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Project category headings and project listings:
County Projects Underway

  •  Automated Traffic Management System
  •  Charles City Road Improvements
  •  Creighton Road Improvements
  •  Dabbs House Road Improvements
  •  Glenside Drive Park & Ride Lighting Replacement
  • Three Chopt Road Improvements

County Projects Coming Soon

Bicycle/Pedestrian Projects

  •  Azalea Avenue/Richmond-Henrico Turnpike/Wilkinson Road Sidewalks and Pedestrian Signals Project
  •  Beulah Road Sidewalk
  •  John Rolfe Parkway Sidewalk
  •  Parham Road Sidewalk
  •  Prince Henry Drive Sidewalk
  •  Ridgefield Parkway Sidewalk
  •  Virginia Capital Trail Connector through Dorey Park
  •  Wistar Road Sidewalk

Bridge Repair and Replacement Projects

  •  Greenwood Road Bridge Repairs Over CSX Tracts
  •  Lakeside Avenue Bridge Replacement
  •  Parham Road Bridge Repairs Over CSX Tracts
  •  Route 301 Access Road Bridge Repairs
  •  Wilkinson Road Bridge Replacement

Road Improvement Projects

  •  Oakleys Lane Improvements
  •  Sadler Road Improvements

VDOT Projects Underway

  •  Interstate 64 Widening Project
  •  Mechanicsville Turnpike (Route 360) Bridge Replacement
  •  Virginia Capital Trail

VDOT Projects Coming Soon

  • Greenwood Road Bridge Replacement
  • Huguenot Road Corridor Improvements
  • Interstate 64 Bridge Replacement over Nine Mile Road (Route 33)
  • Parham Road/Patterson Avenue Intersection Improvements
  • Staples Mill Amtrak Station Parking Expansion