Purchasing Contacts

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: 1590 East Parham Rd.

Cecelia H. Stowe, CPPO, C.P.M., Purchasing Director,
(804) 501-5685

Janice Bartlett, Purchasing Support Specialist,
(804) 501-5681
Administrative Support

Marvis Marshall, CPPB, Supplier Relations Manager,
(804) 501-5689
Supplier Assistance with Networking, Registration and Certification

Carolyn Efford, CPPB, Procurement Supervisor,
(804) 501-5688
New construction, irrigation, buildings, additions, renovations, road water/sewer, site preparation and lighting, professional services.

Yvonne M. Daniel, CPPB, VCO, Procurement Supervisor,
(804) 501-5686
Clothing and uniforms, educational materials/publications, police equipment, medical supplies, fire equipment and supplies, furniture, printing.

Vacant,  A.P.P., CPPB, Procurement Supervisor,
(804) 501-5690
Non-professional services.

Raymond Buchton, Purchasing Officer,
(804) 501-5649
Heavy equipment, vehicles, automotive parts and supplies, fire and police apparatus and other similar miscellaneous items, plumbing, electrical and hardware supplies.

Eileen Falcone, Senior Purchasing Officer,
(804) 501-5637
Chemicals, office and school supplies, publications, non-professional services.

Paula Williams, Purchasing Officer,
(804) 501-5679
Food, Arts and Crafts, Computers, Software, Hardware and Peripherals, Paper and Plastic Products.

John Kida, CPPB, Senior Purchasing Officer,
(804) 501-5664
New Construction and building additions and alterations, professional services.

Jacque Comuzzi, Purchasing Officer,
(804) 501-5639
Lawn maintenance and supplies, janitorial, building maintenance, fuel, fencing, temp services, building materials, painting services and supplies, lumber, hardware and other related items.

Vin Kamatchi, Purchasing Officer,
(804) 501-5680
New construction and building additions and alterations.

Simuel A. Booker, Purchasing Support Specialist,
(804) 501-5692
Surplus property, administrative support.

Consuelo Layne, Office Assistant IV,
(804) 501-5691
Administrative support, update vendor information, tax exempt forms, printed copy of solicitations.