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The Henrico County Police Division is proud to provide internationally accredited law enforcement services to the citizens of Henrico County and its visitors. In order for the Police Division to continue providing the highest quality service, the performance of its employees must be closely monitored.The Division is sincerely interested in taking corrective action in those instances where an employee fails to meet our standards.



How to Receive this Service

When a complaint is filed, the Office of Internal Affairs or its designee will investigate the complaint.

  1. Complaints may be submitted by phone, in writing through the mail, or in writing through email. If you make a complaint by phone, you may also send a written statement. Please use the Citizen Complaint Form above to submit your complaint. 
  2. Once the investigation is completed, the complaint with its findings, is submitted to the Chief of Police for final disposition.
  3. Upon completion of the investigation and after final disposition by the Chief of Police, the complainant will receive information in writing concerning the outcome of the complaint.

The Office of Internal Affairs will investigate all allegations of unnecessary or excessive force and racial bias.

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