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A Henrico Holiday

(Running time: 16 minutes)

Celebrate the holidays with HCTV as we explore the sights and sounds of the season right here in Henrico. Join us on the James River to see the spectacular Parade of Lights. Travel back to a simpler time with the “Holiday Song & Dance Movie Night” at the Henrico Theatre, and visit some of the most decked out, decorated homes around. Embrace all the splendor of the season in A Henrico Holiday.

Ringing the Bell: Police and Fire Chaplains of Henrico County

(Running time: 17 minutes)

Police and Fire chaplains are volunteer ministers who provide pastoral care and spiritual support to the first responders and residents of Henrico County. Whether it’s helping officers deal with stress on the job, or helping someone from the community through a difficult time, their compassion and gentle care can be invaluable during a crisis.

Giving Thanks: The History and Origins of Thanksgiving
Giving_Thanks_Thanksgiving Traditions_DVD_Cover

(Running time: 22 minutes)

Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the country. When we gather around the table to share a meal with family and friends, do we ever think about how the holiday began? Traditions dating back hundreds of years are still honored today, from turkey and stuffing to parades and football. Join HCTV as we explore the origins of one of America’s most cherished holidays.

Inside Henrico: Fall 2015 Edition [Retired from broadcast] (Running time: 21 minutes) 

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

Inside Henrico_Fall_15_DVD_Jacket
  • Fire ISO Rating
  • Residential Sprinklers
  • DEQ Stormwater Regulations
  • Move Over Law
  • Old Dominion Barn Dance

Connecting Communities: The Bridges of Henrico

(Running time: 16 minutes)

The Huguenot, Willey, Varina-Enon and Pocahontas Parkway bridges keep our communities connected, spur commerce and growth, and serve as icons or symbols of the county. These four modern marvels of engineering science serve as gateways to Henrico, and are vital to the 21st century transportation network that moves the county and the region.

A New Beginning: Inside Henrico Drug Court

(Running time: 19 minutes)

Henrico County Drug Court is a structured, four-phase program designed to reduce crime and recidivism among substance abuse offenders. Drug Court works to intervene and rehabilitate participants so they can live clean and sober lives. Join HCTV as we delve inside Drug Court, meet the people who make it work and watch the addicts strive to succeed.

Water, Clean and Clear: Henrico’s Water Treatment Facility

(Running time: 17 minutes)

A safe water supply is vital to our community. Henrico’s Water Treatment Facility is committed to supplying our residents with the safest, cleanest water in the region. Join HCTV as we follow the process from the raw product extracted from the James River, to the refined, crystal clear water delivered to Henrico homes and businesses in Water, Clean and Clear: Henrico’s Water Treatment Facility.

Taking Out the Trash: Henrico County’s Solid Waste Division

(Running time: 14 minutes)

Trash. We all have it, but where does it go after we take it to the curb? Who picks it up and how do they do it day after day, rain or shine? Join HCTV as we ride along with the Henrico Solid Waste Division, and you’ll quickly see there’s far more to it than simply emptying your supercan into a big truck.

The First Pitch: History of the Tuckahoe Little League

(Running time: 18 minutes)


In the late 1950s baseball became America’s favorite pastime, and it was every young boy’s dream to play the game. For the kids in Henrico, there was no organized league that would allow them to play —until a group of fathers joined forces to form the Tuckahoe Little League. Through the years, the league has prospered and multiple generations of boys and girls have experienced baseball and softball on first-class fields. The tradition continues today, and HCTV takes you back to those glory years in The First Pitch: History of the Tuckahoe Little League.

Inside Henrico: Summer 2015 [Retired from broadcast]

(Running time: 19 minutes)

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

Inside Henrico_Summer_15_DVD_Jacket
  • MC-JROTC Cadet Leadership Camp
  • Blood Plasma Clinical Trial
  • Cobbs Creek Reservoir Project
  • 2015 Bike Races
  • New Voting Machines

An Evolution of Excellence: Henrico County Police Division [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 18 minutes)


Honor. Professionalism. Commitment. Compassion. Accountability. These core values guide the men and women of the Henrico County Police Division as they serve and protect the community. The division has changed dramatically over the years, growing and evolving with law enforcement’s best practices. Watch as the division has morphed into an internationally accredited, modern day force in An Evolution of Excellence: Henrico County Police Division.

Paving Ahead: Building & Maintaining Roads in Henrico County

(Running time: 14 minutes)


Henrico’s Public Works Department maintains more than 3,400 lane miles of roadways, typically resurfacing or repaving about 150 miles of roads each year. Because our crews survey the roads year round and prioritize paving work, our residents enjoy the ability to drive throughout the county on safe, well-maintained roadways. Join us as HCTV explores how the process works and what’s involved in Paving Ahead: Building & Maintaining Roads in Henrico County.

Under the Hood: A Look Inside Central Automotive Maintenance

(Running time: 16 minutes)


Henrico County operates in a state of constant motion. Police, Fire, Public Works, Schools and other agencies all depend on their own fleet of vehicles to get the job done. But behind each police cruiser, fire engine, snow plow and school bus is a team of expert automotive technicians. Join HCTV as we learn how the Central Automotive Maintenance team keeps the county rolling.

Newspapers, Apples and Politics: The Harry F. Byrd Story [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 27 minutes)

Harry_ F_Byrd_DVD_Jacket

A Virginia State Senator, the Governor of Virginia, and a 32-year run as a United States Senator representing Virginia, Harry Flood Byrd made an indelible mark on Virginia history. His legacy remains and his name is bestowed on roads throughout Virginia, on the trails of the Shenandoah National Park, on the Harry F. Byrd Memorial Bridge on the Blue Ridge Parkway, on the grounds of the Virginia State Capitol, and in the hallways of Henrico’s Byrd Middle School. Learn more about his life and often-controversial politics in HCTV’s Newspapers, Apples and Politics: The Harry F. Byrd Story.

A Unified Plan: Behind the Scenes with Police and Fire at Richmond International Raceway

(Running time: 20 minutes)


Each spring and fall, the largest spectator sporting event in Virginia takes place right here in Henrico County, at Richmond International Raceway. NASCAR draws enormous crowds, and with an event this big you can bet many months of planning goes on behind the scenes. Learn how Henrico’s public safety agencies work closely with RIR staff to ensure a safe, healthy, fan-friendly experience every time in A Unified Plan: Behind the Scenes with Police and Fire at Richmond International Raceway.

On Board with the Henrico Marine Patrol

(Running time: 18 minutes)


The James River has been a waterway for commercial vessels for centuries. Through the years, recreational activity on the river has increased in popularity and it’s not uncommon to see anglers, skiers, canoers and kayakers year round. Henrico’s Police and Fire Marine Patrol Units watch over the James ensuring public safety on the water just as they do on dry land. Join HCTV for an immersive look into the mission, tools and training of the men and women who patrol the river in On Board with the Henrico Marine Patrol.

Gaining New Territory: Gang Awareness in Henrico

(Running time: 14 minutes)


Gangs are no longer a metropolitan or inner-city problem as they gain new territory in suburban communities — they cross racial, ethnic, socio-economic and geographical boundaries. Henrico’s Gang Investigative Team is committed to preventing, intervening and suppressing gang activity in our county. Join HCTV as we learn how Henrico County Police are actively identifying gang activity in Gaining New Territory: Gang Awareness in Henrico.

Energy Wise: The Henrico County Energy Management System [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 13 minutes)


Since implementing Henrico’s Energy Management program more than 10 years ago, the county has saved more than two million dollars each year on energy costs. From designing and building LEED certified facilities, to using more energy efficient light bulbs, Henrico’s efforts are promoting environmental friendliness and saving our taxpayer’s dollars.

A Safe Place to Learn: Henrico’s School Resource Officers

(Running time: 14 minutes)


Henrico County is committed to providing its public schools with a safe learning environment. That’s why specially trained police officers are assigned to work in each elementary, middle and high school. These school resource officers partner with school security officers, administrators and teachers, but they do far more than maintain order. Join HCTV as we talk to the officers and learn how they mentor, guide and protect Henrico’s students.

Inside Henrico: Spring 2015 Edition [Retired from broadcast]

(Running time: 17 minutes)

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

Inside Henrico_Spring_15_DVD_Jacket
  • Spring Yard Preparations/Growing Season
  • Rain Barrels
  • Shane Road Recycling Center
  • New Library Web Cams
  • Spouses of Veterans KIA Real Estate Tax Exemption

Pride and Precision: The Honor Guards of Henrico County

(Running time: 15 minutes)


With polish and precision, the honor guards of Henrico County lead by quiet example and command respect for the flags of our nation, state and county. They also help honor the men and women who serve and sacrifice for us all. The Police and Fire divisions and the Sheriff’s Office each has its own ceremonial unit. They continue a proud military tradition that dates to 1784 and the end of the American Revolution.

When You Need to Know: Behind the Scenes of Public Relations & Media Services [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 23 minutes)


These days we can all feel bombarded with information overload, but Henrico’s Public Relations & Media Services Department strives to cut through the clutter. Our goal is simple: to inform, engage, educate — and yes, even entertain — the residents of Henrico County. Through HCTV, the county’s website, social and traditional media, the PR&MS team stands at the ready to get information out to our residents quickly.

Cashell Donahoe: A Gentleman and a Scholar

(Running time: 18 minutes)


Cashell Donahoe left an indelible mark on Henrico County, having served as assistant superintendent of schools from 1956 until 1974. But Donahoe was more than a teacher and an administrator. He was a mountain of a man, with an abiding faith, a commitment to others and a thirst for knowledge. Join HCTV as we examine the life of Cashell Donahoe: A Gentleman and a Scholar.


Without Warning: How Henrico Responds to Water Main Breaks

(Running time: 13 minutes)


It can happen at any time, anywhere, without notice. A water main can suddenly burst, disrupting service and causing roads to buckle and crumble. Are they happening more often lately? Truthfully, no. Water main breaks are simply a reality for communities as they grow and mature, and based on its size, Henrico has fewer than half as many breaks as the national average. Join HCTV as we learn how our crews respond to water main breaks 24-7, 365 days a year.

Inside Henrico: Winter 2015 Edition [Retired from broadcast]

(Running time: 18 minutes)

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

Inside Henrico_Winter_15_DVD_Jacket
  • Police Body Cameras
  • New Fire Apparatus Station 13
  • Potholes
  • Adult Fitness Classes
  • Tax Assistance for Eligible Residents

Health Care for the Common Good: Henrico County’s Health Department

(Running time: 21 minutes)


Through its divisions of clinical, environmental, emergency preparedness and epidemiology, the Henrico County Health Department is committed to the public health and well-being of our residents. From providing health care to refugees and expectant mothers, to ensuring proper operations of private wells, county restaurants and hotels, our health department staff is vigilant in their quest for the common good.

Edward A. Beck: Manager, Leader, Visionary

(Running time: 23 minutes)


Edward A. Beck, Henrico’s fourth county manager, led Henrico for a quarter of a century during times of significant growth. Beck drew upon his unique skills as a civil engineer to guide the county through a period of transition following World War II. His vision resulted in the vastly different, modernized Henrico that we know today. Join HCTV as we explore Beck’s life, his leadership style and the legacy he left behind.

A Piece of Our Past: The Old Henrico County Courthouse and Jail

(Running time: 32 minutes)


Long before Henrico’s modern administration and courts complex was built on Parham Road, the center of county government was nestled on a little island in the City of Richmond. Join HCTV as we chronicle more than two and a half centuries since the first Henrico courthouse was built at 22nd and Main, the controversy surrounding the ownership of the property, the gradual relocation of county operations and the ultimate fate of the Victorian marvel that still rests there today.

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