Join our “PICK-A-DAY to FIGHT-the-BITE” campaign and help your neighborhood become a mosquito-smart community.  Click here to watch a video of common Asian tiger mosquito breeding sites.

The most effective method for controlling Asian tiger mosquitoes is to reduce or eliminate the containers which are the source of the problem.  Draining or removal of water-holding containers from your property will produce significant long-term reductions in this nuisance mosquito. Some of the most common containers in people’s yards that provide prime habitat for the Asian tiger mosquito include: black corrugated pipe from downspouts, bird baths, recycling bins/trash cans, kids toys, tarps, potted plants with saucers, and roof gutters.  Dumping all containers around your yard which hold water ONCE A WEEK will help eliminate this mosquito from your yard and neighborhood.  If the water cannot be dumped, homeowners can use a mosquito larvicide.  Most mosquito larvicides sold at home and garden centers are very specific in controlling mosquito larvae and are proven non-toxic to other aquatic organisms, birds, people and pets.

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