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A Henrico Holiday [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 16 minutes)

Celebrate the holidays with HCTV as we explore the sights and sounds of the season right here in Henrico. Join us on the shore of the James River to see the spectacular Parade of Lights. Travel back to a simpler time with the “Holiday Song & Dance Movie Night” at the Henrico Theatre. We’ll take you from candle-lit Christmas carols at Meadow Farm to some of the most decked out, decorated homes around. Embrace all the splendor of the season in A Henrico Holiday.

Living with Dignity: Henrico Adult Protective Services

(Running time: 23 minutes)

The Henrico Social Services Department has many resources that can help adults who may be the victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation. Adult Protective Services are provided to elderly, infirmed and disabled adults. Join HCTV as we highlight the needs of our seniors in this exploration of Adult Protective Services.

H2O Henrico: From the River to Your Home [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 20 minutes)

Quality drinking water doesn’t just happen; it involves science, time, and the dedication of Henrico’s Water Treatment Facility staff. After years of planning and debating through the so-called “water wars” with the city of Richmond, Henrico County opened its own water treatment plant in 2004. Take a tour with HCTV and see how this fascinating facility uses sophisticated techniques and technology to treat and distribute your drinking water from the James River to your home.


Inside Henrico: Fall 2009 [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 18 minutes)

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

  • Address Change Update: Are We Getting Extra Money?
  • Police’s CASE (Crime Analysis & Strategic Evaluation) Room
  • Rotten Eggs: The Smell of Natural Gas
  • Building Inspection’s Fats, Oils & Grease Inspection Program
  • 2010 Census


A Complicated Condition: Stories of Muscular Dystrophy [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 30 minutes)

Muscular Dystrophy is a complicated condition which can affect not only muscle strength, but nerves, digestion and cognition as well. In this program, HCTV explores the many distinct varieties of Muscular Dystrophy, and how several families are dealing with the special challenges of this complex disease.


Welcome to Meadow Farm Museum

(Running time: 10 minutes)

The history of the rolling fields and grassy pastures of Meadow Farm is a story of land and people. It stretches over seven generations of the Sheppard family, tracing back to Virginia’s earliest days and beyond. Land that was once inhabited by the Monacan Indians has been host to a thriving agricultural farm, an unsuccessful slave revolt by Gabriel Prosser, the doorstep to a 13 mile long Union march to the battle of Yellow Tavern, and eventually a generous gift by the Crump family as a historical museum and park to the residents of Henrico County.

The Fourth Estate: The Story of the Richmond Times-Dispatch [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 34 minutes)

In 1850 the first edition of The Daily Dispatch was printed providing Richmonders with headline news for a mere penny. More than 150 years and four generations of family publishing later, the Richmond Times-Dispatch continues to roll off the presses 365 days a year. Technology may have changed the way newspapers are printed, but providing local news to central Virginia remains at the heart of this revered local treasure. Join HCTV as we tell the story of “The Fourth Estate.”


Central Virginia Biography
Virginia Estelle Randolph: Pioneer Educator

(Running time: 29 minutes)

Virginia Estelle Randolph was a pioneer educator in Henrico County during the 19th and 20th centuries. Her innovative ideas and vocational curriculum termed “The Henrico Plan” was adopted throughout the south and internationally. Randolph made remarkable strides in African-American education during an unsettled time in our history. Join HCTV as we look inside the life of Virginia Estelle Randolph, and learn how her legacy lives on today.

A-Shift: Station 12 — 24 Hours with Henrico Fire [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 31 minutes)

Ever wonder what it’s really like to be a firefighter? It’s not all guts and glory; there are plenty of chores on top of the emergency response. HCTV takes you inside the often misunderstood reality of first responders. You’ll experience a 24-hour shift at Station 12: a “typical” day in the life of Henrico’s firefighters.


Learning to Hear [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 15 minutes)

A little more than a decade ago, children who were born deaf were destined to live in a world of silence. Today, thanks to advanced technology, early infant screenings and Henrico’s therapeutic programs, children with hearing disabilities can integrate into school and society as normally functioning, listening and speaking children. Join HCTV as we talk to the parents and professionals whose diligent work helps children born with hearing loss interpret the world of sound that surrounds them.


Inside Henrico: Summer 2009 [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 21 minutes)

This edition of Inside Henrico feature packages include:

  • How to Make a Rain Barrel
  • Asian Tiger Mosquitoes
  • Big Trees
  • Child Car Safety Seats
  • Belmont Golf Course


Henrico’s View of the James River and Kanawha Canal

(Running time: 21 minutes)

The mighty James flows through Henrico County like a great provider of wealth and opportunity. Early settlers in the new world saw that shipping goods and services along its waterways would be beneficial. This is a story of triumph and tragedies as we look at historic Henrico experiences along the James River and Kanawha Canal.

City Limits: Henrico Escapes Richmond’s Attempts to Merge and Annex

(Running time: 19 minutes)

When Henrico County’s population began to explode in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the City of Richmond attempted to acquire the county through a merger or “consolidation.” Henrico’s citizens flatly voted against the takeover attempt. Undeterred, the city then filed for a 142-square-mile annexation of the county–an astonishing 60 percent of the county’s land mass–in a courtroom battle that lasted several years. Learn how narrowly escaping these bold attempts has defined and shaped the present and future of Henrico, in City Limits.

Wasted Youth: Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 32 minutes)

Teen alcohol and drug abuse not only affects the substance abuser, it impacts the user’s family, friends and our community. For many parents, learning about their son’s or daughter’s struggle with drug abuse is a catastrophic revelation. HCTV searches for answers about why teens begin using, what they are using and how those drugs are affecting the teen physically, socially and mentally. Join us as we search for answers to quell the devastating problem of teen alcohol and drug abuse.


Greetings from Lakeside: Past, Present and Future [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 33 minutes)

Often described as a little slice of Mayberry, Lakeside is a community with a distinct character, where there are plenty of reminders of “the good old days.” Take a walk down memory lane with HCTV to find out what makes Lakeside so unique, and learn about the forces behind the revitalization of one of the county’s first suburbs and business corridors.


Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 33 minutes)

The spinal cord is a delicate structure that allows the brain to communicate with the body. When that communication is interrupted by a spinal cord injury, the body is no longer able to function normally below the level of the injury. In this program, we learn about the devastating and life-altering effects of spinal cord injuries, and we meet people who have come through this trauma to lead fulfilling and successful lives.


Spruce it Up! Landscape Gardening Made Easy [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 31 minutes)

Sprucing up your landscape can be as simple as knowing what you want and getting the right advice to make it happen. This do-it-yourself program will help you choose the right plants, know when, where, and how to plant them, and how to keep them healthy for many years to come. So get your green thumbs ready and Spruce it Up!


Never Forget III: Schantz-Ripka Cold Case

(Running time: 29 minutes)

On February 11, 1998 Allen Ripka and Shelly Schantz were brutally murdered in their western Henrico home. Henrico investigators had never seen a crime scene that lacked such vital forensic evidence, and after following every plausible lead, the crime remains unsolved. Henrico Police have not forgotten this double homicide, but they need the community’s help to bring closure to two families and a murderer to justice.

Inside Henrico: 2009 Spring Edition [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 17 minutes)

This edition of Magazine 17 feature packages include:

  • Streaming Board Meetings
  • SWAM Business Fair
  • Police 75th Anniversary
  • Pet Oxygen Masks
  • RIR Economic Impact

Weathering the Economic Storm: How to Prepare for and Survive a Layoff  [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 28 minutes)

As unemployment rates rise, stocks fall, businesses fail and people struggle to make ends meet, there are still ways to make it through these turbulent times. Join HCTV as we highlight programs and resources available right here in Henrico County in “Weathering the Economic Storm: How to Prepare for and Survive a Layoff.”

Foundations in Time II: More of Henrico’s Architectural Treasures [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 32 minutes)

In this second edition of Foundations in Time: Henrico’s Architectural Treasures, HCTV visits two very different houses, from very different eras. The early 20th century Mankin Mansion showcases the talents of brickmaker E.T. Mankin, and the Druin-Horner House is a rare survivor from 18th century Henrico. Both are included on the National Register of Historic Places and are recipients of the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee’s Award of Merit for restoration. HCTV explores how the intricate story of our county’s past can be told through historic buildings.


Battles with Parkinson’s Disease [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 31 minutes)

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological condition that causes problems with muscular movement and many other systems in the body. In this program, HCTV talks with local people who deal with Parkinson’s every day. Find out how they cope and what options are available locally in “Battles with Parkinson’s Disease.”

Taking Flight: Stories of Modern Virginia Aviation [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 51 minutes)

Evolution of flight has taken more than a century. Throughout the years, many of the discoveries made that have shaped the industry have come from one small corner of the world. From streamlining the early warbirds of World War II, to improving the capabilities of today’s supersonic stealth fighters, the story of modern aviation cannot be told without the pilots, researchers and enthusiasts right here in Virginia. Join HCTV as we lead you through aircraft innovation in Taking Flight: Stories of Modern Virginia Aviation.

Chronicles of the 49th: The Henrico County Police Academy [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 45 minutes)

Henrico police officers serve through honor, professionalism, commitment, compassion, and accountability. The privilege of becoming one of Henrico’s finest first requires the completion of a long journey through the challenging police academy. HCTV takes you day-by-day through the entire 49th Police Academy, capturing the grueling training a recruit must endure to reach the goal of graduation. Police recruits relive their most exciting and demanding experiences in “Chronicles of the 49th: The Henrico County Police Academy.”


Central Virginia Biography
Dr. John Mosby Sheppard of Meadow Farm 1817-1877

(Running time: 31 minutes)

Dr. John Mosby Sheppard of Meadow Farm was a country doctor and farmer during the 19th century–a very tumultuous time in Henrico County. Join HCTV as we shed light on Dr. Sheppard, take a glimpse into his medical practice, economic status and the Sheppard family’s life during the mid-1800s.

Best of Magazine 17: Winter 2009 [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 24 minutes)

This edition of Magazine 17 feature packages include:

  • New Animal Shelter
  • Fire Escape Plan
  • Motorcycle Police
  • Flood Marker of 1771
  • Diabetes Control

No Stone Unturned: Cemetery Identification in Henrico County [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 16 minutes)

Missing pieces of Henrico’s history might be hiding in your own backyard. Since 2003, an effort has been underway to locate, document, and preserve the county’s neglected and forgotten cemeteries. The Cemetery Identification Project is a collaborative effort between the Henrico County Division of Recreation and Parks and the Henrico Historical Society. The initiative combines fieldwork, high-tech mapping, and database organization of the gathered research. HCTV takes you inside the effort to ensure that those who are gone are not forgotten.

The Permit Center [Retired from Broadcast]

(Running time: 15 minutes)

Henrico’s Permit Center is a one-stop shop designed to save you time and reduce the frustration often associated with obtaining permits for construction projects. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a first-time do-it-yourself builder, The Permit Center is there to help you overcome problems and expedite your project.



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