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A Henrico Holiday [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 20 minutes)


Come celebrate the holidays with HCTV as we explore the sights and sounds of the season right here in Henrico. Travel with us back to 1860 when modest ornaments garnished the hallways at Meadow Farm. Learn how America adapted decking the halls during the Great Depression at the Clarke-Palmore House. Have a seat at the Henrico Theatre for the “Holiday Spectacular” and drift along with us down the James River to see the sparkling Parade of Lights. And of course, illuminate your spirit with thousands of colorful lights, animated Santas and shining stars adorning the rooftops of Henrico’s own larger-than-life homes, all right here in A Henrico Holiday.

People In Crisis: Henrico Area Mental Health Crisis Center

(Running time: 21 minutes)


Every year in Henrico County more than 30,000 calls are made to the Henrico Area Mental Health Crisis Hotline. Under the emergency services program, this hotline is available for anyone in the county experiencing acute mental stress. Whether callers feelsuicidal, are experiencing panic attacks, or are feeling overwhelming depression, the crisis clinicians are there to help. Join HCTV as we hear stories from the professionals who staff this hotline, as well as those who have benefited from the service. If you or someone you love is experiencing significant mental stress and are unable to handle it alone, the crisis line (727-8484) is always there 24 hours a day.

The Story of Maude F. Trevvett: A Lifetime of Teaching

(Running time: 21 minutes)


Maude F. Trevvett was a primary teacher in Henrico County Public Schools for 46 years. At age nine she and her family emigrated from Leicester, England and settled in the village of Glen Allen. Trevvett began her teaching career in 1892 at Yellow Tavern School, followed by Laurel, and eventually Glen Allen School. She taught as many as three generations of Henrico students and left a permanent mark on the Glen Allen area. In 1958, Henrico officials acknowledged her dedication to Henrico by naming a new school in the Brookland district “Maude Trevvett Elementary School.”

Too Smart 2 Start [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 19 minutes)

Too Smart 2 Start_DVD_Jacket

The Henrico Too Smart 2 Start Coalition promotes the health and wellness of Henrico County’s young people. Join HCTV as we explore how the Too Smart 2 Start Coalition empowers the community to reduce at-risk behaviors through education and advocacy. The Too Smart 2 Start Youth Ambassadors have a direct impact in our county by demonstrating to their peers how education and awareness are the keys to a successful life.

Breaking Through: The Women of Henrico Police [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 23 minutes)


Police work was once considered a man’s domain, but since 1965 Henrico has led the way in hiring women as police officers. Henrico’s first female police officer broke through the barrier more than a decade before Virginia’s State Police included women in their ranks. Join HCTV as we talk with some of Henrico’s women on the force — past and present –and hear their stories.

Between The Lines: How Reconstruction Redrew The Map Of Henrico

(Running time: 22 minutes)


You may know which magisterial district you live in, but do you know how that district came to be, or why its boundaries are where they are? The reasons are far more interesting and complex than you may think. Our districts and our Board of Supervisors structure of governance can trace their roots back to the turbulent years following the Civil War, known as the Reconstruction Period, and have been evolving with the times ever since.

Inside Henrico: Fall 2012 [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 18 minutes)

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

  • Flu Season
  • New Police Logo/Vehicles
  • Ignition Interlock Law
  • Fire Station 3
  • Meadow Farm Mules

Never Forget VI: Andrea Michelle Taylor Cold Case

(Running time: 25 minutes)


On Saturday, July 25th, 1998, Andrea Taylor was stabbed to death in Henrico County and her killer is still at large today. Join HCTV as we follow the police cold case unit’s reinvestigation of this horrible crime and learn how it may soon be solved. With new technology available and the possibility of new witnesses coming forward, Henrico police are actively pursuing justice for the person responsible.

Standing Tall: Native Trees of Henrico

(Running time: 25 minutes)


From majestic oaks to loblolly pines, the native trees of Henrico not only enhance the natural beauty of the county and provide a habitat for animals, they play a vital part in the ecology of our environment. Join HCTV as we learn about the variety of native trees in our area and the role they play in the cycle of life.

Role of the Magistrate, The [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 16 minutes)


A magistrate is often the first contact a person has with the judicial system in Virginia. Many of the duties now performed by magistrates were once carried out by a Justice of the Peace. The standards and required qualifications to become a magistrate are now much more stringent than in the past, requiring a bachelor’s degree and even a law degree for a chief magistrate. In this program, HCTV talks with Henrico’s chief magistrate to learn more about the duties and authority of magistrates in Virginia.

Inside Henrico: Summer 2012 [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 19 minutes)

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

  • Public Utilities Water Line Flushing Program
  • S.A.L.T. (Seniors & Law Enforcement Together)
  • Police Marine Unit
  • Laurel Skateboard Park
  • Bark in the Park

You Are Not Alone: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness

(Running time: 27 minutes)


We’ve all known someone with mental health challenges, whether it be a family member, coworker, friend or have had struggles ourselves. Until recently, “recovery” was seldom uttered in the same sentence with “mental illness,” but times are changing. We’ve come a long way from the mental institutions and sanitariums of a generation ago, but the shackles of stigma still remain. In 2011, Henrico Area Mental Health and Developmental Services launched an innovative campaign to combat the stigma of mental illness and granted HCTV full access to the process.

Crystal Clear: Henrico County Water Reclamation Facility

(Running time: 21 minutes)

Crystal_Clear_DVD _Cover2

Each time we do a load of laundry, take a shower, flush the toilet or wash our hands, we produce wastewater that seems to magically disappear through unseen pipes. In fact, in Henrico County, we produce more than 42 million gallons of wastewater every day. This wastewater must be cleaned, treated and prepared before reentering our environment through the James River. Join HCTV as we tour the high tech (if sometimes smelly) Water Reclamation Facility where this fascinating process takes place. From the natural use of nutrient eating organisms to the multi-step treatment process, Henrico’s Water Reclamation Facility makes sure the water returned to the James is crystal clear.

On the Green: Belmont Golf Course

(Running time: 25 minutes)


Henrico County’s Belmont Golf Course was first established in 1917 as Hermitage Country Club on Hilliard Road. The golf course hosted such prestigious events as the Valentine Invitational, The Richmond Open, and the 1949 PGA Championship. Henrico purchased the property in 1977 and named the golf course Belmont. The 18-hole course is open to the public, and is one of the area’s finest recreational venues. Join HCTV as we meet the golfers and explore the history, fun and challenges of the course in “On the Green: Belmont Golf Course.”

Therapeutic Recreation in Henrico County

(Running time: 23 minutes)


Therapeutic Recreation in Henrico County provides the opportunity for residents with physical and intellectual disabilities to participate in activities that benefit them socially, emotionally and physically. Join HCTV as we highlight programs including arts and crafts, sports, games, dance and drama offered by Henrico Recreation and Parks. Learn from recreation therapists, coaches, participants and parents as they describe the importance of these activities and how our disabled community benefits from these innovative programs.

Safe and Sound: Henrico’s Security Services  [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 15 minutes)


Henrico Security Services is a twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week operation, ensuring the safety of visitors to our county. A security officer is often the first person a visitor encounters when entering a county building. From giving directions to patrolling and monitoring all county properties day and night, Henrico security officers are well trained to provide excellent customer service. They are proficient in the use of firearms and other devices, as well as de-escalation techniques for public safety. Whenever you have the need to visit a Henrico County facility, rest assured you are safe and sound, and our Security Officers are there to help.

Never Forget V: William Winston and Judson Calvin Homicides

(Running time: 19 minutes)


Two cousins murdered a year apart. Two lives cut short. Both were discovered by motorists along desolate roads in the county’s east end, shot multiple times. They ran with a rough crowd, and paid the ultimate price. Even though the murders occurred more than two decades ago, someone knows who killed these young men. With the public’s help and advances in forensic technology, Henrico Police may soon know as well. Never Forget.

Inside Henrico: Spring 2012 [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 20 minutes)

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

  • Flashing Yellow Arrow
  • John Rolfe Parkway Opening
  • Time for Lawn and Garden
  • Dabbs House Civil Defense
  • 23rd Annual 5K Run at Innsbrook

For the Record: Henrico’s Circuit Court Clerk’s Office [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 21 minutes)


The Henrico Circuit Courts Clerk’s Office serves the community in countless ways, including access to public records and assistance with matters related to both civil and criminal cases held in Henrico Circuit Court. The Clerk’s Record Room houses millions of documents. These public records date back to the early years of Henrico County and preserve the history of our community.

Central Virginia Biographies
Mother Maybelle and The Carter Sisters: The Henrico Years

(Running time: 29 minutes)


The lilting music of the Carter family sprang from the hills of Southwest Virginia, but it flowered in Henrico County. For about six years during the 1940s, Maybelle Carter and her young daughters – Helen, June and Anita – set roots in Central Virginia. In 1946, they saw their popularity explode when they landed a spot with Richmond’s biggest station – WRVA – and its premier stage for hillbilly fun. The family moved to Henrico in 1947, buying a two-story home on what used to be Mountain Road. Join HCTV as we talk to former friends, classmates and fans to learn about Mother Maybelle and the Carter Sisters during their Henrico years.

The Clarke-Palmore House [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 16 minutes)


Originally built in 1819, The Clarke-Palmore House has undergone significant upgrades and modifications through the years to accommodate the changing needs of its residents. Vera Clarke Palmore Morton, the last resident of the house, donated the property to Henrico County for educational use. The Clarke-Palmore House is included on the National Register of Historic Places and was occupied by members of the same family for more than 140 years. Join HCTV as we document the evolution of the house and surrounding buildings through the decades.

Make It Happen: What It Takes to Become a Henrico County Firefighter

(Running time: 52 minutes)


Henrico’s firefighters specialize in bringing chaos under control in emergencysituations — that’s what they’re trained to do. Be it fire, emergency medical service, hazardous materials spills or retrieving the cat from the tree, Henrico firefighters respond in the fast, efficient and cool-headed manner that we have come to expect. But becoming a firefighter is not for the faint of heart, or mind. Henrico’s Fire Training Section chooses only a select few applicants who must then endure a grueling 23 weeks of intense training. HCTV embedded with Recruit Academy 61 for the entire process capturing all of the intensity, drama, and danger — taking you where few have been.

Inside Henrico: Winter 2012 Edition [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 18 minutes)

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

  • Robert E. Lee Letter at Dabbs House
  • Quick Response Codes
  • CVWMA New Recycling Campaign
  • Tool Shed Larceny
  • Fire Extinguishers

Virginia: The Mother of Presidents

(Running time: 41 minutes)


Virginia is known as the Mother of Presidents for good reason: more United States presidents hail from this great state than any other. Virginia has produced eight U.S. presidents, including Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Harrison, Tyler, Taylor and Wilson. Each played a vital role in the formation of our country and our democratic form of government. These insightful and experienced leaders guided our country through times of war and peace, and helped shape the United States of America.

Adoption Celebrations: A Moment in Time

(Running time: 25 minutes)


The birth of a child is the best day in a parent’s life. The Henrico County Circuit Court gives adoptive parents the opportunity to feel the same happiness with an Adoption Celebration. Join HCTV as we talk to several families about the joy of their Adoption Celebration — a moment in time that they will never forget.

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