Armour House and Gardens at Meadowview Park, The

Bridges of Henrico County, The

Clarke-Palmore House, The

Connecting Communities: The Bridges of Henrico

Curtain Call: A History of the Henrico Theatre

Foundations In Time: Henrico’s Architectural Treasures

Foundations In Time II: More of Henrico’s Architectural Treasures

Henrico’s View of the James River and Kanawha Canal

Historic Henrico Churches: Windows to Our Past

Legacy of Dabbs House, The

On the Green: Belmont Golf Course

Monticello: Thomas Jefferson’s Dream

Piece of Our Past, A: The Old Henrico County Courthouse and Jail

Welcome to Dabbs House

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ArmourHouse_DVD_Cover Armour House and Gardens at Meadowview Park, The (Running time: 20 minutes) — Built between 1915 and 1918, the Armour House and Gardens at Meadowview Park is a sprawling 600-acre retreat boasting a scenic walking trail, tennis courts, children’s play areas, gardens and a flowing fountain surrounded by arbors with blooming vines. Join HCTV as we document the rich Henrico history of the Victorian style home and Meadowview Park with rare photographs and interviews chronicling the property’s intriguing past.

Bridgesof Henrico_DVD_Jacket Bridges of Henrico County, The [Retired from Broadcast]  (Running time: 28 minutes)  — The James River has been a center for commerce and travel since the 17th century. From the Huguenot and Willey, to the Varina-Enon and Pocahontas, HCTV brings you spectacular footage on the bridges connecting North and South.


Clarke-Palmore_DVD-coverClarke-Palmore House, The [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 16 minutes) — Originally built in 1819, The Clarke-Palmore House has undergone significant upgrades and modifications through the years to accommodate the changing needs of its residents. Vera Clarke Palmore Morton, the last resident of the house, donated the property to Henrico County for educational use. The Clarke-Palmore House is included on the National Register of Historic Places and was occupied by members of the same family for more than 140 years. Join HCTV as we document the evolution of the house and surrounding buildings through the decades.


Connecting_Communities_Bridges_DVD_CoverConnecting Communities: The Bridges of Henrico (Running time: 16 minutes) –The Huguenot, Willey, Varina-Enon and Pocahontas Parkway bridges keep our communities connected, spur commerce and growth, and serve as icons or symbols of the county. These four modern marvels of engineering science serve as gateways to Henrico, and are vital to the 21st century transportation network that moves the county and the region.

Curtain_Call_Henrico_Theatre_DVD_JACKETCurtain Call: A History of the Henrico Theatre (Running time: 25 minutes) — When it opened its doors in 1938, the Henrico Theatre was described as a “big city temple of entertainment set in beautiful rural surroundings.” A classic example of art-deco architecture, the theatre was the crown jewel of Highland Springs. After years of successes and changes of ownership, the Henrico Theatre closed its doors— until Henrico County purchased the property in 1999. Join HCTV as we reveal the story behind the theatre, follow the extensive renovation process and learn how it has become a historic landmark in the county.

Foundations in Time DVD Foundations in Time: Henrico’s Architectural Treasures [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 36 minutes) — Henrico County is home to an amazing variety of architectural styles — from Colonial to Greek revival, art deco to post-modern. In this series, HCTV tours the county’s architectural landscape and meets people who are involved with the design, restoration and recognition of significant structures. You’ll find the story of architecture is just as much about the people who love these great buildings.


Foundations_in_Time_2_DVD_Jacket Foundations in Time II: More of Henrico’s Architectural Treasures [Retired from Broadcast] (Running Time: 32 minutes) — In this second edition of Foundations in Time: Henrico’s Architectural Treasures, HCTV visits two very different houses, from very different eras. The early 20th century Mankin Mansion showcases the talents of brickmaker E.T. Mankin, and the Druin-Horner House is a rare survivor from 18th century Henrico. Both are included on the National Register of Historic Places and are recipients of the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee’s Award of Merit for restoration. HCTV explores how the intricate story of our county’s past can be told through historic buildings.


James River_Kanawha Canal_DVD_JacketHenrico’s View of the James River and Kanawha Canal (Running time: 21 minutes) — The Mighty James flows through Henrico County like a great provider of wealth and opportunity. Early settlers in the new world saw that shipping goods and services along its waterways would be beneficial. This is a story of triumph and tragedies as we look at historic Henrico experiences along the James River and Kanawha Canal.

historic_henrico_churchesHistoric Henrico Churches: Windows to Our Past (Running time: 28 minutes) — The story of Henrico’s historic churches began in 1611 when Sir Thomas Dale established a settlement on the edge of the western frontier. From those early days at Henricus to today’s ever-changing communities, historic churches are the windows to our past. Join HCTV as we explore the culture, heritage, and architecture of these celebrated places of worship.

DabbsHouse_DVD_Cover Legacy of Dabbs House, The [Retired from Broadcast] (Running time: 23 minutes) — Built in the early 1800’s, Dabbs House has been revered as an important landmark in Henrico County. From farmhouse to Robert E. Lee’s headquarters, it’s survived the Civil War and social changes to become a permanent historical fixture. Join HCTV as we examine The Legacy of Dabbs House.


On_the_Green_Belmont_DVD_Cover On the Green: Belmont Golf Course (Running time: 25 minutes) –Henrico County’s Belmont Golf Course was first established in 1917 as Hermitage Country Club on Hilliard Road. The golf course hosted such prestigious events as the Valentine Invitational, The Richmond Open, and the 1949 PGA Championship. Henrico purchased the property in 1977 and named the golf course Belmont. The 18-hole course is open to the public, and is one of the area’s finest recreational venues. Join HCTV as we meet the golfers and explore the history, fun and challenges of the course in “On the Green: Belmont Golf Course.”

Monticello_DVD_Jacket Monticello: Thomas Jefferson’s Dream (Running time: 25 minutes) — Thomas Jefferson’s dream was to build a home in the mountains of Virginia. Throughout the years, his many experiences gave him a wealth of knowledge to make this dream come true. Monticello not only reflects Jefferson’s many interests, but also embodies the spirit of all the people who lived and worked to make this home one of the most famous man-made wonders of Virginia.

A_Piece_of_Our_Past_DVD_Cover Piece of Our Past, A: The Old Henrico County Courthouse and Jail (Running time: 32 minutes) — Long before Henrico’s modern administration and courts complex was built on Parham Road, the center of county government was nestled on a little island in the City of Richmond. Join HCTV as we chronicle more than two and a half centuries since the first Henrico courthouse was built at 22nd and Main, the controversy surrounding the ownership of the property, the gradual relocation of county operations and the ultimate fate of the Victorian marvel that still rests there today.

Welcome to Dabbs House (Running Time: 8 minutes) — Henrico’s historic Dabbs House has been restored and is now open to the public for an inside look at this significant national landmark. The structure has been used for many diverse purposes through its lifetime, including an antebellum farmhouse, Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s headquarters, an alms house, Henrico police headquarters and an office building. Visitors will learn fascinating stories about the Dabbs House, and discover why it has stood the test of time.

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