Department of Public Utilities
County of Henrico

Issued April 1997 – Revised June 2002


These standards have been developed for use by consultants working on water and sewer utility projects within Henrico County and for County personnel who review those projects. The standards are not intended as a regulation but should be used as a guide which will establish a degree of uniformity for drawings and specifications for all water and sewer utility projects.

Consultants working on water and sewer utility projects should recognize the fact that State and Federal regulations must be satisfied on all projects. In the event that the County Standards differ from State or Federal Requirements, the more restrictive standard shall be utilized.

It is very difficult to generalize when addressing matters of engineering design without endangering the final product; therefore, consultants should strive for designs which show consideration of details presented herein. However, these details are secondary to good engineering judgement.

The work described herein is under the jurisdiction of the Henrico County Department of Public Utilities hereinafter referred to as the Department.

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