What are attention getting devices?

Attention Getting Devices are placed upon or attached to any land, structure, or building to promote or advertise the sale of goods, wares, merchandise, or services. The device includes pennants, banners, banner signs, streamers, balloons, and inflatable devices of any configuration, when displayed outdoors.

May I keep attention getting devices on my property?

Henrico County Code Chapter 24 Section 24-104 states the following:

1) That a business is allowed one display of attention getting devices per location per three-month period, January 1 through March 31, April 1 through June 30, July 1 through September 30, or October 1 through December 31,

2) The display during the three-month period must occur on consecutive days and in no case exceed ten days during such three-month period. Each day that an otherwise permissible display of attention getting devices occurs at a location in excess of the ten consecutive days permitted per three-month period shall be counted against the number of days permitted in future three-month periods,

3) The display shall not occupy any required parking space, obstruct or deter ingress or egress to any business or be located in any sight distance triangle. Also, attention getting devices shall not be displayed upon public right of way or be connected or attached to any structure or appurtenance located upon public right of way,

4) The display shall be erected and placed so as to avoid any damage to required site landscaping.

How do I report a violation?

If you are aware of an attention getting device violation, please call the Division of Community Maintenance hotline at (804) 501-4757. The hotline is available to address your concerns 24 hours per day. When you call to report a problem, you will be required to give your name and telephone number. This information is kept confidential and will not be released under any circumstances. It will be used only when County staff require additional information to investigate the case or to update complainants of the status of their concerns.

24 Hour Hotline: (804) 501-4757

For more information or to report violations, please visit our website:

What happens after a complaint is received?

An inspector will respond to a complaint by contacting the property owner to explain the codes. The inspector will make every effort to contact the property and/or business owner in person by leaving business cards and brochures at the property. Voluntary compliance is the goal of our program. However, if voluntary compliance is not achieved a formal notice of violation may be issued. Continued violations may result in a court summons and hearing where fines may be imposed.