civil Division to obtain a court date.
  2. Payments for traffic and criminal cases.  You may mail your payments or pay online at www.vacourts.gov
  3. Motions to rehear and appeals


  1.  Petitions for garnishment exemptions-you may request to be heard by telephone with at least 24 hours notice, if you have submitted all documentation needed to rule on your petition.
  2. Motions to quash evictions
  3. Petitions for Restricted Operators License

Please check the Henrico County and Virginia Supreme Court websites on a regular basis for information regarding the dockets of the Henrico General District Court as there may be frequent changes. Further information on the rescheduling of all continued cases will be provided on those websites as it becomes available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this unusual time.

Covid-19 Policy

Court Contact Information:
Traffic and Criminal (804) 501-4723
Civil (804) 501-4727
Email: henricogd@vacourts.gov

Henrico County Public Schools

Schools are closed. For more information, go to henricoschools.us/covid19/.

Henrico Federal Credit Union Branch, Woodman Road

In light of the current state of emergency with Henrico County facilities restricting access, and for the safety of the public and staff, the Henrico Federal Credit Union Woodman Branch is CLOSED. You can still visit the Dixon Powers Branch drive-thru at 8611 Dixon Power Drive or make an appointment with a Financial Service Representative for transactions that require face-to-face interaction by calling 804.773.1864.  Additionally, please utilize alternate means to manage your banking needs through Henrico FCU Digital Banking at henricofcu.org or contact the credit union at 804.266.0290 or email memberservices@henricofcu.org

Juvenile Detention

All face to face visits at the Juvenile Detention home are suspended until further notice. Anyone legally approved and/or authorized to visit with a juvenile at the detention home will need to call 804-501-4946. Telephone calls and contacts will continue to take place and be expanded.

Juvenile/Domestic Relations Court

In light of the Chief Justice’s Order declaring a judicial emergency, our Court will hear the following cases ONLY through April 26, 2020:

-Preliminary and final protective orders petitions, which shall be heard throughout the day and not necessarily at the usual designated times
-Adult criminal misdemeanor trials and felony preliminary hearings for those defendants who are currently incarcerated
-Adult arraignments and bond hearings for those defendants currently incarcerated
-Juvenile delinquency trials and dispositions for those juveniles currently detained
-Juvenile arraignments and detention reviews for those currently being detained
-Foster care cases excluding termination of parental rights. Please note that the Court will waive the appearance of the foster parent(s) and the foster child
-Emergency hearings in civil cases if the issue has been deemed to be a true emergency by a Judge

All other cases not indicated above shall be continued by the Court. The litigants should await notification of the new date for the rescheduled hearings. Please ensure that your address has been updated with the Clerk’s Office if you have recently moved.

Attendance at all hearings will be restricted to the parties, attorneys, and necessary witnesses.  For juveniles only one parent/guardian is permitted to attend hearings. All unnecessary persons attending in support of necessary parties/witnesses will not be allowed into the courthouse. 

Legal professionals will be allowed telephone conferences in civil cases if requested.

We reserve the right to restrict and/or limit entry into the courthouse and courtrooms.

All drivers license ceremonies scheduled through April 26, 2020 are canceled and shall be rescheduled. Please contact DMV with any questions regarding expiring permits.


Henrico County Public Library buildings are closed until further notice. Due dates for materials are extended and fines are being waived during this period. Library services remain available online. The 2020 All Henrico Reads event with author Robin Sloan has been postponed https://henricolibrary.org/index.php/305-ahr20?Itemid=559.

Mental Health and Developmental Services

The following buildings are closed until further notice;

  • Providence Forge Office, 9403-A Pocahontas Trail, Providence Forge, VA 23140
  • Lakeside Center, 5623 Lakeside Avenue, Henrico, VA 23228

We recognize that there is a continued need for mental health, developmental disabilities and substance use services during the pandemic, and have shifted our business model, where possible,  to telephone and telehealth (video conferencing) thereby temporarily reducing or suspending the physical face-to-face contact. For individuals in services requiring support please contact your case manager or clinician, staff are actively working and supporting individuals in need. If you are seeking services, please contact our Same Day Access line from 8:30am – 4:30pm at (804) 727-8515. For emergency mental health needs, Emergency Services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (804) 727-8484.

Permit Center

The Permit Centers at both the Western Government Center (4301 E. Parham Road) and the Eastern Government Center (3820 Nine Mile Road) are closed to the public. Complete building permit applications and applications for the Planning Department may be dropped off in the bins in the lobby of the Administration Building at the Western Government Center and at the Permit Center-East at the Eastern Government Center. The bins are marked for each agency and are emptied once per day. 

NO FEES ARE BEING COLLECTED AT THIS TIME. Please do not include cash or checks with your application. The Permit Center will not be responsible for cash or checks left in unattended bins. Applicants will be contacted by staff regarding arrangements to pay the required fees. Permits and approved plans will be mailed or emailed to applicants once issued or you may contact the Office of Building Inspection directly (501-4360) to arrange hand-delivery of your permits and approved plans to the lobby of the Western Government Center. Please be reminded that the status of permits can be verified through the following web portal:   http://www3.co.henrico.va.us/bldg/insp/

If you have any questions about our services please contact the Permit Center at 501-7280 or permitcenter@henrico.us.


The Planning Department is closed to the Public. If you have business to conduct with us, please call (804) 501-4602, as we may be able to answer your questions over the phone or via the internet. We can provide some information in an electronic format and may be able to accommodate meetings via WebEx. 

Planning will continue accepting paper submissions for the POD and subdivision processes, via carts located in the main lobby of the Administration Building at 4301 E. Parham Road. Because plan review services continue by staff in a limited capacity, delayed review times may be expected.  Additional time is needed to properly handle paper plan submissions in accordance with CDC precautions. As an added benefit to assist with the review process, we are requesting applicants provide an electronic copy of all documents to DevEPlanReview@henrico.us. This will enable more efficient distribution to reviewers who are working remotely and help us provide better service during this period.

Application fees and submissions:

Please do not include cash or checks with your application submissions.  Applicants will be contacted by Permit Center staff regarding arrangements to pay the required fees.  County staff will not be responsible for cash or checks left in unattended bins. 

Scheduled meetings changes:

  • Staff Developer meetings have been cancelled. Review comments will be provided through the online comment system. If you have any questions regarding your development application, please contact the plan reviewer directly and staff will assist you over the phone or electronically.
  • The spring Development Community Communication Forum, previously scheduled for April 1, 2020 has been cancelled and another will be scheduled for the Fall.
  • If you have meetings that were slated to take place over the next few weeks in the Planning Department, please contact us regarding the status.
  • Upcoming meetings of the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals have changed. 
    —Planning Commission: The meeting for plans of development and subdivisions scheduled for Wednesday, April 1 is postponed. The meeting for rezoning and provisional use permits scheduled for Thursday, April 9 is canceled; all items on the agenda will be moved to a special meeting at 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 14.
    —Board of Zoning Appeals: The meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 2 is canceled; all items on the agenda will be moved to the next regular meeting at 9 a.m. Thursday, April 23.


Police is temporarily suspending fingerprinting, requests for programs and presentations, ride-alongs, the Senior and Citizens academies and donations of wireless phones and stuffed animals. Police reports will be provided electronically or by mail, not in person. To request a report, call (804) 501-4810. For other questions, call (804) 501-4800. For emergencies, call 911. For non-emergencies, call (804) 501-5000.

The Henrico Police Animal Shelter will be accessible by appointment only until further notice. Residents may contact the shelter at (804) 727-8807, Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. to schedule the release, redemption or adoption of an animal. Animals available for adoption can be viewed online at petfinder.com or adoptapet.com.

Additionally, the Henrico Police Villa Park Substation (7850 Villa Park Drive, Henrico) and Fair Oaks Substation (561 EastPark Court, Sandston) are closed to the general public, however, call boxes are available at the main door of each facility should you need assistance. 

Public Utilities

Public-use areas and drop-off recycling centers are open daily from 10AM to 6PM and are only accepting household garbage and recycling. 

Public Utilities has emergency operations plans in place and will continue to respond to emergency calls for service. Non-emergency service calls will be limited.

Henrico County is taking efforts to ensure that residents can make their utility payments virtually to assist in reducing face-to-face interactions during the COVID-19 crisis; all cashier’s offices are CLOSED at this time. We encourage our residents to make their payments online, using the links below, and will be waiving all online payment processing fees during this event. Payment options include:

During the state of emergency our call center staffing has been altered to protect our employees. So to avoid long wait times, please leave us a message at 501-7355 or send us an e-mail at utilities@henrico.us. We will be back in touch with you within 8 business hours. If you still need to speak to a representative, call 501-4275 and push #2.

Curbside Refuse and Recycling programs are operating on a normal schedule.  The following Public Use Area programs have been suspended:  vegetative waste (including free mulch), household hazardous waste (used oil, antifreeze, oil based paints, etc.), “too good to waste”, tire recycling, metal recycling, and the re-sale program (appliances, lawnmowers, etc.), Customers are advised to practice personal hygiene measures recommended by the CDC when visiting our Public Use Areas and/or drop-off recycling centers. New orders for bulky waste pickup are suspended until further notice.

Public Works

Public Works asks customers to communicate by phone or email for the foreseeable future. All meetings deemed nonessential at this time will be postponed.

Recreation and Parks

All Recreation and Parks buildings, including recreation centers and facilities are closed until further notice. All recreation programs and activities are canceled. Parks and open spaces remain open. The office building at 6800 Staples Mill is closed to walk-ins.

In accordance with the governor’s Stay at Home order on March 30, access to certain outdoor park amenities has been restricted. The following areas are closed at all Henrico parks:
playgrounds, restrooms, shelters, dog parks, and tennis and pickleball courts. These areas are locked or have signs posted regarding their closure. Please avoid them and continue to follow current CDC guidelines for social distancing and personal hygiene. The trails and open spaces in Henrico’s parks remain open.

Social Services

The Department of Social Services will be inaccessible to the public except by appointment to issue emergency EBT replacement cards. The department remains operational with reduced staff present in the office and with staff working remotely.  To schedule an appointment, please call the office at 804-501-4001. 

Social Services encourages residents needing an EBT replacement card to call 866-281-2448. Social Services will provide emergency EBT replacement as needed in its lobby. Residents who need to apply for benefits should call the Enterprise Call Center at 1-855-635-4370 or go online. For pending applications or renewals, verifications can be emailed to hdssemail@henrico.us or placed in the DSS drop box at the front of the building in the west and the Finance drop box in the east. Benefit program interviews will be conducted by phone. Assisted Living Facility and Long Term Care screenings also will be conducted by phone. CSA/FAPT meetings may be conducted by teleconferencing.

Virginia Career Works for the Capital Region

All three centers for the region are closed. Apply for unemployment benefits by the internet or the Virginia Employment Commission call center only. More info.

Voter Registration

The Office of Voter Registration and Elections is operating only at the Henrico County Government Center. The satellite location at the Eastern Government Center is closed until further notice. Voters may check their registration status online with the Virginia Department of Elections.

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