Account Subclassification Code System

Henrico County serves over 97,000 customers with water and sewer. The account subclassification code system is designed to manage 5,200 industrial and commercial customers based upon two-letter codes that represent the nature of their discharge. Many of the codes used in the County’s system have their foundation in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) list of CATEGORICAL industries. These are industries that have discharges unique to that category of industry. For example, all industries in the Metal Finishing category will have limitations placed on their discharge for several of the heavy metals, such as copper, nickel, and zinc and total toxic organic compounds. Industries in the Aluminum Forming category on the other hand have limitations placed on them for aluminum, cyanide, zinc and chromium.

A simple two-letter subclassification system allows us to manage data for the non-categorical industries and businesses as well. Food Service Establishments discharges, as an example, are not yet governed by the federal government, but are regulated by County Code for oil and grease and other strong waste. The two-letter system is a simple way to allow users of the billing system to sort data.

Account Subclassification Code System
Code Description
AS Adhesives and Sealants
BK Bakery & Large Scale Food Manufacturing
BM Battery Manufacturing/Repair
BP Bottling Plants
BR Brewery
CH Church
CM Construction Meter
CO County Facility
CS Convenience Store (No Food Preparation)
CT Centralized Waste Treatment
CW Car Wash
DC Day Care with/without Food Preparation
DT Dentist
EC Electrical Component Manufacturing
EL Electroplating/Metal Finishing and Mfg
FD Film Developing
FH Funeral Homes and Mortuaries
FP Food Preparation, Processing; Restaurants
FR Furniture Refinishers
FS Fire Station
GR Groundwater Reclamation
HS Hospital
IN Industrial Manufactoring
LA Laboratories
LD Laundry and/or Dry Cleaners
LF Landfills
MF Multi-Family Residential
MH Motel/Hotel
ML Multiple Tenants, Mixed Discharges
MP Machinery and Mechanical Products Mfg.
MS Machine Shop
MT Medical Treatment Facilities
NH Nursing Home
NP Non-Profit Housing Facility
OB Other Business
OR Other Residential Institution
PC Pesticides/Chemical Plants
PF Plastics Forming and Molding
PG Packaging, Multiple Products
PI Printing Inks Manufacturing/Blending
PK Parks
PM Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
PP Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard Mfg.
PR Printer
PS Pump Station (Wastewater)
PT Petroleum Refining and Storage
RH Recreation Association, HOA, Pools
RS Rescue Squads
SC Schools, Public and Private
SD Soap/Detergent Manufacturing
SF Single Family
SN Shopping Center
SS Service Station/Auto Repair/Car Care Center
TH Liquid Waste Hauler
TM Timber Products
TP Trailer/Mobile Home Park
TR Wastewater Treatment Plant
VT Veterinarian
WH Warehouse/Distribution
WS Water Supply
WT Water Treatment Plant


Account General Classification Codes
Code Description
CM Commercial
CS Construction Meter
IN Industrial
IT Internal
MF Multi Family
NF Refuse, VL, BW only
NR Non Revenue
RE Single Family
WD Wholesale/Contract