Expectations of Participants

As a participant in Henrico County Drug Court (HCDC) there are behavioral guidelines that you are required to comply with. While we are here to assist you individually in achieving the highest level of success that you can imagine, we are also invested in serving the larger society in ensuring that you completely comply with the set guidelines. The guidelines are mandatory. Failure to comply will lead to sanctions set forth in the HCDC Manual and/or non-admittance into the HCDC. The guidelines are as follows:

1. Weekly Court Appearance – The participant must appear before the Drug Court Judge every Friday during Phase I and II.

2. Daily Reporting – The participant must report daily if unemployed, to meet with the HCDC team, at 8600 Dixon Powers Drive, Henrico, VA 23228.

3. Random Urine Screens – Participants can not use alcohol or drugs. Urine drug screens can be ordered 24-hours daily, to include weekends and holidays.

4. Fees – Participants are expected to pay $50.00 per month Drug Court fee in addition to any costs associated with penalties imposed that have costs associated with their use.

5. Groups – Participants are required to participate in treatment groups ordered by the HCDC Team.

6. 12-Step Attendance – Participants are required to attend 12-Step Meetings and prove their attendance.

7. Employment – The participant will actively engage in searching for employment and provide proof of this search weekly.

8. Identification – The participant will secure valid identification in the form of a driver’s license, DMV identification, social services identification, employment ID, military ID, passport or other official picture identification.

9. Curfew – Participants have varying curfews based on their phase level. They are required to return to and remain in their homes at the designated curfew, unless employed during these hours.

10. Home-Visits – The HCDC Team will visit and inspect each participant’s home and place of employment to ensure compliance with the Drug Court Contract.

11. Sanctions – A variety of penalties will be imposed to address issues such as tardiness, poor participation, dishonesty, failure to seek employment and failure to pay fees. Sanctions may include admonishment and warning from the bench, essays, community service, curfew restrictions, increased contact with the HCDC Team and the court, home electronic monitoring, work-release jail, group-peer disposition, restart or move back a phase, jail time and/or termination. Sanctions will be administered weekly during Drug Court to quickly address negative actions of participants.

12. Incentives – A variety of rewards will be awarded weekly during Drug Court in an attempt to quickly recognize the positive actions of participants. Incentives will be used to recognize completion of assignments, phase progression, periods of sobriety, etc. Incentives will include gift certificates or gift cards, prizes from local merchants, movie passes, bus passes certificates and medallions, etc.

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