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Automated Refuse Collections Information:

The County of Henrico is moving toward collecting trash using automated refuse trucks. These trucks allow the driver to empty specially designed carts, which the county provides, into the truck using a mechanical arm controlled from the truck cab. We are shifting our refuse customers to automated carts in phases, as new trucks are delivered and more drivers are trained. By the fall of 2009, all of our customers should have the new 95-gallon supercans. Customers will be notified by mail about 2 weeks prior to the arrival of a new cart when their neighborhood is scheduled for transition.

Trash Container Information

The trash containers, known as “carts” or “super cans”, that will be used for this program are approximately 95-gallons and provided to the customer at no charge. This size equates to about 3 standard sized hand dumped trash cans. One of our cans should be adequate for the amount of trash the average family produces in one week. If you produce more trash than one container can handle, we will provide a second container for a fee of $65. The fee does not purchase the can for the resident. The original container provided, in addition to any extra containers provided by the County, remain the property of the County. The extra can will be dumped at no additional service charge to the resident and will be delivered and repaired by the County, also at no additional fee. To request an additional can, please call 501-4275. To report any damage or issues with your County can, please call 727-8770.

If you already own a super can, or would like to purchase one of your own, in addition to the cart we provide, it must meet certain requirements. Please click below for a photo and description of what constitutes an acceptable container.

Acceptable containers (.pdf format)

Charges for Automated Refuse Collections:

Our crews will provide automated curbside trash pick-up on a weekly basis to the designated area. The monthly charge for this service is $15.00; the same as for normal refuse collections. The fee is added to your water and sewer bill which is issued every other month. For us to provide an extra can in the automated areas, the charge will be $65, which will also appear on your water and sewer utility bill.

To inquire about service in your area, or to sign-up, please call 501-4275. To sign up electronically or by mail, refer to the column to the right.

Materials We Collect:

Most household trash and garbage can be placed inside your cart. We recommend using trash bags so your cart stays clean and trash does not blow from the can when it is dumped. Place all trash in your cart. Please do not place additional bags or other materials next to the cart. Trash that is not placed inside the cart will not be picked up.

Materials We Do Not Collect:

The following are not collected even when placed in the cart: car parts and tires; furniture and other large items; hazardous or flammable materials; propane or other pressurized tanks; car batteries or other lead acid batteries; liquids such as paint, solvents, motor oil or drywall mud; construction waste such as carpeting, lumber, drywall, bricks, concrete or dirt; and ashes that have not been thoroughly cooled and soaked with water.

Placement of Your Containers

On your trash collection day, please place your containers to the curb by 7:00 a.m. Your cart should be at the curb with the arrows facing the street and the lid closed. Carts must be placed within eight (8) feet of the pavement and not be blocked by cars or other obstructions. They should be at least three (3) feet from mailboxes.

Automated Route Questions? Email us.

Helpful Hint!

To keep clean cans clean and prevent sticky build-up, periodically wash them with an appropriate household cleaner or disinfectant. You and your refuse worker will be happy you did! Animals may be discouraged from digging in your refuse by adding two tablespoons of household ammonia in your refuse container.

Holidays and Inclement Weather

We do not collect trash when your collection day falls on a County holiday. All remaining collections that week are made one day later. Please refer to the list of County holidays in the column to the right. Please note, we do not observe Columbus Day or President’s Day.

To ensure our workers’ and your safety, we do not operate our collection routes when the County is closed due to inclement weather. As with our holiday policy, all remaining collections for the week are pushed back each day the County is closed.

Customer Satisfaction

Our refuse collectors work hard to give you excellent service, often performing unpleasant tasks in harsh weather conditions. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality services at a competitive rate. Please help us by complying with these guidelines so we can continue to meet your needs and our goals. You can help us to do our job even better by calling 727-8770 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., or email Solid Waste, to report any issues or provide your suggestions for improving our service to you!

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