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4H_DVDJacket4-H: Making the Best Better [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 26 minutes)  — What do kids, animals and agriculture have in common? HCTV goes rural in this look at how 4-H projects engage today’s young people.


Station_12_DVD_JacketA-Shift: Station 12 — 24 Hours with Henrico Fire [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 31 minutes) — Ever wonder what it’s really like to be a firefighter? It’s not all guts and glory; there are plenty of chores on top of the emergency response. HCTV takes you inside the often misunderstood reality of first responders. You’ll experience a 24-hour shift at Station 12: a “typical” day in the life of Henrico’s firefighters.


A_Unified_Plan_RIR_DVD_CoverA Unified Plan: Behind the Scenes with Police and Fire at Richmond International Raceway (Running time: 20 minutes) — Each spring and fall, the largest spectator sporting event in Virginia takes place right here in Henrico County, at Richmond International Raceway. NASCAR draws enormous crowds, and with an event this big you can bet many months of planning goes on behind the scenes. Learn how Henrico’s public safety agencies work closely with RIR staff to ensure a safe, healthy, fan-friendly experience every time in A Unified Plan: Behind the Scenes with Police and Fire at Richmond International Raceway.

According to Plan DVD_CoverAccording to Plan: New Home Inspections in Henrico County (Running time: 25 minutes) — Despite the gloomy news about the housing market, new homes are still being built in Henrico County. Henrico’s team of building inspectors make more than thirty visits to each new house to make sure that projects go according to plan. Join HCTV as we get an insider’s look at how thorough our inspectors are and how we’re all better off for having these building code enforcers.

Adoption-Celebrations-DVD_JacketAdoption Celebrations: A Moment in Time (Running time: 25 minutes) — The birth of a child is the best day in a parent’s life. The Henrico County Circuit Court gives adoptive parents the opportunity to feel the same happiness with an Adoption Celebration. Join HCTV as we talk to several families about the joy of their Adoption Celebration — a moment in time that they will never forget.

DVD jacket cover featuring vintage photos of Henrico Police working in uniform and a detective in a suitAn Evolution of Excellence: Henrico County Police Division [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 18 minutes) — Honor. Professionalism. Commitment. Compassion. Accountability. These core values guide the men and women of the Henrico County Police Division as they serve and protect the community. The division has changed dramatically over the years, growing and evolving with law enforcement’s best practices. Watch as the division has morphed into an internationally accredited, modern day force in An Evolution of Excellence: Henrico County Police Division.


Art_Within_DVD_coverArt Within, The: The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 18 minutes) — The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, Henrico’s premiere art, theater and dance venue, dates back to 1911. Formerly the Glen Allen School, this magnificent building was transformed in 1999 to offer a variety of art classes, showings, galleries and performances. Join HCTV as we explore all that the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen has to offer, and find “The Art Within.

At_Your_Leisure_JacketAt Your Leisure: What’s New in Henrico’s Parks? [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 26 minutes) — With an ever expanding range of recreational opportunities, Henrico’s Division of Recreation and Parks truly has something for everyone. Join us as we take a look at some of the new and upcoming attractions across the county.


At_Your_Leisure_DVD_jacketAt Your Leisure: What’s New in Rec and Parks Programming? [Retired from Broadcast] — (Running time: 27 minutes) This new edition of “At Your Leisure” samples more of Henrico’s vast recreational offerings. Join HCTV as we drop in on a baby sign language class, a benefit event for the Henrico Humane Society, a belly dancing class, a Frank Sinatra tribute concert, and a sunset canoe paddling expedition.

BadgeofProtection_DVD_JacketBadge of Protection: The Henrico Sheriff’s Office [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 26 minutes) — The Henrico Sheriff’s Office has served the county since 1634. Today, its responsibilities include court security, jail security, and serving the civil process. See how the deputies go above and beyond the call to serve and protect the citizens of Henrico.

Disaster_Preparation_DVD_CoverBe Ready Henrico: Disaster Preparation [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 30 minutes) — Natural or man-made disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. The potential for hurricanes, tornados, droughts, blizzards, flooding, or terrorism can hit Henrico at a moments notice. Are you ready? If you have to evacuate or shelter in place, does your family have a plan and a disaster kit? HCTV’s Be Ready Henrico: Disaster Preparation shows you how to be prepared and keep your family safe when disaster strikes.

BreakingTheCycle_DVD_JacketBreaking the Cycle of Abuse [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 19 minutes) — HCTV looks inside domestic violence with particular attention to its effect on children. Learn how professional counselors help victims break away from abusive relationships, help abusers see the effects of their behavior, and help children work through feelings of guilt and anger.

Photos of various emale officers of the Henrico Police Division in a collage on DVD jacket coverBreaking Through: The Women of Henrico Police [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 23 minutes) — Police work was once considered a man’s domain, but since 1965 Henrico has led the way in hiring women as police officers. Henrico’s first female police officer broke through the barrier more than a decade before Virginia’s State Police included women in their ranks. Join HCTV as we talk with some of Henrico’s women on the force, past and present, and hear their stories.

Building Our Future Together [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 17 minutes) — Get a behind the scenes look at the Department of Building Construction and Inspections. See what they look for to make sure your house and commercial structures are safe and sound.

Caring_for_Mature_Neighborhoods_DVD_CoverCaring for Mature Neighborhoods: Henrico’s Community Maintenance Efforts (Running time: 16 minutes) — Neglected property can affect the perception of a neighborhood, but Henrico’s Community Revitalization Department is devoted to combating blight. The community maintenance staff works with county residents through education, outreach, and volunteer coordination, helping to breathe new life into aging neighborhoods.

Taking Care of the Animals_DVD_JacketCaring for the Animals: Livestock to Lizards in Henrico Recreation [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 34 minutes) — Henrico’s Meadow Farm Museum and Three Lakes Nature Center and Aquarium both offer unique opportunities for residents and visitors to learn about many different animal species. Recreation and Parks’ experienced staff takes great pride in caring for these animals daily, from cleaning and feeding to shelter and health care. Join HCTV as we explore how keeping these animals happy and healthy is a priority in Caring for the Animals: Livestock to Lizards in Henrico Recreation.

C.E.R.T.: Community Emergency Response Team [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 14 minutes) — HCTV looks at how residents can prepare for emergency situations that can occur in today’s world.

Central Automotive MaintenanceCentral Automotive Maintenance: Still Rolling [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 18 minutes) — From school buses and ambulances to backhoes and dump trucks, Henrico County has thousands of specialized vehicles in its motor fleet, all of which require regular maintenance and repair. Henrico’s Central Automotive Maintenance (CAM) mechanics are well-trained, experienced and have the necessary knowledge to maintain this massive, diverse fleet. Join HCTV as we meet the professional technicians who keep our vehicles in good working order, and learn about the energy saving, cost effective measures Henrico has in place for the future, in Central Automotive Maintenance: Still Rolling.

Community Investment, A: Real Estate Taxes and Assessments [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 25 minutes) — Why are our Henrico homes reassessed, and what prompts lowering real estate taxes? Where do our tax dollars go? Join HCTV as we discover the ins and outs of real estate taxes and property assessments. See how Henrico County is providing a lifestyle for our residents that is the envy of the region.

Community_Revitalization_DVD_JacketCommunity Revitalization: Vital to Our Future [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 22 minutes) — Henrico’s mature, established commercial corridors and residential neighborhoods are a crucial element to the county’s landscape. Join HCTV as we learn about the Community Revitalization Department, why it was established, and how it is committed to stabilizing and beautifying Henrico’s older properties. Business owners and homeowners alike have benefited from Community Revitalization’s programs and services — revitalization efforts that are vital to our future.

Crystal_Clear_DVD _Cover2Crystal Clear: Henrico County Water Reclamation Facility (Running Time: 21 minutes) — Each time we do a load of laundry, take a shower, flush the toilet or wash our hands, we produce wastewater that seems to magically disappear through unseen pipes. In fact, in Henrico County, we produce more than 42 million gallons of wastewater every day. This wastewater must be cleaned, treated and prepared before reentering our environment through the James River. Join HCTV as we tour the high tech (if sometimes smelly) Water Reclamation Facility where this fascinating process takes place. From the natural use of nutrient eating organisms to the multi-step treatment process, Henrico’s Water Reclamation Facility makes sure the water returned to the James is crystal clear.

Aging_Out_of_Foster_Care_DVD_CoverDecision, The: Aging Out of the Foster Care System (Running time: 23 minutes) — At the age of 18 young adults in the foster care system must make a daunting decision: opt out of foster care now, or age out at 21 and receive benefits to help transition into adulthood. HCTV features four young adults who share their struggles and successes, as well as their decisions to opt out or stay in foster care. Join us as we hear their stories, and learn what foster care professionals say about remaining in the system until age 21.

Dining Out in Henrico [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 30 minutes) — Watch the Henrico Health Department conduct an actual restaurant health inspection, and find out how you can monitor violations in your favorite eatery.

Driving_Force_DVD_CoverDriving Force: Henrico’s Traffic Safety Unit (Running time: 27 minutes) — Henrico Police’s Traffic Safety Unit is completely focused on ensuring safety on the county’s roadways. Whether they’re investigating a crash, arresting a drunk driver, educating students or simply informing citizens of a new law, the 15 members of this unit are serious about traffic safety. Join HCTV as we look inside the Driving Force: Henrico’s Traffic Safety Unit.

Early Intervention in Action: The Henrico Parent Infant Program (Running time: 20 minutes) — Most children reach developmental milestones around the same age, though some children require additional support to reach these goals. Henrico’s Parent Infant Program works with children who are in need of support services from birth to age three. Join HCTV as we see early intervention in action and how children can thrive with these specialized support services.

Emergency! Henrico’s 911 Operations [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 19 minutes) — What happens after a call comes into Henrico’s 911 centers? Find out how quickly and effectively 911 works in this HCTV special.

Emergency_Preparation_DVD_Cover3aEmergency Preparedness: Are You Ready? (Running time: 23 minutes) — Hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, thunderstorms, ice storms, and even earthquakes are year-round threats in Henrico County. Being prepared for emergencies can be as easy as having a plan, staying informed, and knowing what to do when disasters occur. Join HCTV as we learn from the experts how to survive severe weather emergencies.

Energy_Wise_DVD_CoverEnergy Wise: The Henrico County Energy Management System  [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 13 minutes) — Since implementing Henrico’s Energy Management program more than 10 years ago, the county has saved more than $2 million each year on energy costs. From designing and building LEED certified facilities, to using more energy efficient light bulbs, Henrico’s efforts are promoting environmental friendliness and saving our taxpayer’s dollars.


Extending_Knowledge_DVD_JacketExtending Knowledge: Virginia Cooperative Extension in Henrico County [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 21 minutes) — Virginia Cooperative Extension has been providing scientifically based knowledge for our community for more than 80 years. With programs covering Agriculture and Natural Resources, 4-H Youth activities, and Family and Consumer Sciences, residents of Henrico County are becoming smarter consumers and are more involved in their family’s lives than ever before. Join HCTV as we explore the many offerings of Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Eye_in_the_Sky_DVD_COVER3Eye in the Sky: The Metro Aviation Unit (Running time: 23 minutes) — Those charged with the task of maintaining public safety go to great lengths — and great heights — to accomplish their goal. This is certainly true of one elite police unit headquartered at Richmond International Airport. The Metro Aviation Unit is a partnership between the Counties of Henrico and Chesterfield and the City of Richmond. Pilots from each jurisdiction assist in a wide array of public safety functions over a landmass of more than 750 square miles with a population of nearly one million people. Fly along with HCTV as police pilots give us a spectacular view of what they do to keep us safe.

Eyes_on_the_Future_DVD_CoverEyes on the Future: Henrico’s Planning Department (Running time: 17 minutes) — Henrico’s quality development, managed growth and balanced mix of commercial and residential property is no accident. The Planning Department’s professional team of experienced, talented staff imagines how the landscape of the county will look years into the future, often relying on lessons of the past and future trends to guide them. Join HCTV as we examine the Planning Department’s processes and principles as they develop a vision for Henrico’s future growth.

Focus_on_Fatherhood_DVD_Cover2Focus on Fathers: Henrico’s Fatherhood Initiative Program [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 13 minutes) — Henrico’s Fatherhood Initiative Program is designed to help fathers learn how to re-engage with their children, how to be responsible role models, manage emotions and become the best fathers they can be. Join HCTV as we talk to the experts in Social Services, as well as some participating fathers, to learn more about this program and how it benefits families and our society.

Clerk_of_the_Circuit_Ct-3For the Record: Henrico Circuit Court Clerk’s Office [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 21 minutes) — The Henrico Circuit Courts Clerk’s Office serves the community in countless ways, including access to public records and assistance with matters related to both civil and criminal cases held in Henrico Circuit Court. The Clerk’s Record Room houses millions of documents. These public records date back to the early years of Henrico County and preserve the history of our community.

K-9_DVD_JacketFour Legged Force, The: Life in Henrico’s K-9 Unit [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 34 minutes) — Whether they’re chasing down the bad guy, tracking a trail, sniffing out drugs or alerting their handlers to explosives, some of the most dedicated and hard-working members of Henrico’s Division of Police also happen to be man’s best friend. Join HCTV as we take a look at Henrico’s canine unit, and meet the officers who work with their furry and feisty partners to help protect our citizens and solve crimes in The Four Legged Force: Life in Henrico’s K-9 Unit.

Restaurant_Inspections_DVD_JacketFresh Set of Eyes, A: Restaurant Inspections in Henrico County (Running time: 22 minutes) — We all enjoy a good meal out, right? In fact, Americans dine out four to five times a week on average. No one plans to contract a foodborne illness as a result, but it happens far more often than is reported. The dedicated food safety team in Henrico’s Health Department performs thousands of inspections each year on the county’s more than 1,100 foodservice establishments to assess risks and protect the public from potential hazards. Join HCTV and our Environmental Health Specialists as we take you inside the inspection process.


Fire_Marshal_DVD_Jacket3From Investigation to Education: Inside the Office of the Fire Marshal (Running time: 23 minutes) — From finding the source of a fire and enforcing fire laws, to educating school children and inspecting businesses for fire safety, the Office of the Fire Marshal covers a diverse and extensive area of responsibility to ensure the safety of Henrico residents. HCTV follows the Fire Marshals in the field as they investigate for possible arson, train to use firearms, simulate a fire escape for kids, put an accelerant-detecting canine to work and more in From Investigation to Education: Inside the Office of the Fire Marshal.

Garbage_to_Grid_Cover_final (2)From the Garbage to the Grid: A Powerful By-Product of Henrico’s Trash [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 22 minutes) — We all generate household waste, we all use electricity. Those two undeniable facts of life have come to an enterprising intersection at the Springfield Road Landfill. Henrico based INGENCO Distributed Energy has partnered with the county to use the methane produced from decomposing garbage to fuel a four-megawatt power plant. Take an electrifying trip to the landfill with HCTV’s Ryan Eubank, and learn all about this ultimate form of recycling in From The Garbage to The Grid: A Powerful By-Product of Henrico’s Trash.

From_the_Ground_Up_GIS_DVD_Cover3From the Ground Up: Henrico County GIS (Running time: 16 minutes) — Since 1997, the Geographic Information System — or GIS — has continued to evolve and assist an increasing number of Henrico residents and internal agencies. This complex, computerized, geographic database assists everyone from 911 communication officers dispatching emergency responders to residents accessing a free, public parcel viewer. Join HCTV as we look inside GIS and its many cutting edge applications.

Gaining_New_Territory_GangsDVD_CoverGaining New Territory: Gang Awareness in Henrico (Running time: 14 minutes) — Gangs are no longer a metropolitan or inner-city problem as they gain new territory in suburban communities — they cross racial, ethnic, socio-economic and geographical boundaries. Henrico’s Gang Investigative Team is committed to preventing, intervening and suppressing gang activity in our county. Join HCTV as we learn how Henrico County Police are actively identifying gang activity in Gaining New Territory: Gang Awareness in Henrico.

Game_On_DVD_CoverGet Your Game On: Open Gym (Running Time: 14 minutes) — Whether your game is pickleball, table tennis, volleyball, badminton or basketball, you can hit the courts in Henrico County’s Open Gym program! Open Gym invites all ages and levels of experience (or inexperience) to get active and healthy without paying for expensive gym memberships or costly fitness classes. Join HCTV as we watch teens to seniors discover the benefits of exercise and meeting new friends in Get Your Game On: Open Gym.

Fostering our children DVD coverGift from the Heart, A: Fostering Our Children [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 25 minutes) — Being a foster parent is a gift from the heart. Join HCTV as we explore the lives of foster families and discover that every family’s story is unique. Henrico County parents, children and social workers highlight the rewards of fostering our children and show how the family unit is one of life’s masterpieces.


GoingToWork DVDJacketGoing to Work: The Capital Area Training Consortium [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 16 minutes) — Need help finding a job? CATC has resources for building your resume, getting fresh training, and finding that perfect position for career success.


Going_Up_Elevators_DVD_CoverGoing Up? The History and Evolution of the Modern Elevator (Running time: 18 minutes) — Elevators provide a fast, practical way to move in our daily lives. The elevator — or “lift” as it’s known in some parts of the world — was not originally designed with people in mind. They carried materials and freight for industry. However, elevators quickly became a selling point for hotels and helped bring about modern skyscrapers, including the Empire State Building. Join HCTV as we look at the evolution of the modern elevator and how Henrico’s Department of Building Inspections ensures our county’s elevators are safe and sound.

H2O_Henrico_DVD_JacketH2O Henrico: From the River to Your Home [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 20 minutes) — Quality drinking water doesn’t just happen; it involves science, time, and the dedication of Henrico’s Water Treatment Facility staff. After years of planning and debating through the so-called “water wars” with the city of Richmond, Henrico County opened its own water treatment plant in 2004. Take a tour with HCTV and see how this fascinating facility uses sophisticated techniques and technology to treat and distribute your drinking water from the James River to your home.

Health_Care_for_the_Common_Good_DVD_CoverHealth Care for the Common Good: Henrico County’s Health (Running time: 21 minutes) — Through its divisions of clinical, environmental, emergency preparedness and epidemiology, the Henrico County Health Department is committed to the public health and well-being of our residents. From providing health care to refugees and expectant mothers, to ensuring proper operations of private wells, county restaurants and hotels, our health department staff is vigilant in their quest for the common good.

Helping Hand, A: Henrico’s Community Corrections Program [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 13 minutes) — HCTV discovers that helping Henrico’s adults on probation also keeps our jail system healthy and maintains inmate populations at manageable levels.

GeneralServices_DVD_JacketHenrico County General Services: A Partnership of Excellence [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 24 minutes) — Teamwork and dedication drive the employees in the Department of General Services to provide a quality life for Henrico residents. From building security to maintaining school buses and emergency vehicles, General Services’ partnership of excellence provides unparalleled support in ways you never imagined.

Law_Enforcement_Explorers_DVD_CoverHenrico County Law Enforcement Explorers [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 16 minutes) — Join HCTV as we introduce you to law enforcement through the eyes of explorers. Dedicated to helping young adults prepare for a career in law enforcement, this program is full of exciting challenges that promote character development and good citizenship. Watch and learn alongside Henrico’s youth as they take part in authentic hands-on crime fighting techniques taught to them by Henrico’s Division of Police.

Henrico H2O [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 8 minutes) — See how water gets from the James River to your home through Henrico’s New Water Treatment Plant.

Henrico Animal Protection DVD_CoverHenrico Police Animal Protection Unit [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 22 minutes) — Each year close to 3,500 companion animals arrive at the Henrico Police Animal Shelter in need of a new home — dogs and cats, of course, but also guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets and even goats and chickens. HCTV visits with area residents who have adopted these furry (and feathered) friends and talks to the officers of the Animal Protection Unit who work with the animals — both wild and domestic — in our neighborhoods every day.

Henrico Police Athletic League [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 25 minutes) — The Henrico Police Athletic League (PAL) provides a safe environment for at-risk children between the ages of 6 and 15. Through educational, athletic and social programs, PAL creates a positive relationship between police officers and young people. HCTV takes you inside the PAL program to experience the benefits and learn about the wide variety of opportunities for our young citizens.

Sheriff's Academy_DVD_COVERHenrico Sheriff’s Summer Student Academy [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 22 minutes) — The Henrico County Sheriff’s Office relies on scores of specially trained deputies to keep the county’s two jails running safely and efficiently. But in 2011, the rising cost of overtime had become a growing concern. And — it turns out — the mother of invention. The Sheriff’s Office partnered with Virginia Commonwealth University to establish the Summer-Student Basic Jailor Academy. Join HCTV as we explore how the academy has helped avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime payments for the county, and has provided valuable, hands-on experience for students pursuing careers in criminal justice.


Victim Witness_DVD_CoverHenrico Victim/Witness Assistance Program, The (Running time: 15 minutes) — When a serious crime occurs in Henrico, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and Police work together to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law. Crime victims and witnesses are essential in bringing offenders to justice, and advocates in the Victim/Witness Assistance Program support them throughout the process. Advocates are committed 24-hours-a-day to advise in legal matters, provide protection and offer counseling to help victims and witnesses get through this difficult time.

Wildside_DVD_CoverHenrico’s Wild Side: Living with the Creatures Among Us (Running time: 16 minutes) — From foxes, skunks and deer to raccoons, opossums and even black bears, Henrico County residents may encounter wild life at any given time, even in their own backyards. Join HCTV as we talk to the Police Animal Control Officers to find out how they work with wild animals, what we should do if we happen upon them and how we can all learn to coexist in Henrico’s Wild Side: Living with the Creatures Among Us.

Hermitage_Enterprises_DVD_JacketHermitage Enterprises: Staffing and Labor Services (Running time: 30 minutes) — Hermitage Enterprises’ mission is to provide vocational and day support services to Henrico citizens with intellectual disabilities. Join HCTV as we meet these hard working individuals, and learn how Hermitage Enterprises supports, educates and trains its production staff while promoting dignity and self-sufficiency.

History_of_Rec_and_Parks_DVD_CoverHistory of Recreation and Parks, The (Running time: 22 minutes) — For more than four decades, Henrico’s Division of Recreation and Parks has been committed to helping residents pursue good health and good times. With more than 4 million park visitors each year, the division has embraced the responsibility of caring for more than 3,600 acres of parkland, 140 recreational buildings and 35 historic sites. But the Division of Recreation & Parks had humble beginnings, with a few recreational activities organized at local schools. Join HCTV as we learn about the history of Recreation & Parks, and how the division has grown to serve the residents of Henrico.

Hot_Zone_DVD_CoverIn the Hot Zone: Henrico’s Hazardous Incident Team (Running Time: 24 minutes) — Henrico’s Hazardous Incident Team is ready to respond to any chemical, fuel or biological release that threatens the health and safety of Central Virginia residents. The highly-skilled firefighters at Henrico’s Station 21 rely on their training and experience to respond to any HAZMAT situation. Join HCTV as we learn more about this specialized unit and its unprecedented reputation throughout our region.

Historic_Preservation_DVD_CoverIn the Public Trust: Historic Preservation in Henrico County [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 23 minutes) — Henrico’s historic preservation efforts include caring for more than 45,000 artifacts and documents, maintaining six museums and more than 30 historic buildings. The Division of Recreation and Parks’ Historic Preservation and Museum Services is the county’s version of the Smithsonian Institute, and the professional staff is dedicated to keeping Henrico’s rich history safe and in tact for future generations to enjoy. Join HCTV as we look at the meticulous work our team of historians, archivists and curators perform every day to bring our history to life.


Inside the Firehouse [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 25 minutes) — An all-access pass to Henrico’s Division of Fire. Find out what it takes to become a firefighter, and experience a day in the life.

Joining Forces: The Henrico Citizens Police Academy [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 18 minutes) — Have you ever wanted to see what goes on during a hostage negotiation, or wondered what a police car costs? What’s the S.W.A.T. team, and what kind of equipment do they have available? HCTV follows average citizens like yourself through the Citizen’s Police Academy to show you how you can be a resource for your community.

Keep_Henrico_Beautiful_DVDJacketKeep Henrico Beautiful [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 12 minutes) — For more than 25 years, the Keep Henrico Beautiful committee has been working to create a litter free environment in our county. Learn about the many ways you can get involved and have some fun, too!


CentralAutoMaint_DVD_CoverKeeping the County Rolling: Central Automotive Maintenance [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 18 minutes) — From compact cars to heavy equipment, Central Automotive Maintenance keeps them rolling. Hear stories about the mechanics and the challenges they face in maintaining and fixing everything from school buses to police motorcycles.


TrafficControl_DVD_JacketLeading The Way: Henrico County Traffic Control [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 21 minutes) — With more than 50,000 street signs and nearly 150 traffic signals to maintain, our Traffic Engineering division is always on the move. Ride along with HCTV and meet the people who make the signs, keep the signals working and paint the pavement to ensure our roads are safe for everyone.

Learning_the_Henrico_Way_DVD_CoverLearning the Henrico Way: Inside the County’s Internship Program [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 18 minutes) — The lessons learned by students in the classroom are important building blocks for a career after graduation, but experience gained after the school bell rings is irreplaceable. Whether in high school or college, internships prepare students for the workforce in ways a textbook can’t. Join HCTV as we explore Henrico’s internship program and see how our future leaders are learning the Henrico Way.


Living_with_Dignity_DVD_JacketLiving with Dignity: Henrico Adult Protective Services (Running time: 23 minutes) — The Henrico Social Services Department has many resources that can help adults who may be the victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation. Adult Protective Services are provided to elderly, infirmed and disabled adults. Join HCTV as we highlight the needs of our seniors in this exploration of Adult Protective Services.

Made in Henrico: A Look Inside the County’s Manufacturing Sector (Running time: 17 minutes) — When you think of Coca-Cola, Chap Stick, Oreos and Chips Ahoy, you think big manufacturing, made in the USA. But, do you think, “Made in Henrico?” They are, along with many other familiar products. Henrico-based manufacturers make many products that touch our daily lives in ways we may not realize. Join HCTV for a special behind-the-scenes glimpse into the realities of modern manufacturing right in our own backyard.

Make-It-Happen-Fire-DVD_CoverMake It Happen: What It Takes to Become a Henrico County Firefighter (Running time: 52 minutes) — Henrico’s firefighters specialize in bringing chaos under control in emergency situations — that’s what they’re trained to do. Be it fire, emergency medical service, hazardous materials spills or retrieving the cat from the tree, Henrico firefighters respond in the fast, efficient and cool-headed manner that we have come to expect. But becoming a firefighter is not for the faint of heart, or mind. Henrico’s Fire Training Section chooses only a select few applicants who must then endure a grueling 23 weeks of intense training. HCTV embedded with Recruit Academy 61 for the entire process capturing all of the intensity, drama, and danger — taking you where few have been.

MissingPieces_DVD_JacketMissing Pieces: Henrico Police Forensics Unit [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 26 minutes) — The lives of the Henrico Forensics Unit team are far from the glamour of Hollywood. These investigators live in the reality of forensic science and they’ll do whatever it takes to solve the mysteries criminals leave behind. From 30-year-old murders to today’s criminal activities, HCTV takes you on a journey inside the minds of the investigators who spend their lives searching for the Missing Pieces.

Moving the Message DVD__JacketMoving the Message: Public Relations & Media Services [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 21 minutes) — Media relations, press conferences, television productions, writing, design, photography, and more . . . the Public Relations & Media Services Department uses many avenues to communicate with Henrico residents. Watch as HCTV takes you inside . . . well, ourselves . . . to give you a true behind the scenes look at how we operate. Learn how a newspaper is produced from computer to press, how a television program evolves from concept to broadcast, and much more never before seen footage of the PR&MS staff in action.

Stream_Restoration_DVD_JacketMoving Water Nature’s Way: Stream Restorations in Henrico [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 23 minutes) — Across the country, suburban waterways are under pressure. Henrico County, with 400 miles of streams and 300,000 people, is no different. But new techniques learned from an old teacher — Mother Nature — are helping Henrico repair and restore its waterways naturally.

A_New_Beginning_Drug_Court_DVD_CoverNew Beginning, A: Inside Henrico Drug Court (Running Time: 19 minutes) ) — Henrico County Drug Court is a structured, four-phase program designed to reduce crime and recidivism among substance abuse offenders. Drug Court works to intervene and rehabilitate participants so they can live clean and sober lives. Join HCTV as we delve inside Drug Court, meet the people who make it work and watch the addicts strive to succeed.

NoLimits_DVD_JacketNo Limits: The Work of Supported Employment for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 17 minutes) — Intellectually disabled adults work in a variety of jobs throughout our community. Henrico County’s supported employment program helps intellectually disabled adults become self-reliant. Join HCTV as we explore how job coaches and supervisors help clients succeed in the workplace.

No Stone Unturned_DVD_jacketNo Stone Unturned: Cemetery Identification in Henrico County [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 16 minutes) — Missing pieces of Henrico’s history might be hiding in your own backyard. Since 2003, an effort has been underway to locate, document, and preserve the county’s neglected and forgotten cemeteries. The Cemetery Identification Project is a collaborative effort between the Henrico County Division of Recreation and Parks and the Henrico Historical Society. The initiative combines fieldwork, high-tech mapping, and database organization of the gathered research. HCTV takes you inside the effort to ensure that those who are gone are not forgotten.

On_Board_DVD_CoverOn Board with the Henrico Marine Patrol (Running Time: 18 minutes) — The James River has been a waterway for commercial vessels for centuries. Through the years, recreational activity on the river has increased in popularity and it’s not uncommon to see anglers, skiers, canoers and kayakers year round. Henrico’s Police and Fire Marine Patrol Units watch over the James ensuring public safety on the water just as they do on dry land. Join HCTV for an immersive look into the mission, tools and training of the men and women who patrol the river in On Board with the Henrico Marine Patrol.

On_the_Green_Belmont_DVD_CoverOn the Green: Belmont Golf Course (Running time: 25 minutes) — Henrico County’s Belmont Golf Course was first established in 1917 as Hermitage Country Club on Hilliard Road. The golf course hosted such prestigious events as the Valentine Invitational, The Richmond Open, and the 1949 PGA Championship. Henrico purchased the property in 1977 and named the golf course Belmont. The 18-hole course is open to the public, and is one of the area’s finest recreational venues. Join HCTV as we meet the golfers and explore the history, fun and challenges of the course in “On the Green: Belmont Golf Course.”

Only Rain Down the Drain! Protecting Our Stormwater System (Running Time: 13 minutes) — The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System — also known as MS4 — is all around us, yet it is easy to overlook. It carries runoff from streets, parking lots and other land surfaces directly to streams and creeks. This water, and the pollutants that get swept up in it, does not pass through a treatment plant before emptying into the James or Chickahominy Rivers, and ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay. Learn what Henrico County is doing to prevent pollution from entering our watersheds, and what you can do to help in Only Rain Down the Drain! Protecting Our Stormwater System.

Open_for_Business_DVD_CoverOpen for Business: How to Start Up in Henrico (Running Time: 16 minutes) — Henrico is open for business, and we know our corporate neighbors — large and small — enhance our community and quality of life. Our strong business climate is due in part to the ease with which local entrepreneurs can get established. Henrico agencies work with our start-up business owners to make the process fast and user-friendly. Join HCTV as we walk through the process and meet some business owners who turned their enterprise ideas into reality right here in Henrico.

Opening_Doors_Public_Libraries_DVD_CoverOpening Doors: Henrico County Public Libraries [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 23 minutes) — The Henrico County Public Library system strives to meet the needs of each one of our nearly 307,000 residents by offering a wide variety of services, and providing access to countless materials. With 11 locations across the county, an online service that can virtually put you inside any one of the Libraries, and a bookmobile that will bring the services to your door, the Henrico County Public Library system is second only to the community it serves.

An_Opportunity_to_Reform_DVD_CoverOpportunity to Reform, An: The Laurel Industrial School and the History of Juvenile Corrections in Henrico (Running Time: 33 minutes) — Few people traveling through Laurel on Hungary Road seem to notice that they’re in one of the county’s historic districts, or that they’re passing through the site of the state’s first reformatory. HCTV takes an investigative journey into the dramatic and complex history of the Laurel Industrial School, examines its legacy, and sheds light on its place on the path to modern juvenile justice.

paving_ahead_DVD_CoverPaving Ahead [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 13 minutes) — From the heavily traveled thoroughfares, to the cul-de-sac you call home, Henrico’s Public Works employees take pride in the way you ride. We’ll explain why sometimes all you need is a slick coat of slurry, and other traffic patterns demand a steamy layer of asphalt. Take a ride on the roller with HCTV as we heat, mill, seal and smooth the surface of Henrico’s roads, in Paving Ahead.

Paving_Ahead_2015_DVD_CoverPaving Ahead: Building & Maintaining Roads in Henrico County (Running time: 14 minutes) — Henrico’s Public Works Department maintains more than 3,400 lane miles of roadways, typically resurfacing or repaving about 150 miles of roads each year. Because our crews survey the roads year round and prioritize paving work, our residents enjoy the ability to drive throughout the county on safe, well-maintained roadways. Join us as HCTV explores how the process works and what’s involved in Paving Ahead: Building & Maintaining Roads in Henrico County.

people-in-crisisDVD_CoverPeople In Crisis: Henrico Area Mental Health Crisis Center (Running time: 21 minutes) — Every year in Henrico County more than 30,000 calls are made to the Henrico Area Mental Health Crisis Hotline. Under the emergency services program, this hotline is available for anyone in the county experiencing acute mental stress. Whether callers feelsuicidal, are experiencing panic attacks, or are feeling overwhelming depression, the crisis clinicians are there to help. Join HCTV as we hear stories from the professionals who staff this hotline, as well as those who have benefited from the service. If you or someone you love is experiencing significant mental stress and are unable to handle it alone, the crisis line (727-8484) is always there 24 hours a day.

Permit_Ctr_DVD_JacketPermit Center, The (Running Time: 15 minutes) — Henrico’s Permit Center is a one-stop shop designed to save you time and reduce the frustration often associated with obtaining permits for construction projects. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a first-time do-it-yourself builder, The Permit Center is there to help you overcome problems and expedite your project.

Planning for future_DVD_JacketPlanning for Henrico’s Future [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 23 minutes) — The Henrico Planning Department oversees land use regulations and zoning throughout the county. Staff can assist you with questions about new and existing development, rezoning requests, variances and more.


Pride_and_Precision_Honor_GuardPride and Precision: The Honor Guards of Henrico County (Running time: 15 minutes) — With polish and precision, the honor guards of Henrico County lead by quiet example and command respect for the flags of our nation, state and county. They also help honor the men and women who serve and sacrifice for us all. The Police and Fire divisions and the Sheriff’s Office each has its own ceremonial unit. They continue a proud military tradition that dates to 1784 and the end of the American Revolution.

Promise_Fulfilled_DVD_CoverPromise Fulfilled, The: The History of Henrico County Public Schools [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 31 minutes) — The story of education in Henrico County spans more than four hundred years of growth and change. From the earliest one-room school houses to the classroom of tomorrow, HCTV looks at school life and the ways in which our school system is providing a top-notch education for our students. Quality education is alive and well in Henrico County Public Schools, and the promise is being fulfilled.

Protection, Affection, and Adoption: Inside Henrico’s Animal Shelter  (Running Time: 10 minutes) — Henrico’s animal shelter, its officers and its staff play a vital role in keeping our community safe. They also provide care and humane treatment of animals that support long, rewarding relationships between residents and their pets. Join HCTV as we visit the state-of-the-art animal shelter, meet a few of its residents and talk to the Animal Protection Police Officers about the adoption process, and what we all need to know about pet ownership in Henrico.

REAP: Real Estate Advantage Program (Running time: 4 minutes) — If you’re a county resident who is 65 or older or disabled, and own property in Henrico County, you may be able to save money on your real estate taxes if you meet the program’s requirements. REAP has been growing steadily since its inception in 1973, and has made a dramatic difference in the lives of many participants. HCTV shows you how to REAP the benefits of this wonderful program.

Reinvest_Commercial_Program_DVD_COVERReinvest: Commercial Investment Tax Abatement Program (Running time: 22 minutes) — Henrico County’s mature buildings and commercial corridors have history and character worth preserving, and the Reinvest Program provides a partial tax exemption to encourage the renovation, rehabilitation or replacement of these older properties. Watch as HCTV shows how this commercial investment tax abatement program has resulted in the rejuvenation of local businesses and older corridors throughout the county. Henrico representatives, local developers and business owners tell us why Henrico’s Reinvest Program is a positive proposition for everyone involved.

Reinvest_Program_DVD_JacketReinvest: Residential Investment Tax Abatement Program [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 4 minutes) — Now is a great time to renovate or remodel your home! With new home loans out of reach for many, staying put and updating your existing home is an increasingly attractive option, especially now that Henrico has introduced Reinvest! Let HCTV show you how an investment in your property can actually save you money in the long run.

R.I.S.E. – Recovery in a Secure Environment [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 30 minutes) — HCTV goes inside Henrico’s jail to see this incredible substance abuse recovery program in action. Witness how R.I.S.E. helps current and former inmates beat addiction.

Responding to Isabel [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 28 minutes) — A behind-the-scenes look at Henrico County’s Emergency Operations before, during and after the hurricane.

Road Through History, A [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 32 minutes) — A documentary of the Henrico County Public Works Department, including vintage film circa 1940 as well as modern-day operations.

The_Role_of_the_Magistrate_DVD_coverRole of the Magistrate, The (Running time: 16 minutes) — A magistrate is often the first contact a person has with the judicial system in Virginia. Many of the duties now performed by magistrates were once carried out by a Justice of the Peace. The standards and required qualifications to become a magistrate are now much more stringent than in the past, requiring a bachelor’s degree and even a law degree for a chief magistrate. In this program, HCTV talks with Henrico’s chief magistrate to learn more about the duties and authority of magistrates in Virginia.

Security_Services_DVD_JacketSafe and Sound: Henrico’s Security Services [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 15 minutes) — Henrico Security Services is a twenty-four hour a day, seven day a week operation, ensuring the safety of visitors to our county. A security officer is often the first person a visitor encounters when entering a county building. From giving directions to patrolling and monitoring all county properties day and night, Henrico security officers are well trained to provide excellent customer service. They are proficient in the use of firearms and other devices, as well as de-escalation techniques for public safety. Whenever you have the need to visit a Henrico County facility, rest assured you are safe and sound, and our Security Officers are there to help.

A_Safe_Place_to_Learn_DVD_CoverSafe Place to Learn, A: Henrico’s School Resource Officers (Running time: 14 minutes) — Henrico County is committed to providing its public schools with a safe learning environment. That’s why specially trained police officers are assigned to work in each elementary, middle and high school. These school resource officers partner with school security officers, administrators and teachers, but they do far more than maintain order. Join HCTV as we talk to the officers and learn how they mentor, guide and protect Henrico’s students.

Safe_Waters_DVD_JacketSafe Waters Ahead: Henrico’s Marine Patrol [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 33 minutes) — The roughly 30 miles of the James River in Henrico County are home to both recreation and commerce. Join HCTV as we board the Marine Patrol boats and set out to ensure the safety of the many different boaters and visitors to county waters.

SavingLives_DVD_JacketSaving Lives: The History of Henrico’s Rescue Squads [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 24 minutes) — Since 1951, Henrico County has offered free emergency rescue services to our residents. What began as a strictly volunteer effort has evolved into a modernized, cohesive paramedic and advanced emergency medical support unit operated by the Division of Fire. The mission to save lives has always been the driving factor.

Identity_Theft_DVD_CoverSecuring Your Digital Self: Identity Theft [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 13 minutes) — High-tech thieves looking to steal your identity have formed today’s new organized crime ring. From computer hackers to good old-fashioned pickpockets, your identity is at risk of being stolen anytime, anywhere. Learn how these criminals operate and what law enforcement agencies are doing to find and stop them. Join HCTV as we reveal useful tips on how to protect your identity in Securing Your Digital Self: Identity Theft.

Signs_&_Lines_DVD_CoverSigns, Lines and Signals: On The Road With Henrico’s Traffic Engineering Division (Running time: 17 minutes) — Henrico County is a community in constant motion. Thousands of lane miles of road connect neighborhoods, schools, businesses and other facilities — any place you need to go. The safety of residents and motorists depends on streets that are properly designed, maintained and marked. Installing, repairing and replacing signs; placing lines and other roadway markings; and ensuring traffic signals are working as they should — all of these duties, as well as the planning of new roads, fall to the Department of Public Works and its Traffic Engineering Division.

Starting Over - Refugees_DVD_CoverStarting Over: Refugee Resettlement in Henrico (Running time: 18 minutes) — Imagine being forced to relocate your family to a foreign country because you fear for your life. There are more than 19 million refugees in the world today, and approximately 2,400 of them resettle in Virginia each year. Starting over in a region unknown can be overwhelming, but the Henrico Resettlement Program is ready to assist. Whether it’s access to health care, school enrollment, or learning the English language, the people of Henrico are prepared to help ease the transition for refugees.

SWaM_DVD_JacketSWAM: Small, Women and Minority Owned Businesses [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 15 minutes) — In the course of conducting county business, Henrico regularly purchases goods and services from private vendors — from paperclips and pencils, to dump trucks and engineering services, and everything in between. Henrico makes a special effort to support small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses, known as “SWAM.” In this program, learn how Henrico encourages SWAM companies to work through the county’s procurement process, and how this effort results in better services for our residents while supporting small, local businesses.

SWAT_DVD_CoverSWAT: Henrico’s Special Weapons And Tactics Team (Running time: 19 minutes) — Police officers put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect Henrico County residents. And sometimes, when the situation is complex, the stakes are high and lives are in danger, it’s time to call in the SWAT team. Unified action and perfect precision are paramount to its successful operations, and team members must be ready to engage at a moment’s notice. Join HCTV as we follow this elite, highly-trained, Special Weapons and Tactics team.

Taking Care of Business: Henrico’s Economic Development Authority [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 25 minutes) — Local businesses are the cornerstone of Henrico County’s fiscal stability, and the recent economic recession presented unique challenges for the county’s Economic Development Authority (EDA). As our economy slowly recovers, the EDA continues to support Henrico businesses, as well as promote the county to businesses around the globe as a great place to relocate. Join HCTV as we explore the role of the EDA, and how they are working to maintain the quality of life our residents and businesses have come to expect in Taking Care of Business: Henrico’s Economic Development Authority.

Taking_Out_the_Trash_2015_DVD_CoverTaking Out the Trash: Henrico County’s Solid Waste Division  (Running time: 14 minutes) — Trash. We all have it, but where does it go after we take it to the curb? Who picks it up and how do they do it day after day, rain or shine? Join HCTV as we ride along with the Henrico Solid Waste Division, and you’ll quickly see there’s far more to it than simply emptying your supercan into a big truck.

image descriptionTaking Out the Trash: Solid Waste and Recycling [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 17 minutes) — Someone has to do it. Garbage doesn’t just magically disappear. The employees of Public Utilities’ Solid Waste Division are out there every morning collecting trash and recycling from more than 6,000 homes. HCTV-17 takes you behind the scenes of this physically demanding job and introduces you to the people who help keep Henrico beautiful.

Tech_Edge_DVD_CoverTech Edge, The: Henrico’s Information Technology Department [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 12 minutes) — Better, faster, smarter . . . technology is now such an integrated part of our lives we are always looking for ways to use it more efficiently. HCTV takes you inside Henrico’s Information Technology Department to show you how they stay ahead of the technology curve and help virtually all county departments provide top-notch services to residents.

Therapeutic_Recreation_DVD_CoverTherapeutic Recreation in Henrico County (Running time: 23 minutes) — Therapeutic Recreation in Henrico County provides the opportunity for residents with physical and intellectual disabilities to participate in activities that benefit them socially, emotionally and physically. Join HCTV as we highlight programs including arts and crafts, sports, games, dance and drama offered by Henrico Recreation and Parks. Learn from recreation therapists, coaches, participants and parents as they describe the importance of these activities and how our disabled community benefits from these innovative programs.

Too Smart 2 Start_DVD_JacketToo Smart 2 Start [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 19 minutes) — The Henrico Too Smart 2 Start Coalition promotes the health and wellness of Henrico County’s young people. Join HCTV as we explore how the Too Smart 2 Start Coalition empowers the community to reduce at-risk behaviors through education and advocacy. The Too Smart 2 Start Youth Ambassadors have a direct impact in our county by demonstrating to their peers how education and awareness are the keys to a successful life.

CountyManagerGovt_DVD_JacketTough Choices: The County Manager Form of Government [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 36 minutes) — HCTV brings you the inside story of the men who have managed Henrico since 1934. Their stories tell us why the County Manager Form of Government has become the benchmark in local communities.


Turning_Point_DVD__JacketTurning Point: Inside Henrico’s Drug Court [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 37 minutes) — HCTV takes a journey inside Henrico’s Drug Court, which is reducing crime by assisting non-violent felons who have a history of substance abuse recover from their addictions. This is unscripted reality as told through past and present Drug Court participants, staff, judges, and actual courtroom drama. Turning Point tells the revealing story of addiction, recovery, and hope.

Turning_the_Page_DVD_JacketTurning the Page: The New Look of Henrico Libraries [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 25 minutes) — HCTV takes you through the front doors of Henrico’s modern libraries to show you what services are available to today’s library patrons. Whether it’s best sellers, Internet connections, the latest educational tools, or story time for youngsters, Henrico’s libraries are really making a difference in people’s lives. You can reserve meeting rooms, research online databases, and borrow a book from any member library around the world.

Under_the_Hood_CAM_DVD_CoverUnder the Hood: A Look Inside Central Automotive Maintenance (Running time: 16 minutes) — Henrico County operates in a state of constant motion. Police, Fire, Public Works, Schools and other agencies all depend on their own fleet of vehicles to get the job done. But behind each police cruiser, fire engine, snow plow and school bus is a team of expert automotive technicians. Join HCTV as we learn how the Central Automotive Maintenance team keeps the county rolling.

Elder Abuse_DVD_CoverUnderstanding and Preventing Elder Abuse (Running time: 15 minutes) — Each year hundreds of thousands of seniors are abused, neglected and exploited in the United States. Many elder victims are frail, unable to care for themselves and depend on others to meet their most basic needs. Henrico’s Adult Protective Services works with public and private agencies to stop the mistreatment of the county’s elderly population. Join HCTV as we highlight the services that help detect, investigate, prosecute and prevent elder abuse cases.

Water_Clean_&_Clear_DVD_CoverWater, Clean and Clear: Henrico’s Water Treatment Facility (Running Time: 17 minutes) — A safe water supply is vital to our community. Henrico’s Water Treatment Facility is committed to supplying our residents with the safest, cleanest water in the region. Join HCTV as we follow the process from the raw product extracted from the James River, to the refined, crystal clear water delivered to Henrico homes and businesses in Water, Clean and Clear: Henrico’s Water Treatment Facility.

Economic Storm_DVD_JacketWeathering the Economic Storm: How to Prepare for and Survive a Layoff [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 28 minutes) — As unemployment rates rise, stocks fall, businesses fail and people struggle to make ends meet, there are still ways to make it through these turbulent times. Join HCTV as we highlight programs and resources available right here in Henrico County in Weathering the Economic Storm: How to Prepare for and Survive a Layoff.

When_Seconds_Count_DVD_JacketWhen Seconds Count: Henrico’s 911 Emergency Operations [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 18 minutes) — From medical emergencies to house fires, bank robberies to burglaries, when you need help and seconds count, you can count on Henrico’s 911 Emergency Communications Center. Join HCTV as we explore what happens when people in distress call for emergency help, and how the trained professionals on the other end of the line quickly kick in to action.


When_You_Need_to_Know_PRMS_DVD_CoverWhen You Need to Know: Behind the Scenes of Public Relations & Media Services [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 23 minutes) — These days we can all feel bombarded with information overload, but Henrico’s Public Relations and Media Services Department strives to cut through the clutter. Our goal is simple: to inform, engage, educate — and yes, even entertain —the residents of Henrico County. Through HCTV, the county’s website, social and traditional media, the PR&MS team stands at the ready to get information out to our residents quickly.


While You Sleep_DVD_JacketWhile You Sleep, Henrico Works for You [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 25 minutes) — When most of us are turning in for the night, the day is just beginning for many Henrico County employees. The job of running a major suburban county doesn’t follow a nine-to-five schedule; when the sun goes down, Henrico County stays up to ensure we receive top-quality services around the clock. HCTV follows eight different night shifts as they protect, serve, save and improve life in our county.

Without_Warning_Water_Main_Breaks_DVD_CoverWithout Warning: How Henrico Responds to Water Main Breaks (Running Time: 13 minutes) — It can happen at any time, anywhere, without notice. A water main can suddenly burst, disrupting service and causing roads to buckle and crumble. Are they happening more often lately? Truthfully, no. Water main breaks are simply a reality for communities as they grow and mature, and based on its size, Henrico has fewer than half as many breaks as the national average. Join HCTV as we learn how our crews respond to water main breaks 24-7, 365 days a year.

Working for All of Us: Hermitage Enterprises [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 19 minutes) — An in-depth look at Mental Health/Developmental Services’ Hermitage Enterprises. See real people with special challenges complete meaningful work for the local businesses who employ them.

Working on the Roads: Developing, Improving and Maintaining Henrico’s Road System [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 21 minutes) — Henrico is one of only two counties in Virginia that builds and maintains its own road system. Find out how this benefits residents and why it’s important to our growth as an economic leader.

Working Partnership _Canines_DVD_JacketWorking Partnership, A: Canines in the County [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 23 minutes) — Join HCTV for a look at pets, their owners and breeders. We’ll cover everything from police patrol dogs, bomb and drug detection dogs, seeing eye dogs, companion/therapy dogs, dog health and more.


You_Are_Not_Alone_DVD_CoverYou Are Not Alone: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness (Running time: 27 minutes) — We’ve all known someone with mental health challenges, whether it be a family member, coworker, friend or have had struggles ourselves. Until recently, “recovery” was seldom uttered in the same sentence with “mental illness,” but times are changing. We’ve come a long way from the mental institutions and sanitariums of a generation ago, but the shackles of stigma still remain. In 2011, Henrico Area Mental Health and Developmental Services launched an innovative campaign to combat the stigma of mental illness and granted HCTVfull access to the process.

Exile_DVD_JacketYour Weapon Against Gun Violence: Henrico Exile [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 20 minutes) — Learn about Henrico’s Exile Law as you hear stories from police on the street, convicted felons and witnesses of gun violence. Citizens have a weapon of their own to stop illegal gun use: Henrico Exile.


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