In compliance with updates to the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act Section 1417 and NSF 61 – Section 9, all water fixtures and fittings installed after January 4, 2014 must be lead free.  The updated national standard is intended to reduce the amount of leached lead in water, from 15 µg/l (micrograms per liter) to 5 µg/l.  The components themselves must have a reduced lead content from 8.0% to 0.25%.

Due to these regulatory changes, DPU must require that all water fixtures and fittings installed as part of the County water system and placed in service in Henrico County after December 31, 2013 comply with this no lead requirement.  This includes backflow devices and associated piping.

In order to meet this EPA requirement, contractors must begin installing products that comply with the no lead requirement on all projects not later than November 1, 2013.  This includes projects currently under construction.

Feel free to contact our Design Division Manager at 501-4514 if you require additional clarification.