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Henrico County Television (HCTV) programming is available through Comcast’s Video On Demand service. To access HCTV programs, select the “Get Local” folder, followed by “Government,” and finally “Access Henrico.” Video On Demand allows our Comcast cable subscribers to choose which HCTV program they want to watch and when they want to watch it. Approximately 25 programs are available at one time. We change the program line-up monthly.

You may also request a DVD of an HCTV program by calling Public Relations & Media Services at 501-4257.

Haunted Henrico: Are Ghosts Dwelling in Historic County Properties?
Is it simply folklore, or is it paranormal? Imagination, or science? Most of us have heard ghost stories throughout our lives, and we love to be intrigued and even scared by the tales of mystical spirits among us. Henrico’s history goes back centuries, and many colorful characters have passed through the county leaving their legacies behind — but did they leave? Walkerton, Dabbs House and Meadow Farm are three of the county’s historic properties dating back to the early 1800s, all of them having their fair share of ghost stories and reported sightings. Join HCTV as we explore the phenomenon in Haunted Henrico: Are Ghosts Dwelling in Historic County Properties?
Notable PlacesRecreation
201723 minutes
Heart for Service, A: The Path to a Career as a Firefighter
It takes a special person to become a firefighter for Henrico County — a person with a heart for service. Henrico’s Division of Fire is an internationally accredited, full-service agency and the bar is set high for new recruits. No exceptions, no excuses, all potential firefighters must pass both physical and written tests to make it to the top tier of eligible academy recruits. Join HCTV as we learn about this multi-layered, months-long process in A Heart for Service: The Path to a Career as a Firefighter.
Henrico Departments & ServicesPublic Safety: Police Fire Sheriff
201713 minutes
Game Time! The Babe Ruth World Series at RF&P Park
When it comes to youth baseball, there is no better place to play than Henrico’s own Glen Allen Stadium at RF&P Park. Henrico has hosted the Babe Ruth 14-year-old World Series twice at Glen Allen, and families from all over the country have descended upon our county to experience the park’s amenities, as well as our hotels, restaurants, entertainment and shopping venues. Join HCTV as we revisit the Babe Ruth World Series and learn why Henrico is becoming a destination of choice for youth sports tournaments in Game Time! The Babe Ruth World Series at RF&P Park.
201714 minutes
Story of Mercer Hugh Cosby Farm, The
The Mercer Hugh Cosby Farm, located in western Henrico County, has been part of one family’s story for five generations. Significant for its ownership by one African-American family dating back to the late 1800s, Mercer Hugh Cosby built the farmhouse in the 1880s on 52-acres. Today, the Cosby farm teems with cornstalks and other crops — and it gives barely notice to the suburban development that’s sprung up nearby. Join HCTV as we learn more about this family of farmers, educators and preservationist and its notable place in Henrico’s history.
HistoryNotable Places
201720 minutes
History of New Market Road: Connecting the Past to the Future, The
New Market Road, part of the Route 5 corridor in eastern Henrico, is one of Virginia’s most historically significant roads. Native Americans, war veterans, local farmers and artisans travelled this byway during times of war and peace, creating history along the way. Join HCTV as we explore the times gone by in The History of New Market Road: Connecting the Past to the Future.
201717 minutes
Inside Henrico: Summer 2017
This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:
  • Heroin Task Force/bouncebackhc.com
  • Police Accreditation
  • Fraud Reporting Hotline
  • Energy Update/LEED Buildings
  • Restored Historic Ice Wagon
Inside Henrico
201717 minutes
Faith, Smiles and Public Service: The Story of Dr. Jacob L. Adams
Jacob L. Adams Elementary School sits along Laburnum Avenue in Henrico’s East End. Opened in 1967, the school is named for Dr. Jacob L. Adams, a former member and Chair of the Henrico School Board and a beloved dentist in the Highland Springs area. An active community member, Adams was devoted to his local church, his patients, and his family. While serving on the School Board from 1945 to 1963, Dr. Adams oversaw a period of significant growth with the addition of 30 new public schools. Join HCTV as we shed light on Jacob L. Adams’ Highland Springs legacy.
201716 minutes
Made in Henrico: A Look Inside the County's Manufacturing Sector
When you think of Coca-Cola, Chap Stick, Oreos and Chips Ahoy, you think big manufacturing, made in the USA. But, do you think, "Made in Henrico?" They are, along with many other familiar products. Henrico-based manufacturers make many products that touch our daily lives in ways we may not realize. Join HCTV for a special behind-the-scenes glimpse into the realities of modern manufacturing right in our own backyard.
Henrico Departments & Services
201717 minutes
Hidden History: The Story of East End Cemetery
On the brightest of days, sunlight finds a way to cut through the canopies of mature trees at East End Cemetery in Henrico County. Don't be misled by the heavy undergrowth and tangles of vines — this is sacred ground, the final resting place for thousands of African-Americans from the turn of the 20th century. Join HCTV as we gain insight into the cemetery's rich cultural history, and learn how the land is slowly being reclaimed by volunteers determined to uncover East End's secrets.
Community & Social IssuesHistoryNotable Places
201721 minutes
Early Intervention in Action: The Henrico Parent Infant Program
Most children reach developmental milestones around the same age, though some children require additional support to reach these goals. Henrico's Parent Infant Program works with children who are in need of support services from birth to age three. Join HCTV as we see early intervention in action and how children can thrive with these specialized support services.
Community & Social IssuesHenrico Departments & ServicesNature & Science
201720 minutes