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Elizabeth Jane Holladay: Trailblazer of Public Education (15 mins)

Henrico County Public Schools is widely recognized as one of the nation’s premier school systems, but this modern model of excellence comes from humble beginnings. One cornerstone was laid in the late 19th century, in the parlor of a home on Mountain Road, where a dedicated teacher began sharing her love of learning with a handful of children from the nearby farms. By the time she was done, Elizabeth Jane Holladay had helped build a foundation for public education in Henrico. Students today continue to learn under her watchful eye — at Holladay Elementary School in central Henrico, just a couple miles from her original classroom. Join HCTV as we learn about Miss Lizzie, her life and her dedication to education.

John Marshall: In the Opinion of the Court (29 mins)

Chief Justice John Marshall helped shape the future of our nation. From his humble beginnings on the Virginia frontier, Marshall served his country in the American Revolutionary War, became a prominent and respected politician, and served for 34 years as Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. His wisdom, patriotism and judicial expertise set an example of justice for the world to follow. Learn how Marshall’s leadership cemented the role of the Supreme Court as the Law of the Land in this Central Virginia Biography, John Marshall: In the Opinion of the Court.

Adventure Henrico: Scuba Diving (21 mins)

Breathing underwater is as easy as one, two three, well maybe four — days of training that is. Join HCTV staffers Ben and Steve as they dive into an adventure that begins in the classroom and ends 60 feet beneath the water’s surface. Earning their PADI Open Water Dive Certifications was a little trickier than they thought. Kick your fins along with them as they sink or swim through the doorway of a new world in Adventure Henrico: SCUBA Diving.

A Community’s Spirit: Historic Tales of Highland Springs (25 mins)

Highland Springs was founded in 1890 as one of Henrico’s first suburbs. Named for its high elevation and natural springs, the little unincorporated town became a hub of activity and community spirit. Hear from residents and high school alumni as they tell the tales of how Highland Springs came to be the unique community it is today.

Still in the Game: Adult Sports in Henrico (18 mins)

Softball, Rugby, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Cricket, Kickball, Golf, Lacrosse and more. . . whatever the game, adults in Henrico looking for a way to stay active and competitive turn to Henrico’s Adult Sports Leagues. Our Division of Recreation and Parks maintains pristine fields and organized scheduling to assist adult league players throughout their sport season. HCTV follows the action in Still in the Game: Adult Sports in Henrico.

A-Shift Station 12: 24 Hours with Henrico Fire (31 mins)

Ever wonder what it’s really like to be a firefighter? It’s not all guts and glory; there are plenty of chores on top of the emergency response. HCTV takes you inside the often misunderstood reality of first responders. You’ll experience a twenty-four hour shift at Station 12: a “typical” day in the life of Henrico’s firefighters.

The Fourth Estate: The Story of the Richmond Times-Dispatch (34 mins)

In 1850 the first edition of The Daily Dispatch was printed providing Richmonders with headline news for a mere penny. More than 150 years and four generations of family publishing later, the Richmond Times-Dispatch continues to roll off the presses 365 days a year. Technology may have changed the way newspapers are printed, but providing local news to central Virginia remains at the heart of this revered local treasure. Join HCTV as we tell the story of “The Fourth Estate.”

Hometown Hero: Arthur Ashe, Jr. (28 mins)

Arthur Ashe, Jr. is known worldwide as a tennis champion, an advocate for education and for his tragic death due to AIDS-related pneumonia as a result of a blood transfusion. Ashe’s legacy and his ties to Central Virginia are further cemented in the Henrico County public school that bears his name, Arthur Ashe, Jr. Elementary. Join HCTV as we explore the man behind the tennis racket, and learn about how he used his notoriety to help the people of Richmond, especially children.

Be Ready Henrico: Disaster Preparation (18 mins)

Natural or man-made disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. The potential for hurricanes, tornados, droughts, blizzards, flooding, or terrorism can hit Henrico at a moments notice. Are you ready? If you have to evacuate or shelter in place, does your family have a plan and a disaster kit? HCTV’s Be Ready Henrico: Disaster Preparation shows you how to be prepared and keep your family safe when disaster strikes.

Raymond Bennett Pinchbeck: The Good Neighbor (28 mins)

The students at Pinchbeck Elementary School are known as the Rays — for good reason. The school’s name and mascot come from Raymond B. Pinchbeck, a man who served his community locally and nationally. As a Henrico School Board member, a Dean at the University of Richmond and a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, Pinchbeck brightened lives throughout the community and inspired a character in the popular 1970s television series The Waltons.

The Great War Remembered: Henrico’s Story of Service and Support (31 mins)

On April 6, 1917, the United States formally entered what would eventually come to be known as World War I. Every aspect of our society was affected. The citizens of Henrico County contributed their money, food, energy, and lives to the war effort. Henrico was also the site of a munitions plant staffed by patriotic women in what is now Sandston. Although millions died in combat or from disease, few reminders of the conflict exist today. Through archival film, posters, photographs, and the wartime letters of Meadow Farm’s Sheppard Crump, HCTV takes you back to the forgotten war.

Opening Doors: Henrico County Public Libraries (23 mins)

The Henrico County Public Library system strives to meet the needs of each one of our nearly 307,000 residents by offering a wide variety of services, and providing access to countless materials. With 11 locations across the county, an online service that can virtually put you inside any one of the Libraries, and a bookmobile that will bring the services to your door, the Henrico County Public Library system is second only to the community it serves.

Tails of Survival: Life in Veterinary Hospitals (29 mins)

Step into the world of modern animal hospitals and see how veterinary medicine has evolved. Through the eyes of emergency doctors and staff, you’ll see life and death decision making for pets that are loved as true family members.

Dr. John Mosby Sheppard of Meadow Farm 1817-1877 (31 mins)

Dr. John Mosby Sheppard of Meadow Farm was a country doctor and farmer during the 19th century–a very tumultuous time in Henrico County. Join HCTV as we shed light on Dr. Sheppard, take a glimpse into his medical practice, economic status and the Sheppard family’s life during the mid-1800s.

Never Forget V: William Winston and Judson Calvin Homicides (19 mins)

Two cousins murdered a year apart. Two lives cut short. Both were discovered by motorists along desolate roads in the county’s east end, shot multiple times. They ran with a rough crowd, and paid the ultimate price. Even though the murders occurred more than two decades ago, someone knows who killed these young men. With the public’s help and advances in forensic technology, Henrico Police may soon know as well. Never Forget.

Living with Dignity: Henrico Adult Protective Services (23 mins)

The Henrico Social Services Department has many resources that can help adults who may be the victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation. Adult Protective Services are provided to elderly, infirmed and disabled adults. Join HCTV as we highlight the needs of our seniors in this exploration of Adult Protective Services.