The Division of Recreation and Parks is offering several fun and exciting camps for 2014. We hope you will join us for a summer of fun!

Camp Registration

Ways to Register:

1. HCRP Connect (Online Registration)

2. Walk-In Registration
Belmont, Deep Run, & Eastern Henrico Recreation Center

3. Mail

Mail completed form and payment (check or money order), if applicable, to:
Program Registration
Henrico Recreation and Parks
PO Box 90775, Henrico, VA 23273-0775

Camp Registration Notes:

  • Payment is due in full at the time of registration.
  • Register at least one week prior to the start date (if space is still available).

Summer Blast & Teen Scene Registration Notes:

  • Open to Henrico County residents only.
  • Participants must have completed grades K-4 or 5-8 during the 2013-14 school year. (When registering, enter the grade your child is currently in and will complete in June 2014.)

Camp Listings

Summer Blast & Teen Scene Camps
For grades K-4 & 5-8 (Henrico County residents only.) Located at multiple schools and recreation centers. Details available on the Summer Blast and Teen Scene camps. Information: 501-5096.

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Visual & Performing Arts

Art Awakening: Folk Art Camp
Ages 8-12. Come learn about and create art with a purpose while also having fun. Create individual and group projects. Learn to curate a show with an art exhibit on the final day. Information: 261-6898.

#1779 Mon-Fri, Jun 23-27, 9am-3pm.
Walkerton Tavern. Resident: $65/Non-resident: $85.

Concepts and Creations
Ages 11-13. Explore the world of contemporary art while creating your own pieces in this camp for budding artists! Discover artists like Warhol, Calder, Muniz, and Goldsworthy, while creating your own work to be displayed in a public exhibit. This camp includes a field trip and will teach screen printing, book-binding, recyclable sculptures, and more. Come discover your artistic side! Information: 343-3506.

#2464 Mon-Fri, Jul 7-11, 9am-3pm.
The Armour House & Gardens. Resident: $65/Non-resident: $85.

Enjoy a performing arts camp for youth presented at The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. This camp will offer workshops and training in areas of theatre, dance, and music including sessions in acting, improvisation, choreography, makeup, set painting, costuming, special effects, auditioning for the camera, and more. The fee is $200 per session for the first child and $150 for each additional child in the immediate family. Non-residents will be charged an additional $20 per child. Information: 501-5138.

#1721 Session I: Ages 8-9. Jun 23-Jul 3. No camp Jul 4.
#1722 Session II: Ages 10-12. Jul 7-18.
#1723 Session III: Ages 13-15. Jul 21-Aug 1.
#1724 Session IV: Ages 10-12. Aug 4-15.
The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen


History Camp
Ages 9-12. Travel back in time to when the Native Americans were the only people in North America. Learn their methods of building, cooking, and hunting. When Europeans came and brought their ways, techniques changed. Try your hand at wattle and daub construction, cooking in a fireplace, historic trades, plus much more in this extensive, hands on based camp. Join us for a fun-filled week as you learn new skills and make new friends. Information: 501-2130.

#2362 Mon-Fri, Jun 16-20, 9am-3pm
Meadow Farm Museum. Resident: $65/Non-Resident: $85.

Young Explorers
Ages 8-12. Find out why Walkerton was such a popular place back in the 19th century. Campers will also make craft s based on objects in our building like our floor cloth and play with toys and games that children in the 19th century would have played with. Information: 261-6898.

#2121 Mon-Fri, Jul 14-18, 9am-3pm.
Walkerton Tavern. Resident: $65/Non-Resident: $85.

Civil War Camp
Ages 10-12. Experience what it was like to join the army and serve as a soldier. Learn about local Civil War sites and individuals like General R. E. Lee and African-American soldier Christian Fleetwood, who passed through Henrico County during the war. Information: 652-3411.

#1734 Mon-Fri, Aug 4-8, 9am-3pm.
Dabbs House Museum. Resident: $65/Non-Resident: $85.

More Fun Stuff

Camp Lego®
Ages 5-12. Learning through play keeps the mind fresh. Come have fun working with Lego®Bricks! That’s exactly what we will do in this exciting new camp. Children will build mind-blowing projects with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Instructor: Bricks4Kidz. Information: 343-3506 or 290-0305.

#2438 Mon-Fri, Jun 16-20, 1-4pm.
Twin Hickory Recreation Center. Resident: $150/Non-Resident: $150.
(Please Note: The location listed in the printed Camp Flyer is incorrect. Twin Hickory is the correct location!)

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Nature & Outdoors

Nature Camp
Ages 8-10. Does one week of nature discovery sound exciting to you? Each morning campers will go on a quest and develop an awareness of nature as they learn about insects, turtles, frogs, and more. Games, crafts, and activities round out this program to make it a fun-filled adventure for all. Information: 262-5055.

#2095 Mon-Fri, Jun 23-27, 8:30-11:30am.
#2570 Mon-Fri, Jul 16-20, 8:30-11:30am.
Three Lakes Nature Center. Resident: $35/Non-Resident: $55.

Here We Grow
Ages 10-12. Dig in at the Armour House! We’ll get our hands dirty planting flowers and vegetables, and exploring the crawling, flying and wiggling wildlife in the gardens. Nature art is also a part of our camp experience. Information: 343-3506.

#1823 Mon-Fri, Jun 23-27, 9am-3pm.
The Armour House & Gardens. Resident: $65/Non-Resident: $85.

Camp Henrico
Camp activities include canoeing, fishing, archery, arts and crafts, rock wall climbing, recreational tree climbing, swimming, and nature activities. Camp hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm. Fee includes all admissions plus a camp t-shirt and water bottle. The resident fee is $200 per session for the first child and $150 for each additional child in immediate family. Non-residents will be charged an additional $20 per child. Information: 343-3506.

Camp Henrico East: Dorey Park
#1705 Session I: Ages 8-10. Mon-Fri, Jun 23-Jul 3. No camp Jul 4.
#1707 Session II: Ages 11-13. Mon-Fri, Jul 7-18.
#1708 Session III: Ages 8-10. Mon-Fri, Jul 21-Aug 1.
#1706 Session IV: Ages 11-15. Mon-Fri, Aug 4-15.

Camp Henrico West: Meadow Farm Museum/Crump Park
#1709 Session I: For ages 10-12. Mon-Fri, Jun 23-Jul 3. No camp Jul 4.
#1710 Session II: For ages 8-9. Mon-Fri, Jul 7-18.
#1711 Session III: For ages 10-12. Mon-Fri, Jul 21-Aug 1.
#1712 Session IV: For ages 13-15. Mon-Fri, Aug 4-15.


Basic Basketball Camp
Ages 7-17. Basic Basketball Camp is designed to develop basketball skills. Both individual and team fundamentals will be taught. Participants will be assigned to teaching groups and teams based upon the player’s age, size and ability. Information: 795-2334.

Individual/Team Offense
#1678 Mon-Thur, Jul 7-10, 9am-1pm. Byrd Middle School
#1679 Mon-Thur, Jul 21-24, 9am-1pm. Brookland Middle School
Individual/Team Defense
# 1677 Mon-Thur, Jul 14-17, 9am-1pm. Byrd Middle School
# 1676 Mon-Thur, Jul 28-31, 9am-1pm. Brookland Middle School
Resident: $35/Non-Resident: $55.

Junior Golf Camp
Ages 6-16. Curriculum will include all areas of the game of golf including player etiquette and safety. It will also involve instruction in the fundamental golf swing as well as putting and chipping. Friday’s session will comprise of playing in the Participant and Sponsor Scramble outing at Belmont Golf Course. Instructor: PGA Professional Bob Foster. Information: 262-4924 ext 2.

Mon-Fri, Jul 14-18, 8-10am. Belmont Golf Course
Resident: $170/Non-Resident: $190.
*Registration for Golf Camp is only accepted at Belmont Golf Course.

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Therapeutic Recreation Camps

Open to individuals with disabilities who meet minimum eligibility requirements, which include independence in toileting, feeding and dressing, behavioral issues that compromise safety, and certain medical needs. Participants are expected to function with a maximum staffing support of 1:3.

Therapeutic Recreation camps offer opportunities for peer interaction and development of social and life skills and a positive self-image through a variety of activities. Instructors will adapt projects and work with a variety of skill levels. Field trips to be announced prior to camp start date.

All TR camps meet at Maude Trevvett Elementary School. Cost is $25 per session for Henrico residents and $35 for non-residents. To complete the registration process, a Summer Camp Packet must be completed and returned by May 3. Information: 501-5135.

Messy Masterpieces
Campers will be led by the instructors in themed projects using mediums like painting, drawing, sculpture, and collage. Campers will learn and practice basic art skills such as color mixing, painting with artist paintbrushes, and drawing with pencil, marker, and pastel.

#2536 Ages 7-12. Mon-Thur, Jun 23-26, 8:30am-12:30pm
#2548 Ages 13-17. Mon-Wed, Jun 30-Jul 2, 8:30am-12:30pm

Sports of All Sorts
Campers will be led by the instructors in mini games and practice drills related to the sport of the day. Sportsmanship and learning the game will be key! Guest athletes from around the region will be on hand to assist campers with firsthand knowledge.

#2550 Ages 7-12: Mon-Thur, Jul 7-10, 8:30am-12:30pm
#2551 Ages 13-17. Mon-Thur, Jul 14-17, 8:30am-12:30pm

Swimming and rock climbing, trampoline, outings, organized recreational games, and activities, plus exploration around local parks in a safe and fun environment are all in store for your child. Enjoy plenty of activity and the opportunity to try new things, make new friends, and learn new games.

#2553 Ages 7-12. Mon-Thur, Jul 21-24, 8:30am-12:30pm
#2554 Ages 13-17. Mon-Thur, Jul 28-31, 8:30am-12:30pm

Nearby Nature
Do you have curious kids on the go? Games, hikes, live animals, nature study, crafts, friends, and fun outings are a perfect fit! The camp is structured with organized recreational games and activities plus exploration around local parks in a safe and fun environment.

#2555 Ages 7-12. Mon-Thur, Aug 4-7, 8:30am-12:30pm
#2556 Ages 13-17. Mon-Thur, Aug 11-14, 8:30am-12:30pm

Wee Wonders Preschool Camps

Henrico residents ONLY may register for one Wee Wonders Camp session per participant through May 26. Participant cannot be enrolled in one session and on a wait list for another session.  Beginning May 27, registration for both additional sessions and non-county residents will be accepted, if space is available. Camp participants must be toilet-trained and should bring a snack and drink. Information: 262-4924.

Wee Wonders Animal Discovery
Ages 3-5. Campers will have fun discovering all kinds of animals, big and small, through creative play and activities!
Mon-Fri, Jun 23-Jul 3, 9am-noon.
#2140 Eastern Henrico Rec Ctr
#2141 Dorey Rec Ctr
#2142 Deep Run Rec Ctr
#2143 Twin Hickory Rec Ctr
Resident: $27/Non-Resident: $45

Wee Wonders Camp Sense-ational!
Ages 3-5. Campers will have fun exploring their five senses! Creative activities will focus on touching, seeing, hearing, tasting, and smelling.
Mon-Fri, Jul 7-18, 9am-noon.
#2139 Twin Hickory Rec Ctr
#2594 Deep Run Rec Ctr
#2595 Eastern Henrico Rec Ctr
#2596 Dorey Rec Ctr
#2597 Belmont Rec Ctr
Resident: $30/Non-Resident: $50.

Wee Wonders Safari
Ages 3-5. Join us on this fun safari adventure for campers as we discover new animals, new sounds, and new ways to move!
Mon-Fri, Jul 21-Aug 1, 9am-noon.
#2144 Belmont Rec Ctr
#2145 Deep Run Rec Ctr
#2146 Dorey Rec Ctr
#2147 Eastern Henrico Rec Ctr
#2148 Twin Hickory Rec Ctr
Resident: $30/Non-Resident: $50.

We Wonders On the Move
Ages 4-5. Trains, boats, things with wheels and wings! They are all here to explore!

Mon-Fri, Aug 4-15, 9am-noon.
#1918 Twin Hickory Rec Ctr
#1919 Eastern Henrico Rec Ctr
#1920 Dorey Rec Ctr
#1921 Deep Run Rec Ctr
#1922 Belmont Rec Ctr
Resident: $30/Non-Resident: $50.

Wee Wonders Backyard Adventure
Ages 5-6. An adventure in our own backyard! Campers will discover and learn about the teeniest critters and the tallest trees that are around us every day.

Mon-Fri, Jun 23-Jul 3, 9am-noon
#2135 Crump Park. Resident: $27/Non-Resident: $50.

Mon-Fri, Jul 7-11, 9am-noon
#2134 Deep Run Recreation Center. Resident: $15/Non-Resident: $25.

Mon-Fri, Jul 21-Aug 1, 9am-noon
#2133 The Armour House & Gardens. Resident: $30/Non-Resident: $50.

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Special Accommodations Due to a Disability:
Families of children with disabilities that need extra assistance should call Jennifer Godfrey at 501-5135 to discuss special accommodations.Inclusion packets are available now and must be completed and returned by May 3 in order to qualify for inclusion services at a camp. This does not guarantee registration; you must also register for camp(s) beginning April 12.

If your child requires rescue medication(s) during camp hours (including an inhaler or epi-pen), check the box on the registration form and call Jennifer Godfrey (Therapeutic Recreation) at 501-5135. A medication form will be required and must be completed and signed by a parent/legal guardian and physician.