Department of Public Utilities offers customers two options to remove leaves from their property during preselected times.  These options include bagged leaf collection for no charge and a vacuum leaf service for a small fee.  The dates when these services are offered has changed to improve operating efficiency and conserve resources.


Bagged Leaf Collection

Commencing this year, the third collection time for bagged leaves has been eliminated. We have found that the third collection period has low participation and a small number of bags set out for collections.  Even with low participation, our crews must travel almost every street in the county to collect those bags that are set out.  This is not efficient and we have eliminated this third collection.

To view the bagged leaf collection dates, click here.


Leaf Vacuum

The time when we will perform leaf vacuuming has been adjusted to allow two periods, a fall vacuum period and an early spring period.  This change has been made since the same trucks we use to vacuum leaves are used to plow snow and perform other services.  Each time it snows or we have freezing rain, we are required to unmount the vacuum equipment and mount snow and ice fighting equipment.  The time changes to this program will allow us to focus on snow and ice during the winter and on vacuuming leaves when they are normally being cleaned up.

Our leaf vacuum program ended on March 27, 2015.  This program will return in fall 2015.