Child Abuse

If a child is being hurt or neglected to the point of
a life-threatening injury, call 9-1-1 immediately.

To report an ongoing situation, call 501-5000 and a police officer will respond. If you wish to remain anonymous, call Henrico County Child Protective Services 501-KIDS (5437.)

What is child abuse? It is any mistreatment of a child or children by a parent or caregiver that results in harm or injury. Child abuse includes:

* Physical abuse - an injury to a child that is not an accident; such as hitting, burning, scalding with hot water, biting or shaking.

* Physical neglect - failure to provide the child with adequate food, clothing, medical care, shelter or supervision so that it endangers the child’s well-being.

* Sexual abuse - any sexual contact (rape, fondling or incest) or sexual exploitation of a child (child prostitution/slavery.)

* Emotional abuse and emotional neglect ? scaring a child by threatening to leave him or her, or by being severely critical. A neglectful parent may not spend any time with the child or may never show the child any affection.

Click here to learn how children are affected by domestic violence (PDF File)

Who can you contact if you suspect child abuse?
Callers may remain anonymous!

Henrico County Child Protective Services 804-501-5437
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
after 4:30 PM and weekends call …
Va Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline 1-800-552-7096