2006-2007 Annual Report: Continuing the Voyage
NACIO Meritorious Award Annual Report
A Calling to Serve: Henrico Police (HCTV)
Communicator Award of Distinction Recruitment
A Gift from the Heart: Fostering Our Children
NATOA Honorable Mention Profile of a City/County Department
Angels of Agriculture: The Plight of Henrico’s Honeybees (HCTV)
Platinum Remi Award Agriculture
Bronze Telly Award Nature/Wildlife
NATOA First Place Award Special Audience
Emergency Information hand-delivered
NACIO Award of Excellence Article
History Highlights
NACIO Superior Award Brochure
Hidden Beauty: The Wildflowers of Virginia (HCTV)
Bronze Remi Award Nature and Wildlife
NACIO MeritoriousAward Television Program
Bronze Telly Award Informational
Moving the Message: Henrico County Public Relations and Media Services
NATOA Honorable Mention Profile of a City/County Department
Moving Water Nature’s Way: Stream Restorations in Henrico (HCTV)
Communicator Award of Excellence Social Issues
No Way Back: Coping with Alzheimer’s (HCTV)
Bronze Remi Award Public Health
Emmy News Special
NATOA First Place Award Public Health
NATOA First Place Award Seniors
On the Air: Early Radio in Central Virginia (HCTV)
Special Jury Remi Award Feature made for Television/Cable
NACIO Meritorious Award Script
NACIO MeritoriousAward Television Program
Pandemic 1918 : A Diary of the Flu (HCTV)
NACIO Meritorious Award Script
Silver Telly Award History/Biography
NATOA First Place Award Event Coverage
Play Ball: The Babe Ruth 14 Year-Old World Series at Glen Allen Stadium
NATOA Second Place Award Sports Programming
Premier Development Sites
NACIO Award of Excellence CD Brochure
The Promise Fulfilled: The History of Henrico County Public Schools
NACIO Superior Award Television Program
The Iron Horse: Stories of Central Virginia Railroading (HCTV)
Bronze Remi Award Feature made for Television/Cable
NACIO Award of Excellence Script
Turning Point: Inside Henrico’s Drug Court (HCTV)
Gold Remi Award Public Affairs Programs
Emmy Public/Community Affairs – Prog/Special
Silver Telly Award Documentary
NATOA First Place Award Public Affairs
NATOA Second Place Award Community Awareness
‘Twasthe Night Before Henrico’s Christmas
NACIOSuperior Award Poem
Under the Influence: Underage Drinking in Henrico County (HCTV)
Silver Remi Award Family Matters
NATOA Second Place Award Social Issues
NATOA Honorable Mention Public Safety
NATOA Honorable Mention Programming Impact Award