The HOME Investment Partnerships Act (Title II of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act) was signed into law November 28, 1990 (Public Law 101-625), and created the HOME Investment Partnerships Program that provides funds to expand the supply of affordable housing for very low-income and low income persons.

HOME funds may be used by a participating jurisdiction to provide incentives to develop and support affordable rental housing and homeownership affordability through the acquisition (including assistance to homebuyers), new construction, reconstruction, or rehabilitation of non-luxury housing with suitable amenities, including real property acquisition, site improvements, conversion, demolition, and other expenses, including financing costs, relocation expenses of any displaced persons, families, businesses, or organizations; to provide tenant-based rental assistance, including security deposits; to provide payment of reasonable administrative and planning costs; and to provide for the payment of operating expenses of community housing development organizations.

The County has used HOME funds for Homeownership Assistance, Residential Repairs, Moderate Rehabilitation, Transitional Housing, and Group Homes.

For questions or technical assistance concerning any proposal for the use of HOME funds please e-mail Scott Carter, Home Program Manager, or phone on (804) 501-7612.