Rabies Vaccination for Domestic Animals

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County Ordinance requires that all domestic cats and dogs be vaccinated for rabies. For your convenience, the Animal Protection Unit conducts four rabies clinics annually. The schedule (below) for the 2017 Rabies Vaccination Clinics is now available for download and distribution. 


$10.00 (CASH ONLY) for the rabies vaccine

The dog license fee is (additional) $10.00 with a one year vaccination and $15.00 with a three-year vaccination.

How to Receive this Service

Attend one of the 2017-rabies-clinic four rabies clinics scheduled for this year. When you arrive, first you must register and pay at the Cashier’s Office located inside the County Administration Building. Then, you proceed to the veterinarian on the first level of the parking deck adjacent to the Administration Building located at 4301 East Parham Road. 

Dog tags and licenses are not prorated and are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

Henrico County dog tags are issued as permanent tags. The numbered tag you receive at the time of purchase will be kept throughout the life of your dog unless it is lost, stolen, or destroyed. When your dog’s rabies vaccine expires, you will be paying to renew your permanent numbered tag. The license expiration will run concurrent with the rabies vaccine.

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